Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random: me in action

Hand-quilting is relaxing, but  I am not sure how long will this quilt take me.....


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Random: Weekending

My big bulk of batting was out and about yesterday.  The batting actually is  not so heavy, but it is big and I sat it in the box and put it in the back { far back} of the storage room. Every time when I needed the batting I moved all the front boxes, baskets, and paper towels.  Don't think that I am strong and powerful! It took me a few tries to get the batting in and out the box. S snapped the second photo of me while I tried hard to get the batting in the box. I looked very strong!

Yesterday I started hand basting . It took me a few hours yesterday and few hours today. I have decided to hand-quilting the { log cabin} quilt, so it would be hard to quilt with safety pins around. Do you hand basting for your hand-quilting quilts? When I first started quilting I learned the very traditional way of basting, but at the time I wasn't able to afford many quilting tools. I think I used the large embroidery needles for basting then later on I discovered the basting needles. It really saved my fingers. I highly recommend use the basting needles instead! 

Finally I got the Chicopee's print that I missed and also the Cherry Christmas charm pack. I must admitted that I wish to have a full yardage of the Cherry Christmas prints. It is so cheerful and S loves Christmas!

This morning, mail carrier delivered a surprised package!  S and I enjoy unwrapped gifts today and she loves seeing her name on the cards and discovered a gift to her as well! My dear friend made me a super sweet necklace and the little crochet was tied in the package. I took a safety pin and pin on my shirt. Many sweet treats are in the package and  we are saving for the Fall.  {Thank you, V}. 

This is the last weekending in September then October will soon arrive! Today is  moon festival  in Taiwan. We celebrate this holiday back home! Families and friends would get together cook and eat.  This day the moon is the brightest and biggest of the year, so check out the moon tonight if you can! We have had a bright and round moon here last night already and we had  perfect weather!  I wish to have some moon cakes while I appreciate the moon.  How's your weekending?


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random: a number

I though I'd give it a try before gone to bed last night and finished this bold, bright, and retro look of number.   Then the first thing in this morning, I stepped in the sewing room before brush up myself. I sat on the same chair that I sat last night and stared at this number and convinced myself, This is right! I think it is right...... it is right!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Random: The typewriter tote

I can't remember when I started this typewriter tote. I think it happened during the summer, but I never finished it! It has been sitting on top of the {w.i.p.} pile of projects. As I returned from school today, I feel a need to get this tote done!   The length of the tote got cut down to 16" tall. I used the cut out pieces for the handles. I lined with IKEA fabric that I got during the summer.  It is a super simple tote for carry books and a quick trip to the store.


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random: Weekending

Nothing better than snuggled in this morning! Brr.. was my first though at 6 a.m... I let the alarm rang for a few minutes then I crawled out the bed! It was still dark, but a long list of {to do} sheet was on the kitchen table. Last week, while we were in the grocery store S asked if we can buy some corn bread. I pick up the package and read the ingredients on the package then I turned around and told S that we would spend some time in the kitchen and make our own corn bread.  The corn bread turns out really tasty! S spread butter and some honey on hers and had two slices.  She is surprised that corn bread doesn't taste any corn in it!

For the first time, I feel thankful that we have a small home. The oven heat was traveling to each room and we were feeling rather warm and comfortable. Pulled out our summer quilts and threw them in the wash. When they came out from the drier were all clean and warm. I don't mind throwing quilts in the washer to wash, but I know there must a better to keep them clean. How do you keep your quilts clean?? Any good tips to share?  S has her {pup quilt} out today. The quilt was made when she was 5 { A late Five- year-old quilt. I gave it to her in Christmas}.  This quilt is being loved very much! Each pup block were hand-embroidered. I used to do lots embroidery works, but I just don't seem to take my time and work on them now. 

My biggest weekending {to do} list is making sleeping pants for S. S has been so patience, so patience. She has been gently mentioned that her sleeping pants are a little small and isn't so comfortable for her. I promised that I would find the time to make her new pairs, but it took me a couple months to make them happened! When the first puppy print pants finished she quickly put them on and told me they are fitting her well and she gave me a big hug for making them.  She asked if she can have a pair of pants with two different prints, just like my { robe}, so she picked out two prints that she likes.  I make sure I put up a little tag in the backside of her pants, so she knows the front and back. When I first made her the sleeping pants, she always ran to me and asked  which way should she put them on.  Later on, I started putting these sewing tag for her. It is a simple touch, but solved the confusion.

I layout the {log cabin} blocks in the living room floor this afternoon, but I didn't get the chance to assembling them together! It is a little disappointed that I didn't get all the { to do} list completed today, but I know I will find myself busy tomorrow morning getting the quilt top pieced and feeling satisfied.  Have your {weekending} been busy?


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Random: Wednesday

 { robe front}

 {robe back}

I feel dizzy seeing your comments pop in my inbox last two days. {thank you, thank you, thank you} for all the sweet words and great suggestions on the { Log Cabin layout} and { Let's get Acquainted Blog Hop} . I think we have a verdict on the { Log Cabin quilt}!  I plan on this coming weekend trimming the edges of block nicely before I take the next step; assembling. It would be a nice weekending project for me. 

Here is the robe that I made on Sunday night! The pattern is rather easy and simple {Simplicity 5314}. It took me a little over 2 hours to completed it. I intended to use up all the fleece I got last year, so I ended up using two different prints and with no waste!  After I finished it and put on myself I realized that I've got the plus pattern instead of regular pattern. It is super big on me even I made it in size S!  S and I laugh out loud when she put my new robe! She was dragging the robe like a queen's dress.  We had great time sewing and laughing together!

