Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random: Simple and Handmade

Lately, it seems like time is running ever faster than some other days. The clock is ticking and ticking and never stops.

I am aware:

-the packages are still sitting in our living room floor and waiting to be pack up and mail out.

-S' bathrobe material still sitting in the sewing room. She would love to put it on for the cozy  holiday!

- the oven hasn't  turn on for any holiday baking.

- needing more flannel to make more scarves.

- haven't edition the holiday cards and mail out.

- there's no gifts that placed under the tree. 

- the sewing room needs a good clean up and organization.

I am sitting in my studio now! Typing and figuring out my TO-DO list and thinking {which} to start first. I knew tomorrow I will need to get lots butter and flour and glass jars for cookies. It sounds like a good start for me. I am sure the coming weekend will be full and busy days for both of us.  

This year,I planned to have a very simple and handmade holiday ! I knew everything will be postpone with all the schooling and recitals craziness.  I also awared of the material that I used! I  love the receivers are able to use the gifts all the time and able to feel cozy about the handmade gifts. I am stepping away the store shopping and stepping away expensive gifts. Holidays are about tradition and celebration! Holidays are also the time to reconnected with friends that live far away and share the year that have been. A simple greeting card gives me much warmth and joy!  Lately, S has been elfing her gifts that will be address to me and her be loved J.   Are you having a simple and handmade holiday on your side of the world? 

Enjoy all the process of handmade and the simple joy


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