Monday, April 30, 2012

{scrappy patchwork}

It is a beautiful Monday here! Warm weather, but still cool in the morning. I stood up late last night as you can see that I played with all the scraps and make them into scrappy patchwork. Some of them were smaller than a penny. Today I trimmed the patchwork pieces down to the fit sizes then patch them together as my second step.   I always enjoy the randomness of the patchwork look. Sometimes it is always surprise to myself.

Another patchwork handbag?  I love the idea of that!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Random: Sunday

 {DS quilt collection for Joann}

 { Lisette for Joann}

 { book making}

{patchwork in progress}

We woke up in the rainy and cold morning. The furnace was running and I found myself rather tired instead. The sun has been hiding for last couple of days and we both ready to go out for some walk. We were talking bring out bikes for a short bike ride last week.  Well, we stayed in today! 

I found Lisette in Joann's awhile ago, but the price is marked very high, so I waited when it is 50%off. I got 2.5 yards on the weekend. I plan to make Stella a summer top or dress. The ice cream print is rather cute! The fabric is for apparel rather than quilting. It is a little silky texture.  The newest DS quilt hits our Joann's store. I saw 8 prints, but only got 4. I think I will go back again.  

The little girl is rather busy this morning. She is making a book called Family Democracy.  I can't tell you how lovely the book turns out! I have always love taking photos of her from the sewing room to the living room. The door way creates a nice frame. 

While Stella is making her book. I am busy making the new patchwork piece. My scrap bowels are over and float on the table. It is time to get them into a whole piece and make them into something.. It will be a few days process before I have them done.  

Our Sunday is rather quiet today since we both enjoy what we were working on. The little girl is sound in sleep now and I am off more patchwork+ ing.. 


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Random: Weekending

 { homemade pancake, soft potatoes, fresh berries}

 { her milk} + { my coffee}

 { free motion quilting #1}

 { free motion quilting #2}

 {free motion quilting #3}

 {free motion quilting #4}

 {free motion quilting #5}

 {patchwork handbag}+ { work in process}

{ for baby#} +{ These babies are considered the "Dragon" baby} 

I would like to give everyone of you a BIG { hug. hug. hug. hug}. Thank you so much for the sweet comments that you left for my {patchwork handbag}. You have all made me smiled!! I have enjoy making the handbag and love to use up my scraps lately, as I mentioned in the last post. It is a way to save and make something fresh and new again. I was playing the scraps on Thursday night and planned to make  baby bibs. My grad colleague told me she is expecting a baby, but she is not going to find out what she is having. I decided to used green and yellow. I think both colors will fit for the boy and the girl.  I am comfortable with my free motion quilting skill now. I think it comes with lots practice and understanding the motion movement on the machine. These bibs turn out cute!

The STEP violin group is done for this semester. We were able to stay home and prepared some homemade breakfast on this morning. We turned the music on and shared the preparation and had wonderful morning. It is always relaxing when we are able to stay home and cook together. The meal is always simple, but lots of fun and memories together.  My second set of Swoon patchwork pieces are ready to make into a handbag.  I will keep you post it.. 


Friday, April 27, 2012

I { heart} patchwork handbag

 I { heart} patchwork
{yes, i really do}

The patchwork handbag just finished in time to share with you. I used the triangles that I cut off from the Swoon quilt top. Sometimes, it is hard to come up with a new ideas about scraps. I wanted to make a new handbag for myself and was thinking in a elegant style and with {pockets}. I keep telling myself that pockets are important this time. I made two inner pockets this time and decided to use hour glass block and Ayumi has a great tutorial for it! It is fairly simple and easy block. The between squares fabric are that Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley and Suzuko Koseki's label print fabric. The handles are purchased from the local Joann store { any craft store might have carry them}. I design the bag pattern myself. I wanted something simple, but will fit the everyday outfit that I wear ( jeans and t-shirts).

Each time when I work on a new project I use camera to document periods of process { I am sure many of you do}.  Sometimes, I am always amazed how much time that have pass by or how much little detail that I have added on each time. Lately, I have been a scraps player! The idea is playing scraps and give them some new life! I promised my sister I would make her something this summer. I am still not sure what to make, but surely will be { patchwork style}.  I have another set of same hour glass patchwork top that's ready to make into a handbag. I haven't decided on the handbag pattern, but I think might be the similar style.

