Monday, July 22, 2013

update: 1/4" mark shop


{1/4" mark shop} has reopen! Currently, the shop is carrying different fat eighths bundles. These new fabric prints are in small scales, which is perfect for paper piecing, EPP, and fussy cuts. The fat eighth bundles are perfect for small stashes, but allow you to have varies prints for any patchwork making.

These fabrics come in quilting weight and it is 100% cotton. These fabrics are made in Japan. They have been listed in the {shop}.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random: everywhere, but here

 { Lucky, plays piano}

 { Lucky's new favorite spot, book shelve}

 { This is how we eat cherry tomatoes, stuffed plum}

 { sunset, before typhoon  taken by S}

 {sunset before typhoon, taken by S}

 { on bus.. fields}

 { on bus; look out}

 {Taipei 101}

 {traditional housing}

 { Quilters, this is for you}

 { and this for you, too}

 { and this , as well}

 { hot pot for dinner}

 {Confucius temple}

 {Quilters, I thought you might like this window. It reminds of the log cabin quilt} 

 { mutton}

 {Tree house}

 { trees on roof}

 { tree closed the gate}

 { figs?}

The new favorite drink here is { lemon Lime water}. It seems like it takes away the heat and just simple to make. The glass I drink from just emptied and refilled. Finally, I am sitting down alone for the first time in last { many days}. Last week, I fought a summer flu that came down on me rather quick and harsh. The headache was extremely discomfort and vomiting was not so fun. I took a day off from everything and rest and tried not to think was helpful!

Right after recovered from the flu I took a quick bus trip to Taipei as my dear friend Nishiki came to visit us. I went to pick her up at the airport. S and I though we would go together, but with the typhoon visiting Taiwan. We decided that mama will go and S stay home with Lucky and aunt.  I have to tell you whenever I take trips without S, I try not to talk to her on phone. I always sniffled so bad on the phone when she calls and tells me, {love ya mama! come home soon!!} This time is not exceptional... S spent her time with Lucky while I was away and oh dear...while I was away, S adopted another pup... this time is a girl. I shall ask her to share about her little pup with you soon.. Only the little girl needs some work; getting clean and some medicines to take care of some skin problems.

The trip to Taipei was quick!  I was so lucky to stay with my friend from high school and we had great time and meals together.  She show me around the city and took me to one of the bookstore that operates 24 hours a day.  When I told S that, she asked me if she can go next time. We hope to visit the city soon, so we can visit the book store and the zoo as well.

It felt quiet unreal that Nishiki came to visit us. Since she left N.D last October we just didn't know when we will meet again. Between the time, she has been traveling around the world, but she will settle very soon. Nishiki and I took bus back to my hometown on Monday. It was so great to see a friend who came all the way from a different country. S came with my brother to the bus station and pick us up. It was so great that S' friend came to visit her. She has been feeling { her friends might forget her since she moved away to a different country}.

Nishiki has tasted so many { small eat = local food/ can be any food that comes in small portion} in Taiwan and really enjoyed the food and people. We visited many {must.go} places in my hometown and had { must. eat} dishes.  We rode on the scooter together and it happened rained on Tuesday, so we all got so soak wet, but it was a memorable moment that we share.

Our week has been so full with visiting places and try out local food. As I am writing, she has arrived in Japan and continues her time with her family before she returns to states. We'll visit her in Idaho when we return. Are any of you from Idaho?

The sewing activities are very limited this week. I have finished the mock up azuma-bukuro and will start the second one for the new measurements and will provide two options for making it. This coming weekending will be another absent weekending for us, since we have an annual family/relative event that occur once a year. S and I rarely able to attend when we visit, but this summer we are able to stay and join the group. We hope to see as many relatives as we can. 


Sunday, July 7, 2013


Over the weekending, S got a bad stomach pain.  She was resting most of the Saturday after her swimming lesson. Her body system is still trying her best to learn the new food that came home from Grandma's shopping basket. I have really enjoy granny and S' conversation on the kitchen table. Granny would talk about dinner dishes at 7a.m. and S would think what to have in the morning!

The houses here is very closed to each other. There's no backyard or front yard. Our back balcony is closed to the back neighbor's. A really simple curtain was in need to keep some private indoor activities and also create a shade from the door. The simple curtain reminded me the muslin curtain I made for our northwester drive home in N.D. It started looking more like home to me and S.

S' garden is growing out of control. We bough another larger pot over the weekending and will be working on replanting this week. The herb garden is doing so well. We have mint, rosemary, oregano, basil and we also grow radish in the pot, but hasn't seen any growth from the radish. Maybe, we need a deeper container to do that?

The sewing mind is back! We have had some nicer weather, but still hard to stand or do anything during the mid-days. I have been waking up earlier and working on cutting. During the late night would be more cutting and ironing the fabric. It seems like each project has taken longer time to work on, but I am thankful the sewing mind is back. 

Thank you for the sweet comment on {Azuma-Bukuro}. I plan on writing a tutorial on this bag. You can find many tutorial on line by typing Azuma-bukuro. I have modify the pattern a little on my own when I made it. It is a great bag and you can make it big or small. S has requests one, but with some specific fabric requests. 

The weekending at {1/4"mark home}was resting and lots fresh fruits were being devoured!


