Monday, August 31, 2015

Before it all FALLs in..

Thank you for all the warming and kindly welcome back! I have survived the first week of middle school; YES! You have read it right! With all the nerves and changes that I made it through! New bus time and new A/B day schedules. You know what? I actually will get to be there this coming Thursday, just like what I did many moons ago in college!

I have been feeling very content after our summer trips! After Lots lots conversations with my families and lots walking time in the city of big apple. After return, I was able to decompressed with all the conversations that made. It has been a longest time that I redefined that meaning of doing what you Love and give yourself some breaks! It feels relief in someway and it required lots courage and encourage {Thank you all}!

Lately, I have been sewing with plans then fulfilled them.  Last Friday, I have made the fabric orders for S' quilt {Yes, I will show and tell when I have it all quilted and bound} then a semi-mystery quilt that I finished before we took off for our trip {this would be another story to tell when it is ready}.  I also purchased a new 40 yards of cotton batting as I have officially use up my last 40 yards of batting. That roll of batting made 15 quilts; big and small and all the hand-quilted zakka patchwork for the shop. That might had been one of the most wise purchase that I made. It least me 5 years and every bit of it was put in good use! I look forward another 15 quilt plus to make, another 5 years?

I must admitted that I am a slow quilter, not because I sew slow, but I procrastinate with all the fabric choices and the quilt design a lot and sometimes, not enough push self forward. Oh, maybe it is time to make a change and maybe it is time to do it!  I surely have few quilts that I have in mind lately. That pink, brown, and gray quilt... I am so attempting to start pulling the fabrics out and another only florals and retro quilt that I have been thinking then another quilt that's a bit of romantic and perhaps the colors that I never attempt before. Then a king size quilt that I really want to make, so that's 4 quilts already! But I will hold my houses and wait till I finish S' quilt and the semi-mustery quilt.  

My little small world quilt along has been making good movement! The part one is finished, but I am not satisfied with the fabric choices on the bottom part. Oh, it was a very poor decision on the last minutes pulling fabrics out and make it look fine, but when all the piecing have done. It doesn't look quiet right! I didn't use good contrast in colors and prints and also didn't think through the arrangement before I even traced the pattern on and start piecing. For the part two, I play with fabrics before I start sewing and it seems working much better! This is a challenging quilt to make. Not because it is difficult to sew, but it makes me think quiet a bit in colors, contrast in prints, and also has lots sewing skills involved! I love building my small world; slowly, but steady!

I couldn't make you all an apple pie, but I use {this} for ours. The things that I changed were, used salted butter, so I eliminated the salt from the dough ingredient. No nutmeg for our filling and just 1/16 salt for the filling and 6 apples for ours. The pie is half gone and will be gone before the end of the week and make sure serve it warm with some ice cream! That puts big smile on everyone's face!

The Fall is really approaching and I am liking it a lot! Because I can really open the windows and no more humid air in the house. I am liking it a lot because it will be soup and baking season here, for me! I am liking it a lot because I will be in woolies and sewing with a quilt on the chair soon. I am liking it a lot because I like the cool air in the morning when I wake up. I am liking it a lot because just like some of you have a Fall birthday that might coming up! um.. I will go on and on, but I am just LOVING it a lot!

Before I leave I like to tell you I will come back soon just like what I have promised last week!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Welcome Back, to you and me!

Welcome back, to you and me!

It took me awhile to think about what to write and share again! I haven't been writing and visit this space for 3 months. I feel a little hesitate and wonder if anyone still visit me here!

I am not sure where to start and keep deleting what I wrote.... Oh, I hit a wall, so really excuse me if I am being scatter! This summer has been so long and short at the same time. So much going on and just not enough time and space to catch all the little details! I though I'd share some of the projects that I've been working on lately to start with.

August is a month that's so hard to push forward! After all the summer trips, we were so ready to go nowhere and just stay home! The quilt that I look forward to finish is S' 11th birthday quilt. During the last few week nights, I started a few patch blocks per a night then eventually was able to accomplish this quilt top. I did the happy dance that day when I finished press the back of seam allowances! Of course, S suspected the quilt is for her! Oh, I shouldn't have Stella Joy on the wall...  Oh yes! That's paper piecing that I have been working on lately! Something that I know I'll do more now and probably will have a quilt made from paper piecing soon! I am excited this quilt will be ready this Fall and of course the 12th birthday quilt should started now since it only take me a year to finish S' birthday quilt! The 12th birthday quilt might be challenge, since there's no hints for me to start thinking about the colors and patterns.

After all the summer feasts, all we really miss is the simplest dinner that I prepared every day. Our kitchen is started get busy again as I have been in and out most of the days. We are thinking an apple pie for celebrating the first week of school! Maybe this Friday when I get time off again! You probably don't know that I started exercise again. Not the crazy lifting or extreme bodyworks, but simple way of getting some energy and body strength. We have been getting up early on the weekends to Gray's Lake for a good morning walk/run!  While everyone seems so enjoy their walk/run, I had to push myself to go on this. Indeed, I am slowly down so much more in last few years. It isn't able getting old, but there aren't any body strength in me. Maybe that's why I was so sick after our traveling this summer? After that good morning run/walk, we would make our way to the Farmer's market! It is so rewarding for us! I always get a breakfast bowl and a house brew coffee and S gets her strawberry yogurt top with super sweet cream and chocolate syrup!  

I always look out for the fresh ingredients and S is always look out for the pups that hanging out the market! Oh, yes! How we wish Lucky is here! He would probably make lots good flurry friends and we probably will meet some new friends that way! We always bought some really good corns from the same local farmer and visit the same veggie booth! This past Saturday we even tried homemade root beer; it was delicious!

Summer is great, but I am looking into the Fall arrives! It will be lots soup time and lots warm lighting up downstair and upstair! I pulled out the quilts that we've been using this morning and put on the clean ones. I slightly think that I am so ready for this coming Fall and Winter! Oh, and I plan on making a Fall quilt! Lots brown, lots pinks.. different level of gray??

Our summer is officially coming to the end. School starts today and we have a middle schooler in house now! How did that happen? It is a bit unreal and I had some pinkish eyes this morning. It is really sweet and bitter moment! I would like to Thank You for writing to me for asking about us this summer! I must apologized that I didn't get back to you... I know you'll understand and Thank You!

I shall leave now and will be back soon! hope will be more regular from now on!