Thursday, December 8, 2011

In the mind of hers!

oooh dear! ( a voice that sounded like oooh..deee-arr!) I stayed up last night and baked the hearty chocolate cookies for the students. It was a tradition that I learned back in my college years and wanted to carry on in my own class for my students. I waited 13 years to do so! Dream never too late to come true! Cookies were appreciated and devoured the end of the class and I saved one for S.

S has been a big fan of animal books since she was a little girl and loving learning about animals. She has been learning about sea animals lately and looking what they need to be saved from and what are dangerous to them. She is so inspired by the books that she read this week and decided to start the club called "SAVE THE OCEANS"! Each person has to pass 6 questions in order to become a member!

Look what I have here! Last night, I pass 7 questions  because I am an adult, so I had an extra question to answer and I earned a star on my pin! I am so proudly wearing it  to school todayand feel so special about it!

Each member gets a little different design! I love them all! Each time, when S brings books home and she would share and read aloud. Each time, I am learning something new from her and more. My vocabularies are growing wider as she teaches me new words each time. In the mind of hers has always creative and fun!  I am sitting here and appreciated this honor pin!  It will be saved for years and will be treasure in the memory and more..


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