Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random: Getting ready

We seem used to wake up before the sunlight. In the room, I heard S whispered in my ear. {It is time to get up to get ready for the batters and packing}. I wasn't sure when or how she woke up 5a.m. in the morning and was so excited about the activities that we planned last weekend. Slowly I got up and reminded myself it is {Saturday}. I had {tears} in my head{ I need a bit more sleep!} She helped packing up everyone's gifts and handmade the personal tags. I was running the laundry and also in and about all morning to get my normal Saturday work done! Nothing special, nothing fancy this year! My most excitement is we welcome miss Rosemary to our home last night! I found her in the local grocery store. I am so happy that a new family member join us! Also feeling good that we finally catch up the baking and getting ready for the packages. What an accomplish day here! Are you having a getting ready day in the side of your world?

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