The fall season has been perfect only if the wind is not blowing so hard and the daylight can be extended a little longer!  S has been asking for her own fabric stashes lately! It is very exciting news for me! So,  I went ahead to JoAnn's while she was in school and pick up these fabric for her! I need to go back to the store and get a craft box to put up a little sewing/quilting kit for her! I will save the rotary cutter later, but a nice pair of cutting scissors, a ruler, pens, needles, and spool of threads. Eventually an inexpensive sewing machine later on.  I hope it would be a wonderful surprised package for her! 

I brew myself a nice dark coffee and sitting here writing ...


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's get Acquainted Blog Hop


Hello! Welcome to {1/4" mark}! I am excited to join {Let's get Acquainted blog hop Fall 2012}. My name is Chase.  I lived in the second coldest state and second coldest city in the U.S. It sounds crazy, but we have found our balance in the cold winter here. Currently I am a MFA student and will received my degree in Spring 2013. At {1/4" mark}, you'll find that I share our {weekending} each week in a very simple way, but full of joy moments in our life here. I also share my sewing projects! I have a little girl and  her nickname is S here! She is a girl who loves adventures, writing, art, and things that she can share with her mama!


How long have I been quilting? 
My first sewing lesson was when I was in college! I didn't take it serious! Later on,  I was inspired by the quilt that was given to me as a college graduation gift. Ever since that I started pay attention to fabric and quilting.  I have never gone back!!!  I have been sewing about 10 years now!  I'd say, I am not as productive as I wish, but I try to find time to sew between schooling and working.

Favorite quilting tips- 
Enjoy each process and each stitch you made! Many of you who have been here know that I love taking process photos of my projects! It is a great way to see the progress of each project! I enjoy the alternative documentation of my sewing projects.

Favorite blogging tips-
Sharing and make it welcoming! 

Favorite fabric- 
This is a tough question! It took me a very long time to find the colors and prints that I enjoy!  Recently, I enjoy bold/ retro colors, small prints, and feedsacks. I also love Japanese fabric!! 

Favorite Children book- 
Stella Luna  { Many of you know that I have Stella, the girl}.

Favorite Music to listen to while quilting- movies to watch while quilting- 
I love watching movies when I saw.  Lately I am watching { From up on Poppy Hill} by Hayto Miyazaki!! Sometimes, I can watch the same movie for all day long!! Never get tired of it!

Binding by machine or hand- 
I bind all my quilts by hands! I never machine binding quilts, but I have machine binding placemats, coasters, etc! Personally, I enjoy the hand binding! The last touch to the quilt make it even more personal! I always have a cup of dark coffee/tea and a great companion snuggled together and watch a great movie.

Here are my tutorials that I written- 

Thank you for visiting and Thank you, Beth aka { Plum and June} for the blog hop invitation!  Please check out more { Plum and June: Blog Hop}


Monday, September 17, 2012

Random: Log Cabin Step 3

 Light and Dark 


 Field &Furrows

Barn Raising 

I managed four layouts for the {Log Cabin Quilt}. Do  you see one layout turns out better than the other ones? I'd love to hear from you.. 


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Random: Weekending

Weekend is almost gone! Somehow this weekend seems shorter than the others. It might be the cool weather and the late start of the day here!  Yesterday we spent our full mornings in the kitchen and made apple pies and canned apple sauce. Thanks to my little help, S. She did most of apple peeling and cutting.  My job was making the crust!  It is a really simple crust recipe that I found {2 sticks of real butter,  1/8 tsp. salt, 2 cups of flour, 4-6 tbps. icy cold water}. It takes time to make the crust by hand. I used the pastry knife rather than the machine. I promise you it is worth for all the time for handmade crust! 

 This is the apple pie I made!  I sent this apple pie home with our friends last night!

 This is the apple pie that S made! Extra design on the top of pie! We keep this pie, since it is extra special for us!

Our friends brought us some crab apples! Have you had these?? It only take 2 bites per an apple! The texture is very soft and has strong apple flavor.  I always like to take them with me when I go to school.  When I get hungry before lunch time I could have 2 or more.

The basil that I bough home is keeping healthy! Maybe we can have a basil plane before the winter arrives. Hope it gets some longer roots before replanted to the flower pot.

 Isn't this print cute? It is from JoAnn's. I see some little  Christmas gift bags that made by this print!

S is building an animal zoo!

 This is my favorite! The fish kingdom! Lots fish happily swim together!

Have you seen Ayumi's {SP Quilt-Along NO. 3 Pattern Cafe}? It is super cute! I needed to dive in my stash and look for some prints for these. It would be fun to see how this quilt is coming to the end. 

 I should have made this robe during this summer, so I can have it now! It is a goal to have a robe by tonight! Can I do it?

 Yes! We had nearly 10 cups of apple for each pie! It is very satisfy!

 ice cream makes it extra delicious!

Today we went apple picking again and here are the apples that we brought home! We'll make more apple pies and freeze them for the later Fall and winter!  It is likely { an Apple weekending}.

{ Log cabin} is almost there!! Could you come back tomorrow and help me decide??

Thank you for all the sweet comments on the {Patchwork zippered pouch}. They are simple and fun to make! Lately, I haven't have a completed project to show and tell! It will be a little while before the completion! Finally I am sitting for first time during this { Apple weekending}. I will start cutting the robe pattern and dive in the making process!