Saturday, December 10, 2011

Random: rest. pause.listen

Thank you for all the loves for the Teddy Bear Advent Calendar. It would be a great long winter project and hope you are able to reach Vicki for a copy. Today before the sun light reach the sky, I woke up and made myself a cup of coffee and slowly finished what was left from last night! {frosting for the pumpkin bar, laundry, house cleaning, and paper??!} The moon light was still bright and clear at six a.m..  The weather has been cold, but not as bitter cold as northern land normally like. Aren't we lucky? Snow has came and melted ,which is unusual for this part of the land.  Lights are everywhere and decorations as well.

It has been a crazy  great semester for S and myself. She has join the S.T.E.P. violin group this semester and we have been done many Saturday drive to the practices and ran back for other activities. It has been an amazing experience for her and that experience has allowed her to meet other young musicians from the group and has been motivated her for the daily practice. Although lots reminder still needed to be given each day for time to practice, but seeing her growth as a young musician, I am a proud mama.    

This morning was the group recital. Every student waited in line to get their violin ready and they sat side by side and waiting their time to perform. No fancy colors in their outfits; black and white just like the notes from the music. It was such a sweet recital and joyful! We stayed for some treats and social with new friends we met! They all enjoy the pumpkin bar that I made! Finally, I was able to bake and share again!

She stood in the platform and waiting the announcements. For the first time that she wasn't much shy. She wasn't anymore uncertain about the place and people who stood by her.  I knew she had good time with her violin and the bow when she was up there today! I couldn't sense her nerve and I just knew she was ready to be up there and given some music. She checked on me after each song and I gave her a thumb up then she gave me a blink back that  blink means{mom! I love you blink!} She has two more recitals for the rest of the season. She will be tired, but fulfilled!  I learn to (rest. pause. listen} when she plays her music! 


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  1. what a lovely saturday you had Chase! must be a totally deligh see her playing the violin... what a proud mom!!


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