Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random: break through

It has been a kind of the day that everything break through itself. What I mean is it functions on its own way; the sky, the air, the bitter weather.  Hope that make sense to you.  The sunlight has been going down around 4ish. It makes everything so red,  so orange, so yellow, and SO quiet! When we talk about color red, it is passion, it is powerful, and it is catch eye color. Somewhat the warm colors are just perfect for the bitter cold winter in northern land. I enjoy my morning drive and watching the sun rise from the horizon and watch it goes down to close the day. No sewing related activity in the daylight today! I spent my all day at school and working and got some work done! Preparing myself for Thursday's last day class!  I know I will party in my head for some moment after the class then gear up for my own finals. Today I had to take these photos and show them to you. Aren't they pretty?

Taking a break here and pop up here make the day post! Scarves are completed just now; 5 scarves crossed off the list as today!  More to share tomorrow!


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