Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Random: Goodbye October!

It is hard to believe today is last day of October! It is my favorite month of the year. The fall colors are so pretty with mixed of greens, yellows, oranges, and reds! No maple leaves in N.D., but when we lived in Iowa there were many maple trees. We always take them home when we were on the walk!   November will arrive in a few hour, school will go faster and the holidays will approach us very soon! Possible winter wonderland...

This afternoon I had chance to revisited my {Farmer's wife quilt along}. It has been awhile since last visit and it was fun to pull out all the fat quarters and play with colors and prints. I mark 18 blocks that are not so complicated for piecing. It will allow me to added few more blocks to the block stash {46}. I am anxious to have this quilt assemble together!

It is fun to make a mess..... then worry about everything later... I have once considered cut all my prints into fat quarters, but I hesitated!

This is how I stash fabric for each block then work individual block later on. Normally I cut all the piecing pieces at once before assembling. Do you like quilt along?  It is fun to see one pattern,but transfer into different looks.

Did you see S? She is in the Dalmatian costume... She has been called a cow all night, but she didn't minded anymore. It was the first costume I made for her 4 years ago, back then she was a little one. She insisted to wear it this year again. It is a bit smaller, but she had a great time with her new buddy.

Happy Halloween, friends~


Monday, October 29, 2012

ABC Patchwork Sampler

 {ABC Patchwork Sampler}


 {Binding fabric from Chicopee black plaid}

{ Free motion quilting pattern: loops}

The {ABC patchwork sampler} is completed! It is hung in the room corner. The light sources in the bedroom is limited, so it is not very clear. Each alphabet is pieced with 1.5"x1.5" squares and finished at 1"x1". {26 prints} are from the fabric stashes {very special prints for me}. I am really pleased with the finishing sampler.  

The fabric for binding can be challenging in quilting. It is as important as the other part of the fabric selection. Perhaps that's the reason I postponed on finishing it. I wasn't able to find the right binding fabric for it for a long time! I had the idea of making the {ABC patchwork sampler} in a frame look, so some bold and simple print is needed.  The black plaid was the one that corresponded most successfully.

For the quilting part, I debated if I should machine quilting or hand-quilting on this piece. Then machine quilting had extra vote on. I thought the looping pattern would bring some fun motion into the piece. The backing is very simple and show the quilting pattern nicely in the back. The sampler is hanging above S' bed and she is very happy... overly happy...... 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Random: Her first

As my promise to S...

Log Cabin Mini Quilt

Hand-quilting on this mini quilt went fast! I quilted 1/4" away from the sewing seams, really simple! It turns out sweet! I have two more {log cabin} blocks still and set them with other blocks for my kitchen sink quilt!

For the backing, I had the idea of keeping the same backing print as of the {log cabin} quilt that I am still working on, but was thinking additional something else. I made a small log cabin paper piecing design. It is finished at 4"x4".

The obsession of  hand-quilting has been growing in me for last few years. It has been a goal to do more hand-quilting when the time allows and the project isn't complex. The batting is 100% warm and natural cotton batting. I must admitted it hurts my fingers and they get sore after awhile. However, hand-quilting worth all the time and effort! I also used polyester dawn batting for other hand-quilting projects which is way much easier on the fingers. I think it is personal preference about which batting for quilts! What type of batting do you use?

When quilting by hands, I don't worry too much of the perfectness, but always have an idea of collecting time while I was working by hands! When the piece is finished; it collects the moments and time with in the quilt. That's the value of the quilt that I see myself.

Backing,  I always curious about quilt backings... It gives more than one look! When I visit quilting blogs I always wish there are backing photo as well!

 Do you like making mini quilts? I do! I dream to own a wall of mini quilts someday!

 and now, they are living in the pin board.. a little crowd, but they make the room cozy and bright!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Random: Weekending

 { field study}


 { play in}



 {meyer lemons}

 { onto binding}

 { w.i.p. binding}

 {my favorite part of quilting: binding}

 {on her side}

 {resting after indoor jump rope}



It is smelling sweet, salty, and caramel here, right now! Each year, we make a big batch of caramel corns on the weekend before Halloweens. It is the best of best treat during the fall season. S was able to help out popping the kernels and was able to sample them as we make. She also requested caramel apples this time, since her top retainer is off. It will be a nice treat for her and maybe myself as well!

Finally a fat quarter bundle of {field study} and {bella} was in order and arrived. I wasn't sure about them until many lovely projects have been show and tell on flickr and blogs.  These are very pretty! Soft texture on filed study and bold colors on bella. The second Swoon quilt will be in action soon! It is a quilt for my mom who turned 60 early this year. I think she will love the colors and prints in field study.  Bella would be great to coordinate with paper piecing projects that I have been working on lately.

S has been involved more music this year. She was playing in {NDMA} today with her fellow violinists. The youngest one was 3-year-old. It is amazing how Suzuki violin group is being taught. After her performance, we stayed for the museum's family day; art and crafts.  This is the best part of her day according to S.

