About me- 
My name is Chase and here are bit and pieces about me. 


I have been using Nikon 3000 since 2007 winter and still love the weigh of the camera isn't too heavy to handle. I have switch the lens to 18-105mm in 2013 and have love shooting photos with it. It allows me to zoom in and out the photo as I need. Usually I shoot with the aperture setting and it really wide open the light with this setting. 

I also have a fixed 35mm lens, it doesn't allow zooming. This is usually the lens I use for my Etsy shop listing items. It really gives a nice focus and clear images. I make small adjustment on the photo lighting on Photoshop.  

Sewing Machine:

In 2006, I was borrowing a sewing machine from a friend then following year I purchased a Brother CS6000i. The machine was perfect for patchwork sewing and simple garment making. In 2010, I upgraded the sewing machine to a Bernina Patchwork Edition active 230. I have been using patchwork edition since then and really love how it is running till these days.  I usually clean and oil the machine every other week.  I still do lots hand-stitching for small patchwork pouches and patchwork blocks. 


I considered myself a loyal customer! I like to support quilt stores in the city I lived and also have few online stores that I have been getting my fabrics from.  Since 2014, I have been inquired less fabrics and my simple goal is using what I have around.  

Around early 2015, I felt in love working with 100% linen and have been play with linen more than before.  I like to work with linen with less starch feel and more soft, light and medium weight are perfect for embroidery and sewing for elegant garments. 


I have been traveling and moving around quite a bit last few years. Currently resident in the New York City neighborhood! I received both my BA and MFA degree from Midwest and really considered myself a Midwesterner. 


In 2008, I open the Etsy store and was selling hand embroidered dish towels. In 2010, I started adding pouches, purses, and handmade quilts into the shop and accepted custom orders as requested. I've enjoyed this one woman business since then!