As far as the swoon quilt top! Yes! I am going to hand-quilt it! It will take me a while to get it finish, but I really like the imperfect stitches on the quilts. It just make it more {me} quilt. The swoon quilt is totally so cool and I really really wish I can have ten arms to get it quilted and snuggled it with every night! I will wait and I will keep you post about the progress!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Yesterday morning, I began my other piece of quilt making. I am trying something new, but am not satisfy the outcome.  I shall play around before I made my mind!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Random: when she turns 40

I must let you that today is not craft related post, but something that I feel sweet about. Last night, I was on the phone with my sister. I try to call her once a week and the phone line was {hot}, but we always have fun.  Stella always enjoy plays her music through the photo to her puppy Lucky and her aunt.  Before I turned 30, I told myself that I must go somewhere and I did! I took Stella to Mt. Rushmore and that was actually the first road trip we took then the following year we have gone to several places. That was fun! Last year, our destination was Taiwan, but we were in Japan for a week. It was {a fun no plan trip}. What I mean by no plan trip is we got up when we felt like to and sleep when we were tired.

Last night, I told my sister that we must do something together when she turns 40 which will be coming in a few years. She is single and devoted her time in teaching and taking care of two pets { one would be Lucky}. I asked her if she'd go to South France with me or just the countries that we never been. She was laughing, in a good way!! I asked her if she can just eat sandwiches and act like a cool backpacker she laugh again. If you know my sister well. She likes shopping, in a good way!  Then she asked me to research more about the backpacker {rules}. {smile}

As we gotten older, we seem less adventure to do things that we've done when we were in our teens or twenties. I think we've gone through risks and wanted settle down for life.  However, we all need some adventures to challenge ourselves once in awhile. It surely is different type of memories that we will bring back and have.

So, when she turns 40 we are going on backpack trip if the budget allows I hope more countries will be visit!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random: weekending

 Finally the sky is clear today. I spent my morning and early afternoon working on the handbag. I decided used the Flea Market Fancy Legacy for the lining. Then used the scraps from the Swoon for the pockets. The handbag is completed and I just need to find a day next week to photography it! I can't wait to show it to you. I {heart} my new handbag!


Saturday, April 21, 2012

{ i heart}

{ i heart sweet} My sweet friend remembered that I was talking about wanting try out some Meyer lemons. When my friend was in the city and picked out a pound for me. I am going to use them for my blueberry lemon muffins. I can't wait! Meyer lemons are a bit sweet and juice!

{ i heart firsts} Stella welcome her first real cup last week. She has been using plastic cups from IKEA since she was 2. She has been "borrowing" mommy's cups for her hot coco. I don't mind it! However, it seems like the cups I have are my own type of cups. They are most of handmade cups that I traded when I was in college. Do you know Stella is a big fan of Dalmatian?  It is a perfect first cup for her I knew she will have more cups to follow...

{ i heart greens} Yesterday afternoon the wind was mild I planted the plants into the pots. I am not sure if these two plants are family to each other, but they were in the same water cup for last 6 months. I though I'd give them a try. Sometime, I dream about becoming a green thumb...

{ i heart quilts}This morning, I was playing with my fabric then it started to rain. The floor was cold then I went to get the quilt and put on top of tile floor and surely it was comfortable and today I was watching a movie as well.

{ i heart handmade} The hand-quilting pieces are done! This is the other set that I haven't decided what to do. I plan on making a handbag from the hand- quilting pieces.  I haven't decided the pattern and the lining. It is a tough call.

{ i heart scraps} I cut more 1/5"x1.5" squares this afternoon. I am thinking a stamp quilt for myself in the future. I have always admire the little squares that patch together and I also think I will hand-quilt the piece if I have one in the future.
{i heart sewing tools} I have a pair of orange scissors missing. I must have misplaced it somewhere, but I can't recall for a few days. I think I might need to visit the craft store soon! I know I have many pairs of scissor, but the orange scissors does a special job for me.. it is the pair that I used for hand-quilting. The green pair is for cutting of threads from the fabric. The purple pair is for scrap fabric only. It is a bit funny that I put them into a job title.

