Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patchwork zippered pouch

Another patchwork zippered pouch! This is for my sister who requested a while back. It is almost the size of A4 paper. She has been running errands for dad on business trip to banks. Unlike in United States that you can cash your money with your debit card in the bank. We must  to present the checking account book and personal seal. Sometimes it involves more than one seals and book. I think she will be happy about the size that I made. Stella also wrote a personal letter to aunt and her pup Lucky.

I have been enjoying using my scraps fabric and hope to find more time to make a few more. These zippered pouch can be additive!


Monday, February 27, 2012

are you {swoon}ing?

This is my third QAL project. I have been liking most of my QAL groups. I work as I go! No dateline and no pressure! No class to go in, but I can always enjoy friends all over the world share the same passionate that I do.  Over the weekend, I was refolding the fabric then arrange more in colors! I hope I am not the only one do so! I pulled out Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt yesterday and knew it is time to cut them into the {dream. quilt- swoon}. Actually I have a few prints missing! I think I ran into this fabric line at the end of almost sold out timing. Like many of quilters, I missed the first line Flea Market Fancy, but they are about in the stores again. I ordered my here , but they sold out one print already. I might need to look some places else. Katie Jump Rope is my very first modern fabric line that I purchased back in 2008? It was the time when I began looking for bright and modern fabric. I have been saving these for some time now. Yeah.. I know I am a hoarder { in a good way}!

 I put them all in the kona chart and was looking for the solid. I know.. No white, snow white this time. I have many quilts that used white as my sashes and backing. White won't go wrong with any colors, but I am looking for something fun and will pull the prints out more.. something interesting..

I pulled out all the stripes prints and played the colors, but thinking... I might also able to add some solid between prints.

Do you have any good suggestions? I am thinking Kona Ash, but it doesn't look right yet! I will keep playing before I am happy with the color. I though it might be cool if I could make two quilts from the same print, but different color arrangement.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Making cookies is one of our weekend favorite. It is snowing here and the snow is keep coming! We are have an ease weekend here at home! We are sitting on the sewing room floor now. I sort through the fabric stashes and pick up my swoon fabric this morning! The house quilt top is finished with total of 100 house, but I would like to add border to it, so it will be a bit longer. It is measured in 70"x76". An additional 10 inches to the length would be perfect for her bed! I will share with you later on once I have the additional section added.  We are enjoying these yummy cookies as tea for her { with lots honey} and coffee for me! We both agreed that if the Sunday can extended itself for  another day or two would be great! Hope your weekend is running awesome!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

between us

 {my side of floor}
 {Stella side of floor}

Ever since we removed the square carpet in the sewing room. We both feel there are so much room for us. No more walking in the danger of not able to see the pins and needles. No more vacuuming, but sweeping. The sewing room is divided in half by the table. My side is always full with threads and fabric scraps and pins. Stella's side is always full of colors, papers, and books. Glad we never bother from each other!

The Kona maize I ordered finally arrived yesterday. I finished all the houses today. I have actually total of 102 houses instead of 100. I miscalculated! With additional two houses, I might place them in the backing instead. Looks like it is a big quilt instead. A little trimming needed to be done before assembling! I am excited to share with your more later, but I will need to dismiss myself for another few days. I have an Art History exam coming up this Friday. I shall be study late at nights rather than sewing and having fun!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Farmer's Wife QAL

 # Friendship

# 40 Friendship Block

Then she came home and we spent our Sunday afternoon sewing {me} and reading {her}.  


Random: { to let go}

It was snowing hard yesterday! We've got 4 inches wet snow covered the ground!  I woke up earlier than usual to make sure school is in session and got Stella up ready. A slow drive to school was the intention of getting up and get ready. The weekend went fast and a bit crazy! Well, I should said has been crazy around here for awhile when Stella received her first {slumber party} invitation. When she got home she was excited about it and of course I turned her down right away! After she gone to sleep I went Google and look up Slumber party. Growing up we never celebrate birthdays by stay over at the friend's house. We celebrated at school by bringing treats then mom would get a cake for us. Sometimes, birthdays are not being remember. Then I was on the phone everyday with different friends { I know I sounded crazy and extremely nervous}. I was hoping Stella would turn around and tell me she decided to stay home. We have this discussion about the party all week long. Lots tears and lots sad feeling between me and her.

Finally, I decided {to let go} and let her try something new and adventure.   As she told me, that she never get to try something new and when her tears ran through her face that I knew she was disappointed. Bitter nights for me as I wished last Friday never came and never had last Friday, but in real it came and gone!

Last Friday, she came home and work on her assignments from school then went packed her PJ and brushes. I pretended that I wasn't pay any attention on her. I let her pack her own. In the kitchen, I heard her said, "KIKI, you stay home and take good care of mommy". I hold it as tight as I can. Then she came out with a full backpack, a pillow and the birthday gifts.  I drove slowly to the birthday girl's house. When we arrived the little friends came out and cheer that she came. When we went inside, I make sure the mom took my number and make sure she can call me any time. Off Stella went. She forgot a kiss bye and have a good night mom. I felt...... missing.. Then I took the car home, my eyes were wet and tears started came down. I cried out loud in the car and feeling so sad, how did time go and my little girl is spending a night at a friend's house? 

