Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dance in the {rainbow}, shall we?

oh dear~ my lizzy house parcel has arrived yesterday, but I missed the mail carrier, so I had to return to the post office and picked it up today. This is the second trip I made and yes, I was there yesterday, too. {Hope not to miss any more parcels this week} Since we live in the campus housing the mail carrier doesn't leave packages without actual receiver. It is crazy to be in line for 30 minutes at 8:05a.m. But I also enjoy watch people's reactions: the season of loving and celebrating! Lots  packages are ready to be mail out to the families & friends! It is joyful and lots happiness!

This rainbow bundle was ordered in a purpose!  S is turning 8 in a few months and I have asked her what color she has in mind. She has requested her 8th birthday quilt in rainbow look! I looked around my stashes and really can't come up with a nice color range (maybe I didn't tell the truth here), but came cross this and knew Lizzy House prints are going to be great color range for this quilt. The colors are so vibrate and cheerful!  Best of all- I am the new owner of 50 fat 1/8's that made me day!

The Michael Miller Peacock Lane Falling Flower in almost rainbow! I love the small print and the colors match well with the bundle! My mind and my hands are both dancing in the these rainbow prints! I can't stop planning the quilt in my head! I can't stop thinking how S would react when it is completed and lay in her bed on her birthday. I am dreaming ahead and smile secretly in my heart about this quilt! Today she wasn't even paying any attention on the fabric boxes that I got! In her little mind: { mom just got more fabric for herself}.

This week has been very busy already!  I have one more critique tomorrow and meeting with students on Thursday! I haven't really pay much attention to the the {Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt} for a very long time. None of the fabric is selected after #21. I have enjoy this project so much! This is the project that allow me to play with lots colors and trying to be more creative! Have you visit the Farmer's Wife Sampler on Flickr lately? I am amazed by many talented quilters and amazed their colors chooses. Have you been farming on your side of the world?

I shall return to the rainbow dance now! 


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