Saturday, December 3, 2011

Random: some kind of day

Lately, I have been listening music from Pandora when in studio room. Aren't you love that site?  It has been the kind of day that just sewing machine sound and the peaceful music. Nothing better yet being productive and feeling grateful about each day and counting down the semester to end and getting some exciting news here about the incoming year. The plants are happy with their new places and growing healthy! It is one of the daily activities here- observe the plants growth!

I am waiting a parcel and it will be coming next week from Lizzy House. It is a very important project that I will be working on during my school break! I will share more later once the parcel arrive! I am extremely excited about this project!

Well,  Your are probably wonder why I made my time here everyday now! When I decided to return blogging I changed my attitude about blogging. I want to come up here 15 minutes a day and just write! I want to be better, in many ways! It will help me in a long run if I keep working on the same problems I will improve and get better! So, here you have me! I also get email about where I find my time to sew and play fabric. At our home we don't turn the TV on during the week days and maybe once or twice on the weekends. A few years back, when I was making just minimal wage and have a child in daycare. I had to cut down so many additional expenses. Cable was one of the luxury that was never considered. It became a habit of no TV  time at our home, but borrowing DVD from the local library. We spent much time at home make and play. Of course our life improved over the years! But some good habit kept with us and we enjoy reading, crafting, sewing, baking, and more at home! Where do I shop? Thanks to internet and cyber stores! A trip to the store once is plenty! I wish I wish.. when we settle again, I will have a land that allow me grow my own fresh and be more self-sufficient. Today is some kind of day that is calm and fulfilled! Are you having some kind of day in your part of world?


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  1. lovey images you are sharing...

    Alex and I dont see the TV either. We dont have cable and only use it to see DVD movies some weekends. That is why we can have extra time to sew and do a lot of things in home. Just i need to cut a bit the time i spend on internet... ;)
    do you buy something from Lizzy? her fabrics are always so beautiful and cheerful...

    I'm happy you decided be back at blogland...
    happy weekend!


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