Friday, July 5, 2013

Azuma-Bukuro aka Japanese Wrap Bag

I have been slowly pick up some sewing and really have enjoy simple sewing for few hours or less in a day. This morning, I spent some time made azuma-bukuro. The fabric was purchased when we visited Japan in May and the weight of the fabric is a bit heavier cotton weight than the other. I planned to make a new top for myself, but I have to admit that making garments during the summer time is challenging without cool moment to think the instruction. 

When we were in Japan, I stumble many ladies in Japan uses Azuma-Bukuro as shopping bags, gift bags, and carry their simple personal items. I have love the simple style and one cloth sewing for it's design. I knew that I had to make some for us. We make many small trips in the locals a lot. Sometimes, just for eggs, just for milk, or just some fresh banana. There are many small family own stores near by my parent's house that sell simple grocery items. I have enjoy riding the bike to the store, but need a bag to go along with. 

This is a smaller version of azuma-bukuro which is perfect for quick trip out to the store or in town. It fits in bike basket nicely. I'd love to make a larger version and give it s a little twist in the fabric selection. It is nice that my sister is modeling for me, since S is busy on her side of space.

S and I have gone to a very nice book store together and we discovered nice selection of books that we could spend hours in the store. I have been reading some crafty books and S have found books that she loved and we didn't get to bring with. It is a win-win!! We ended bookstore trip with fresh watermelon juice in the local juice store.

Link up: { Finish it up Friday: crazymomquilts}


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Random: Random

My favorite time of the day has moved from early 6a.m. to later 7p.m.  The day cools off in the later evenings and that's when S and I, of course Lucky the pup take our walk together.  It has been special walks together to the park near by. S takes the ownership of Lucky and makes sure he walks by her.  The street lights are mostly on each corner of the streets.  I see three clear shadows, big, medium, and small. The big shadow holds the medium shadow's hand and the medium shadow holds the small shadow's leash.  I have wish that we could hear some summer crickets along our walks, but we have not been able to since it hasn't really rain much lately. It seems like crickets out and about after the rain.

Each morning's observation on her {plants} and running time with Lucky are S' morning starting. We haven't done much crafting together, since the motivation energy is slowly move lately. The heat is taking many interests and making energy away. S' spending much of her time, reading new books and we've together start writing silly stories for fun.  It seems like a nice project during this {heat up} summer. I have been reading lots books about homeschooling and started night time store with S. I must confess while I was in school, her night time story was so short and quick. Now, we laugh together, play jokes on each other, and even play voices on the roles of story. I hope this {heat up summer} moments are one of many kind.

Today I started hand-quilting the Bridal bouquet block. It is measure 10"x10". It feels so good that my fingers are with needles and thread again. I did bring all hand-quilting supplies with me and I probably didn't share early. All my 4 luggage got opened and inspected by the airport security. I have had one full of fabric luggage, one full of books luggage, one full of tools & S' collections, and one luggage with clothes. 
Sitting in our studio room and work again felt good! The time flew by so quick... S was asking me when she can sew again.  She would like to make a little something for her little friend.  The weekending is ahead of us, since we are a day earlier { I didn't switch the blog time setting here}.

Have a great 4th...


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random: Sew, my friends

It has been hot and humid days here! We supposed to have some rain beginning of the week, but it didn't happen until tonight. We had thunders and few shower. Aww.. the temperature cool off in a sudden. The double rainbows show up before the rain. The sky was clear and red.

S scurried out to the balcony and quickly called upon her aunt, Fifi to come out and check out the sky.  We were outside and enjoyed the cool temperature and the beauty of double rainbows. Of course, S had to go find Grandma to check out the rainbows as well. She was busy running upstairs and downstairs.  Lucky, the pup was so excited watch his friend running here and there. He followed!

The end of the last week was a bit of disappointed.  I couldn't share with you here because it feels like no disappointments to friends. I quietly waited and hope nothing went wrong. The sewing machine company supposed to have the machine delivered by Friday night, but it didn't. The weekending went by and Monday arrived. After few email corresponding with the seller that she found out the orders from last Wednesday didn't get ship and she has promised the machine will deliver by today.

When the door bell rang at noon. I quickly ran downstairs and was happily welcome my new friend. Yes, she is here! Quickly we opened the box and went through each parts, manual book, and whine the bobbin then give it a go! It is a really simple machine with the basic functions I need. It will not allow to sew a large quilt, but small projects. I. am. so. happy.!

It has been over 6 weeks without a sewing machine. It is like an itch in the back that can never be reached and give it a scrub. It is hard to express the emptiness of not being able to do what I have been doing for last 6 some years. It feels lost in many ways! This part of the move was not expected, but all it takes is time and looking for the new directions and be quiet inside of my heart; just give it time, really!

The very first thing I made was a really simple coaster. I had it in mind for making since the first day we arrived. I brought an almost twin size cotton batting with me, since I don't know if I could find any here. We need more coasters. It is really crazy that we drink lots iced tea here and each time the table is so wet from the cups. 

It feels really satisfy after a quick test drive. Tomorrow will be a visit to local sewing store. I need a different needle number for sewing on batting and hoping to find a large cutting mat for the table. It has been a special day here.. really!

Lucky, the pup also loves to be with books, but he sleeps with them. We laugh, photograph him when found him in S' books, tickle his belly... all the silly things...  S has her new {post} up. She is getting herself back in writing and sharing her observation and ideas.  We just need a little bit cool weather and rain...

Happy Sewing