Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Random: Do things with great love

 #1 Ready and set! Backing fabric is still in search at this moment! Something like this {print}, so could add on a few appliqué pieces and create a quilt label, but I would like to use from my stash! It is not so difficult, but the challenging part is to apart some of favorite prints. The quilt pattern is by Jen Kingwell and pattern could be found in Quilt mania Spring 2015 issue and believed it will be a printed pattern soon. Check on the  #mysmallworldqal quilt along information from {verykerryberry}; great sewing tips and Kerry shared different sewing methods in each of the part post.

 #2 The collaborated mini quilt is completed and hung on the wall! The mini is hard to push forward. I set up a little goal each day and made few stitches from here and there. The hand-quilting is perfect for this quilt and the texture from the hand-quilting really is nice!  The quilt label is done within the quilt top and made it cohesively look as part of the quilt top.

** A wall of S minis!

 #3 Sashiko stitch sampler; Perfect for the summer basket tote! Cover up all the little essentials inside! A bit privacy for the basket tote contents! At this moment, not much inside, a few books from the summer that didn't get bring out! The sampler was purchased from {Pulo Soho} during my last summer visit.

 #4 Homemade Rasin scones; always need these homemade sweets for the bitter cold winter days! One gone missing before the door bell rang! It was me, had to taste it!

 #5 Alphabet sampler: the frame was purchased from IKEA. It was the first finished from the {eleven patchwork things}. Perhaps the spacing from the four sides could be wider?!

 #6  Welcome Sampler: A few oopsy-daisy..... the frame also purchased from our short stop from  IKEA.

 Maybe.. at some point, they will get hang up!

#7 Helpless detouring! You probably guess it right, I rewarded myself a slightly detouring making some fresh patchwork pieces. It felt really deserving! Kept one for myself, two shipped out, and one in the {shop}.

 #8 Patchworker always saves every bit of pieces! All these pieces were saved from the My Small World Quilt and it is in the {shop}.

#9 New hand crafted patchworks in the {shop} and a quick preview post is coming soon!  Half of the patchwork pieces from the basket has made their way to the shop!

 #10 Daffodil: That time of the year again?!  Took me 10 minutes standing in from of the floral section; should I bring daffodil plant or daffodil bunch home? Decision was made after seeing everyone placed the plant in the shopping cart. oh well!

 #11 The quilt top is ready! I had wished to push a little forward to completed the quilt and bound it before sharing here! The truth is, I can't wait to share! I used to avoid looking back all the fabrics that I have had. But I have much appreciation of these prints! This quilt top is around 45"x45"!

#12 Writing; This year is a serious of writing and journaling by pens and hands. I joined Midori Traverler Book journaling after a year of admiring these travelers around the world. They've encouraged me to follow along this new journaling path! Helping me to remember the life pace in the authentic way and  I've been finding it is such rewarding!

Today I will take a day or two off from the w.i.p. and start a few new projects! I ordered this {book} and anxious the doorbell ring anytime today!