Sunday, December 4, 2011

Alphabet Day: B is for

 B is for Busy!

Paper cut snow flacks have been one of most welcome and fun Christmas activities around our home! We have been enjoying the simple activities at home and make it as fun as we can. This is our next activity for next weekend. I need to pick up some tin for this project. Have you try make some? My very concern is if it smells badly and cause some chemical issues. 

I have been making list for each day and cross out the one that I have done! Sometimes, I don't get them all done, but good to know what's left and what have been completed!

 a new pattern to try out! 

Finished calendar cover last night! One more handmade Christmas gift to cross off from the list. I am pleased with the new free motion quilting pattern that I tried out! I need to do more! It gets better each time.

More plaid flannel for scarves!  They are really comfortable and cozy! I have been asked by many people in school department where did I buy my scarves. I can wrap three rounds around my neck! Very long scarf length.It is very comfortable for myself! In another week, the handmade Christmas gifts production will begin and hope will make it oversea on time! 

This is my personal mail box! It has been empty for awhile. S and I write to each other time to time! It is sweet when I get her letter in the mail. I am waiting my special letter to arrive, but she is not feeling well today! It might be some other day~ Are you having a B day over your side of the world? I shall return to the reality world now, if you don't mind!


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