 When I got home I sat in the living room sofa for next two hours. The heart was feeling so heavy. Later on,  my friend called me and took me out for dinner that night. The phone was never left the table. I was waiting her phone call to tell me she is coming home. She called and told me she is staying. I feel sad of course. When I got home from dinner, I sat in the couch then had movie on till 4a.m. I got up around 6a.m. then all I did was cleaning and peeking at the clock.  She was happy to see when I went pick up her. She told me she would bring me to her next slumber party. She was exhausted when she got home. She told me they went to bed around 2a.m. then woke up at 7a.m. She napped  a very long time on Saturday afternoon while my friend came have a cup of tea with me. She woke up with fresh mind and energy! She began her first slumber party story and I listened!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Farmer's Wife QAL

 #41 Friendship Star

#44 Gentleman's Fancy

I managed to finished two FWQAL blocks early this week. I love how they turn out!  I always love the Hope Vally designed by Denyse Schmidt. This full lines has been one of my favorite stashes.  I have used much on my FWQAL project and other projects as well. Do you like this line? Or you are more excited about the reprint that will be coming in less than a month? I miss the first one, but would love to get some this time. I picture some of her new reprint fabric on Swoon quilt that I intend to make for mom, sister, and myself. I know sounds crazy! The week is slowly to the end again! With a full weekend schedule ahead and parent teacher conference tomorrow.  I will dismiss myself here for next few days! Hope when I come back with a fresh and rest mind and some new or on going project to share! 

Have a great weekend, so long now~ 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

where did the light go?

Thank you for {like me} . I am slowly take my every moves and be cheerful each day! Finally the light shows up later this afternoon. It is mild cold and was snowing around noon here! I kind of like this type of weather. Remind me something from the past! To be more exact, it reminded me the first time I saw the snow in person {I was 18} and was so amazed how snow falls! I stood in the snow for an hour or so.. and open my mouth to catch snow.. I know silly!  I took a break from school works and had coffee with a friend today. It was so good to catch up her! A good cup of coffee with a close friend always cheers me up and allow me to have a bit of outlet from the department and maybe a bit of time just for myself?!

After the coffee, I had extra 10 minutes myself, so I made a detour to the thrift store.I was very lucky to find four new vintage sheets today. In the past, when I go to thrift stores I would buy anything that's cute and fun, but then in a month or so I would donate things back to the store. Slowly, I learned to look for things that I really would like to be part of my permanent collections. Now I have been looking for vintage tins, vintage bedding sheets, and Pyrex.  I have always joke about myself having an older soul in me!

I have a vintage fitted sheet on my bed now. I love it! I hope to find another fitted sheet for Stella. She likes something in pink or yellow! Now, I just need to keep looking for her.

This is my little stash of vintage sheets. They are actually hard to come by in the town I live. I always ran into them around Christmas time, spring cleaning time. I wish more for next month or so. They are great for quilt backing and making quilts. Do you like vintage sheets?

Each time when I go thrifting, I make sure stopped by the book area. It is always fun to look for vintage books for Stella. I found Pippi Goes on Board today and I recalled my friend Kerry recently have made a paper piecing on Pippi. This book is published in 1948! I love the illustration on the cover! It is very different from the  newest version!  I love how people transfer stories/events into quilts, so inspired!
We came home and the sun is out! It is the kind of warm and fuzzy sun! I asked Stella if she'd take a walk with me before sun goes down. She replied, maybe- later! Right now, she is living in the Pippi story and I haven't hear from her since we unpacked! I will be quiet for another 10 minutes and our night will start here soon!

Hope sun is out in your side and bring you warmth! 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Random: {Like} me!

Please {Like} me! I think the spring fever is hitting my body hard lately. Lately after fixing dinner and sat on the chair in the kitchen I am just ready to nap, but Stella always shares her day during our dinner time with me. All her stories and events became lullaby music and my hungry stomach stopped rumbling and made me even more tired.  By 8 p.m. my body slows down even more and by 9 p.m. my eyes are two-third closed. Yes, before 10p.m. I headed to bed and called it for the day! I wish a sunshine day here, so I could take a relax walk and bring a good cup of coffee with me. Um.. Maybe the longer day light have made very thing changed?  The summer is slowly approaching us, but I can't wait! oh dear,   I wish summer is here, tomorrow!   These fabric reminded me Spring and early summer! I am liking the new fabric I have recently purchased from here. I highly recommend fabric from connecting thread. I never bough anything from them, but I enjoyed my shopping at their site.  Maybe this is another fabric store that you can bookmark for yourself.

I pulled these blocks out again and though I need to make another baby quilt soon, since my friend's baby is coming soon! They don't know what they are going to have, so I though I'd keep it simple. It might fit for both girl or boy!

My test house blocks, star blocks, flying geese blocks and other blocks are growing! I would like make these blocks into a quilt and donate it. It has always been something that I would like to do. It is hard at this time due to the space is occupied by school work and life, but I put this as an event for myself. I always admire my friend Victoria contribute her time and work to the project she started a while back. I hope to spare the words for her again..

After all, I think I might need a fresh made cup of coffee now then rest! Stella bough so many sweets home from her sweet friends at school. I think I'd have few to go with the coffee. How about dinner? Um.. let me think? 

Happy Valentine's day to your and yours~


Monday, February 13, 2012

After the Sunday

I was hoping to make two  F.W. blocks per a week, but the reality is I can't really make two per a week. Each week seems jam with different school works and different situations. Later on, I decided to make maybe 4 per a month instead. I might just need to take one good Sunday afternoon off and make the fabric selection. I am not so pleased with the first photo fabrics. The colors are over vibrate and too much going on on that block. Maybe a bit tone down colors. Do you remember my biggest struggle with small triangles? I decided to use paper piecing for small triangles now therefore I will be skipping the order from the book now. Are you still in love with this project? I am still is in love with this project. It is almost a treat for myself making something that I never done before.


Sunday, February 12, 2012


What is your Sunday? This is ours! It went great  fabulous and quick!


Saturday, February 11, 2012

update: {1/4"mark shop}

{1/4" MARK SHOP} is getting a shop new update! Lizzy house, Japanese fabric, Civil war, SK fabric etc. The shop update will completed by February 11th 12a.m. central time!