Meyer lemons are from a friend of mine. They are sweet and the smell of them are so good! What to make has been in my head for last few hours. I might make some more lemon candy with them and a lemon cake. have you try meyer lemons before? if you do, what do you make? 

The {mini quilt} is done with hand-quilting and have just finished the binding { will have a separated post later}. Remember the {patchwork sampler}? It has been hanging in the wall for last month or longer. Finally it gets bound and ready to show and tell { another separated post later}.  

How's your weekending? Ours have been fulfilled and relaxing.. 


Friday, October 26, 2012

w.i.p. : Mini Quilt

After the {Wednesday's accidents} I cleaned up the sewing room floor; taped the cores with masking tape and unplug the iron when I am not in use. I learn my big lesson... I have bruises on the right side of the leg, but I am doing good! Just sore...

Remember the {log cabin mini} that I made from the last four {log cabin} patches? It has been hanging in the pin board for awhile now. Last night, I made a 4"x4" log cabin paper piecing design for the backing. It turns out really cute! I plan on hand quilting it while S' in music lessons, so I can have some hands on work with me.

Weekending is almost here...


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Patchwork Pins

I have been working on these {patchwork pins} last few days!  Scrap patchwork never gets old on me! It is always inspiring and challenging. I often think what's next??  A small sculpture piece that can be wear/ pin on pop in my head. The process of making these were very organic! I let the scrap pieces take me, either the shape or the colors.  It is super unique! A little decoration and something special to wear.

I made two for myself and pin them on my sweater and scarf!  YES, I am an addictive scrap patchwork sewer and I love to sew! Tiny scraps are equal value to my yardage fabric! I love these {patchwork pins}. 

I have listed them in the shop! Each {patchwork pin} is hand-quilted. The backing is lined with 100% linen and hand sewn jewelry style pin in the back of the patchwork {Jewelry style pin secures the pin, so it will not easy slip out!}.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday: in and about

It has been awhile since I stayed home on {Wednesdays}! This morning, Wednesday was calling my name and has been an interesting day, since I stayed home!  I have few accidents, yes the bad ones! Shall we continue? The phone was ringing while I was sewing then I scurried up and wanted to reach the phone. then........ Bam! Bam! I was down on the floor! I lost myself for a few seconds then tried to recall what had just happened to myself.  I was tripped down by the sewing machine petal core and on my left side of the floor was a small ironing board and on top of that was a heated iron! The sewing machine was pulled by the petal core and was fall on my right foot.  I saved the machine first then started looking for the heated ironing..... then I took a deep...  breath then move on for the day.....

Then, I took an apple from the fruit bowl and had few bites!

Everything went fine after the sewing machine accident until the Pyrex bowl fall on the floor. I felt bad, still feel bad that I broke the dish! I saved all the scraps and Chippy! Cleaned the floor and make sure not small glass chips left on the floor.  The {in and about} Wednesday became my {one of the kind of the day}.. boo... 

Other than these accidents, I had a productive day and accomplished some w.i.p. work! I might need another cup of tea later on...


Monday, October 22, 2012

Random: Farewell

Farewell; may we meet again in happier times

My dearest friend, Nishiki is leaving us for good! She is moving away and doesn't  have a  return date on her calendar.  She has been a great friend and family to us. We are not sure when we will meet again. Although the technology makes no distance, but we'll not be able to laughing together. making coffee for each other. taking the long trail walk. cooking together and talking art in our passion.

I made this little card for her, in the back I wrote

" fill all the space with your dreams, your love, your happiness, and your future"  xoxo chase

{farewell, nishiki... we'll see you when we see you again... }


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Are you cooking and baking?

{ all the blocks together!}

 {the chef}

 {the waitress}

 {the cafe}

{the scale}

{the mixing}

{the chocolate}

After finishing these {SP quilt along blocks} I realized that I used a lot of green, yellow, and blue! I think I miss summer colors even though I love the season of Fall. The month of September went by so fast and the print outs were sitting there for so long! It feels great to catch up the work and I can look forward new blocks for November! 

{the cafe} the cakes in the window can be a little darker. It was the most challenge block for me! I really need to get my hands on ordering the glue I think it will help in the future!  

{ the chocolate} is my favorite block... it is green tea flavor. My brown selection is very limited, so I decided to go with the green.

{the chef} was wearing a little greenish uniform. After I finished it, I told myself he looks like an Italian chef.

{ the mixing} when I was making this block. I though about baking ingredients and baking time, so I decided to use numbers for the interior of the bowl. The fuzzy cut didn't turn out so nice! Some of the number got trimmed down on the 1/4" seam.

{ the scale} I went a little bit spoiled on this block! Kerry sent me the Liberty print for last fabric swap and I knew that I would like something retro and fun for the mixing background. I though it turns out really classic, thanks Kerry!

{The waitress} She is sweet and fun!  The wall paper would be a bit lighter, but I think she stood out herself nicely! 

Are you cooking and baking? I just finished mine and made few more real mini apple tarts this morning!  The sewing room is all picked up; neat and organized! All the fabric are folded and sorted back them places! I shall return for more sewing...