Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

There are minimal of lights coming into our apartment today. It is difficult to photography around and was wondering how can I capture the lights and subjects in the better manner. So, here we go! I scrolled up all window covers and got some lights in. The red and white quilts are my absolute LOVE quilts! I am a big mother goose embroidery gal! This embroidery quilt  never really gets hung in our place.  I need more wall space, don't I?

I love traditional quilting method,but amazed by how the machine quilting {fast. fun. creative}. I am a big fan of hand-quilting! I love each imperfect stitches that was made on each quilts and enjoy so much of the spending time on each quilt! Even though this quilt took me nearly a year to finished, but I am so happy with the outcome!


Look at my ready to be quilted Christmas quilt! I found the Michael Miller Christmas Fabric here. I can't get enough of these fun and colorful Christmas fabric! I would love to make a small Christmas fabric collection. It will be retro in 20 years and more so. I will still enjoy it 20 years later~

This is my TO-DO pile! Is yours look alike? I need really get ready!

I made this scarf for my mom! I think she will LOVE LOVE LOVE this scarf! Anna Maria Horner's voile is really soft and elegant! Surly mom will love it! She will be able to wrap her neck and tie a little bow.

Today's {in and about} would probably more like {out and about}. I was only able to spend 2 hours home today then headed back to school for my last critique for the year. Everything went well and I was pleased it is done! I though I'd give your guys a tour of my school studio. 

I have been learning basketry weaving  since last semester! This basket didn't turn out the way I planned, but it was a good exercise for  me to think about forms and balances. I really enjoy the repetitive weaving and construction. Did you see the gap? I need to fill in more to make this basket stronger. 

This is my hand-quilting frame that S helped me build! I spent about 70 dollars on this frame and it has been a great tool as far as quilting! It really help to held the quilt nice together and allowed me work both directions.

The piece I am working on is another double wedding ring! I have bended a card full of in-between needles since I started this project! I am needing more!  Today is the kind of day that's quiet, but still full with go and run action! The department seems empty out with students' noises and it is just great that I get to be in my little space work and listen to the music! I am counting my break will be the same either home or studio!  Looking forward my next {in and about} already! Are you {in and about} on the other side of the world?


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