{ i heart new found} A paper box that was found in the store last week.

{ i heart organization} the box is for my sewing materials.  I have been searching vintage wooden box for the organization purpose, but I haven't had any good lucks. I saw this box last week in the store and though it is perfect size for my sewing needles and pins.
{i heart farmer's wife qal} i pull the book out today and though I'd pick out another 3 blocks, but I didn't.  I decided to wait till the summer than continually working on this project. The sewing motivation has been low lately. I am getting my act back together and hope to begin some new projects. I wish to complete FWQAL by next summer. I think I'd hand-quilt it as well. I am thinking!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Random: together

I forgot how I used to photograph pictures between Stella and myself. The other day, she wanted to have a picture of our hands together. Suddenly, I realized my little girl is really growing out her baby hands and soon will be as big as mine!  Deep in my heart  hope to stay as a little kid and always around me ( I hope this is not too greedy). I have been taking a break from the sewing for last few days, but focus on hand-quilting. Today I am still slow on everything. I would like to make a summer quilt and start my dear friend's birthday quilt soon. Now, I shall take action and start fabric searching.... Green and Pink are the colors that I have in mind! She will love it!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random: weekending

Thank you so much for the encouragements of the Swoon quilt top . You are so sweet and nice! I have put the quilt top aside for now and will start quilting it once school is done in May. I am slowly working on the triangles that I cut off from the swoon quilt. I am hand-quilting it and plan on making a handbag from it. I have a few bag patterns are in mind, but thought I will finish the quilting part before I finalized the pattern. Today is very windy and cold in N.D. again. The weather report shows that we might have snow tonight. I crossed my fingers and wish just flurries. Whenever Stella visits my school studio she likes to drew or paint. Today she was there with me and she done a great job of herself portrait. I am in a rest mode this week.. just rest! 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

My {swoon} and your {swoon}

When I first started the swoon project. I knew that Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt would be the stash that I am going for. After a few days playing and laying them next to each other. I knew with this vibrate fabric line I needed to add some solid or calmer colors, but  won't take away the attention of the colors and prints.

I played around with Kona chart, but wasn't happy with just solid colors. I went to few online fabric shops and look for something that's fun. I came cross the painters canvas by Laura Gunn . I also have two prints that I ordered in the past and really like texture on the fabric.

Without hesitation I ordered 6 yards of the charcoal print because I was thinking that I could use it for other sewing project. I was right! I have wanted to take a step away from the white background for quilting. I have been wanting to try something out of comfort zone and glad to let you know that I am very satisfy with this quilt top.

The day when we took the photos  it was was a sunny and windy day. I could not be more than happy to catch most of the colors on this quilt top.

 I think some of the other painter canvas that I included gave the settle feature to the quilt top piece.

 I really like the center blue block! It was the first one that I made! I have a little affection on this. It took me 2 hours for the first two blocks then later on I was able to understand the process and it went faster than the first two.

Overall I am so happy with this quilt top! I think the pattern is simple to follow and the fabric quantity isn't overly estimate, but just right!  ( I caught the kid bike in the back, fun!)

Original plan was get quilted by  long-arm quilter, but I decided to quilt it by myself. I have been searching for my backing for a couple of days now. This quilt won't get finish until this semester ends. I would love to hand-quilt this piece, but I know.. it will take me a while again.  Once again! I CAN'T be more than happy to have my quilt number two ready to be quilted. I have been searching for quilt number three's fabric. My friend is turning a big 5-0. I want to make a cozy quilt for her birthday! I have a few month yet to get it done, but I know I only have this summer to do it before school starts for me in the fall again.  I have a little stash of the Katie Jump Rope in the shop if you are interested! Let me know if you came from this blog.


need some help!

Last night, I received an email from a  friend and she told me she is not able to leave comments for me in my flickr . I adjust the comment setting, but it seems like still not working right. I was wondering if anyone you could try to leave a comment for me and let me know if it is working!   million Thanks!!

I shall return later today..