Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

Have you ever start a list for each day then cross out the task when you finish? I used to have a {to-do} list, but it is rather a year around list, not daily! This morning, I sat in the kitchen table and started my first daily list. The reason for that is lately I have been forgetting things when I was in the store or forgot things that need to be taken care of. 

Finally, last night we have had some flurries, but it melted away this morning. I open a window to let the cool airline and that felt really nice! My friend and I talked about making caramel corns when school is in break, so today she came and we made some! Our home is in the smell of sugar and fresh wood. I can't literary describe the smell, but really GOOD! Almost a {spring} smell in the air. Last night, finally I finished the backing for the quilt. It took me some time to pin down and of course my helper was more than willing to give me a hand. She rolled around it and told me it is a funny feeling to have so many { poky thing-y} around the body!  Tonight I would love to start quilting it and take some hours to finish rather than rush done!

It is really quiet around our living community! Holiday lights are still surrounding the housings area, but we took down our decorations today and set our home back to the calm and quiet place. I am preparing myself ; school will be start soon and will be busy and might face some unexpected situations. Preparing maybe snow will fall anytime and we might have a late and terrible winter/spring.  However, until the snow falls, I will enjoy as much as I can.

Today is another day that is great in and about! We accompanies each other for the activities and enjoy the relax holiday break home with each other!


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