Sunday, September 15, 2019

End of Summer

This time of the year, almost is the most perfect timing for everything; baking, sewing, walking, finding... and more. School is officially in session and my S starts 10th grade this year! She is switching classes and trying to find out clubs and other adventures in her sophomore year in high school; sometimes it is hard for me to believe that she is on her way out in just a few years and somethings I have wonder and question myself, if I have prepared her for that soon to come independence, but I know there will take few trial and error at the beginning, aren't we all started that way?

Fall is almost here (yay), I can literally feel it in the mornings. The bus stop where I wait for bus in the mornings has an acorn tree and it is starting drop off some acorns from the tree and the morning sun is softer than the summer heat. The crickets are singing pretty hard these days and for all that last bit of summer signs is slowly taking over by the Fall.

I so love the morning dimmer light that came in the bedroom these days, and thank goodness the a/c is finally off! The apartment is no longer rate in the high 80's when we got home and I finally can make decent meals without sweat like a athlete who just ran for half marathon.  It feels so good...

While the heat in the apartment remained, I washed all the summer quilts and put on new quilts for the Fall, too soon? I think I am just so anxious to get the Fall back. I can't tell you how much I love some of the older quilts that I made in my very beginning of quilting journey. For some reason, I just love the darker values of the quilt and the look of "old" in some sense. It probably doesn't make any sense to any of you, but these older quilts made me feel so cozy. It is start making this city home a bit of ours now.  Especially when the contentment is finally falling together.

Oh, it did take some time for me to settle down, isn't it?

Today, we are all home, finally! I made the morning walk to local groceries; get our sandwich meat in one store and milk in the other store. They are both in the walking distance, which I love. I stopped by the donut store and bough two chocolate glazed with sprinkles on top. The last time I have had donuts was probably beginning of the year, but no donut tastes like in Storm Lake, Iowa. I really miss donut holes and long johns filled with nuts on top and the walks in the downtown area.

Oh, weekend is too short now as work days take away much of energy and time. There is always home bits and bobs to pick up, but it is slowly became routines and I have found this life routines finally working out well instead of struggling.  I still have wish to come to write more, but it is not as easy as I wish.  There's always time that I really want to share with you of a store or two, but then when the time I could really sit down to write, I can vaguely remember what were the stories, oh dear.

**Penny Square Patchwork Zippered Pouch is in the shop.
Until then...