Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

It is a very quiet in and about today! Just me! Quietly baked this pound cake and quietly ironing the shirts while waiting the cake to be done. The cinnamon smell is still around the kitchen and living room. I craved sweets lately! It will be devour soon, I promise! I am sure more baking will occur once all the craziness is slow down here!

My D.I.Y. quilting frame. I was hoping to spread out at home and work on it, but it is too long! Our limited space just doesn't have more room it! Another trip back to school with hand-full of equipments.

Another part of d.i.y. quilting frame. I am deeply in love with that store, yes IKEA. Have you been to one? If you haven't you MUST go! It is a place that I love!  All the design is simple and affordable, but I don't allow myself go crazy when I visit. I look and "wishes", don't we all do that sometimes? 

A stylish way of making coffee. I can get a fresh cup fresh cups of coffee here at home, just me by myself!  LOVE!

Somewhat I need to go back to the reality! Researching and studying for the final paper! Presentation in a week? I had too much fun on this day, this day, this day, this day, and this day. Now on to the quietness again! Shall we?


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So sweet!

It took me nearly 3 years to finish this mini quilt. I had ran to the store and get extra fabric for the sides and binding. It is totally worth the trip and it turns out lovely! Finally, the first Christmas quilt is completed! I am loving the gold in the backing, sadly I have no more this print in the stashes. I used fat quarters for this project. It is the feeling about being productive and I am loving it!  The free motion quilting has improved on this quilt! I am thankful for many great tutorial out there. I will come back link a couple this week.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Are you?

Are you a dreamer? This is what I have in mind for today! I used to be a BIG dreamer! Sometimes, it is annoying when people tell me don't dream too big! Some of my dreams never came true! Most of my dreams that I have to work extra hard to make it happen! Lately, I am dreaming again! This dream has always been living in corner of my dream filed, but I sort of walked away from it. Sometimes, I just have to.  As an adult that I can share my dreams with my sister now! She used to be "the one" who told me don't dream too big! Now, she understands my dreams because we are getting older and closer!

This morning, I woke up with a list of things in mind and tried to get them done! Finished the first part of the sewing and needed some ironing work here. I randomly pick the pieces to create the fun look. They are part of S' secrete Christmas gift. I think as long as I don't mention anything in front of her. She never know what I am up to.

Another bowl full of scraps to play. I am sure I will have another lovely Christmas break! I love the Pyrex bowls. They are our storage bowls, trash bowls, and meal bowls. A friend of mine sent a couple more to me awhile ago. I am sure they never will go out of style in our home.

 Finished my Art class project! Very rough look and it was done intentionally unprofessional way. I hope to pass it!

Lately, I am happy with the photo that I have taken. I learned to adjust the lighting and my camera better. It does take some time to see the different and observe the lighting.  With the short winter daylight it is harder to catch the right amount of the light. The perfect timing has been mid-mornings.
Are you ready for 2012  to come and say goodbye to 2011? ! In 33 days, 2012 is coming! I should have a list of GOALS that I should might  accomplish, such as finish more unfinished quilts and project before start any. What's your goals?

I found these boxes. They are secretly hidden underneath the table. I think they are for someone special. I am not seeing my name on any of these boxes, but I will wait! 


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alphabet Day: A is for

A is for Accomplish! 

This is one of my favorite quilts! It was hand-quilted. The circles were drawn from pots and bowls. I love it! I put the quilt in the wash once before  and the wrinkles make the quilt looks vintage, made in 2008.  It is up on our wall now! It needs a little sunlight! 

Made this scarf last night! It is very long. It is 90" long and 11" wide! It is classical and never go out of style plaid flannel. I made a cowl style for S and she loves it!  I intend to make all my close friends and family scarves this year. I just need more Jo-Ann's 50% off coupon!

Another scarf for me and  made an identical one for my sister. It is summer flannel, so it will be great for her.  Brown is great for any outfit as well!  It is cozy and I am addictive of making them.

These little guys are saying "HELLO". They are my favorite Christmas decorations! I can't tell you how many I have! Aren't they so cute?

Continue the quilt making. This time the measurements are correct and the preparation was organized! Nothing better  than making progress and seeing things coming together.

My swap package with RosaMaria is done! Everything is packed and I hope she will like it! RosaMaria is a very special blog friend of mine! I can't tell you how sweet she has been and how kind she is even though we haven't meet in real life, but she has been a supportive friend! I love her blog and things she makes! Check her blog out!

The stashes are locked of brown, purple, green, and red. more Fabric shopping? 

My SO over due advent calendar. I embroidered it 3 years ago. It is so cute! I kept it in the unfinished pile{s} and never know how should I finish it. The pattern was free on line. I am not able to relocated the name of the pattern. I might contact the lady and hope she would put it up again.  Do you have yours ready?

Finished all the Christmas bags. I will use them to wrap the scarves and some handmade cookies. I am down to three packages to send for Christmas. This year, I am limited myself no to buy anything from the store only two things that I need to get. I have been planning the look of the scarf  for each special friend and family members. I am sure they'll look very simple.  My to do list has crossed off many today. It has been an accomplish day!  Are you having an "A" day?


Saturday, November 26, 2011

The day

Did you go black Friday shopping? I did! I scored more than I needed! On our way to Jo-Ann's I planned 30 minutes in and out! Walked in Jo-Ann's I though, wow! It's busy! I picked up the ONLY shopping cart that has left in front of the shop, but realized there's no space to push through. I saw all the flannels that I was looking were in someone else' cart and quickly realized this is a big game going on here.  Everyone's cart is more than full! I wish I took some photos to show you. Anyway, we waited 2 hours and 40 minutes to get to the cutting table. I quickly sent S to the check out line with a pair of scissors in her hand. While I was still in cutting counter she is in line for me. When I was done with my cutting. We waited another 20 minutes to check out.  With the price of the flannel I though it was the worth of the wait and we chat with people in line as well! We actually shared what we are going to make with all these fabric in the cart. One of the lady in front of us was with her husband and her husband kept tell her you better make the wait worth, so she kept going back to look for more fabric.  Now I am thinking I should have got more! flannels are great for backing and pajama making, baby blankets, etc!

Now, I am looking forward cyber Monday now!



As a child, I never paid attention to the stamps, but my brother is a big collector. I remembered every year when the new limited stamp release he would stood in the line for hours and I know he still does it! That reminded me of Black Friday in U.S.  Watching news and seeing people camp outside the stores, wow! Ever since I came to U.S. I have been saving all the letters and cards that were sent overseas and I tried to save stamps that were posted on the packages. I think it is pretty to look at them over on the package. It is almost like wrapping paper to me.

We received a package today and it is totally a sweet and surprised package! My close friend from Taiwan sent a care package to me and S. It is an early Christmas package and it brings the warmth to us in the bitter cold north!  Tomorrow I shall return with a full story of " my first black Friday". I am sure I will never do that again! Even though I had fun time tho!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is almost over for 2011!  I thankful for many! Not having a list this year, but I have a thankful heart to everything that has happened to us in the good way! Cheers to you all!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

A new Wednesday for me. I was excited this morning and  got up  knowing what my day would be. Took S to school and promised her will go lunch with her at school which I have done so! Pulled out the Christmas stuff box this morning and am waiting to pick up S from school. We are going to decorate our Christmas tree tonight!

Someday when we have our REAL home we'll get fresh pine tree instead! But we love the one we have! I am curious about if the lights are still working!?

I made a big mistake on the cutting measurements! I had to trimmed all the squares down to the right sizes! The process of making this quilt seems a bit longer than it takes.

 Total of 26 blocks are done and yet another 26 to go!

 Nothing like knee down on the floor and mop! ouch as I get older!

 Another 26 blocks: cut and count

Out and about of the day: Found the fabric for the Christmas project. The quilt top was finished about 3 years ago and I am ready to finish it this weekend.

 Another project in mind! I will make a tutorial for this project.

 Found this map today! I am sure someone is learning her world!

Jo-Ann lady gave me more coupon today. I am attempting my first Black Friday this year.  It might sound crazy, but I will still sleep in. I am sure the fabric won't fly out its door by 8a.m. It will take some time to go. It is so warm today! Up in the 50's. I like bitter cold for the holiday season which gives me excuses to stay indoor. My home is lighter clean today I donated 2 large boxes of glassware and clothes to the local thrift store.  It gives me more room for fabric to walk around.

Monday, November 21, 2011


How does it feel like 8a.m. in Target store? My answer to that is {f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s.}! Shopping carts are stacked together and the staffs are more friendly. I was able to get my fresh cut ham and cheese right away.  It took me less than an hour shop in and check out!  I came home with a cup of coffee in hand and a couple sack of groceries in car. I sat through my coffee time and finished this block! I was more interested in taking photos than making the blocks today!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

quilters what do you make?

I am a part-time quilter I must confess that here! I have been a lazy  busy part-time quilter ever since our move and change. Oh well, but nothing will ever change is I still buy fabric and still try to make something from something. Lately, I have been trying to use up all my scraps fabric. They have been sitting in the same basket for at least a year? or longer? It's time for them to show and tell!  I used up all the scraps and tried to save as much fabric as possible. They are sizes 3" and 2". There are few more prints to be cut down, but I am holding them up for something else.   I am sure many of you love making quilts or using fabric making bags, outfits, etc. I am a part-time quilter who loves to steal time of making things that make me happy and secretly I feel like a college student having excuses no having time study, but party with my fabric! shhh!

quilters what do you make other than quilts?