Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring patchwork and so on!

It feels so unreal that I stepped away almost a month! I've had been busy for all the musical drives and extra hours at work, but all is settle till the end of the May. Spring break was fabulous; road trips were so needed! Just getting fresh air and seeing different part of this county was a blessing break for me! Of course, everything was still in different shade of browns and more brown! My imperfect vision said, there are some "greens" on the tree tops on that I-35 South direction; believe me, I really see a bit of tiny green waved to me...! Oh, maybe just an imagination! The weather was unbeatable; in the 70's! Then all last week it went back to gloomy, rainy, and in cold 30's again. Oh! I was just down and with a spring cold! It felt that fully charged battery went so-long again! It is hard to get back, but I am slowly making my way back!

So Hello, my friends!

I could only said that Spring is a hard season for me! It feels like riding in a roller coaster with all the sunshine weather in a day then all the sudden back to the cold and dark ally! Oh, maybe enough talk about this weather! I am a little cranky about this weather lately! Please, excuse me for this, not so me!

It feels great that I finally decided on a new patchwork tote for myself! It would be a tote for all must to take while waiting in the musical lessons; such as books to read, all the sewing tools, extra chocolate cookies and patchwork pieces.  I simply couldn't decided if I should hand-quilted this tote the other day! It is a slower process, but the outcome is one-of-a-kind! I must say I knew I would go for hand-quilting, but needed a little extra encouragement from friends! So, my IG friends really supported me on the hand-quilting! This time, I added a lightweight muslin in the back, so that is three layers cloth for hand-quilting! It is hard on the fingers, but I use a leather thimble to help me to get through the thick seams. After years of hand-quilting experiences, I have gotten comfortable with hand-quilting heavier materials. My new favorite hand-quilting needle is Clover #12. It is the shortest needle for hand-quilting, but it does a magic job!  It really held the stitch nicely especially with thick cloths.   If you are interesting in hand-quilting here is the {About Hand-quilting tutorial} that I have post.

Each time, when I see the back of the hand-quilting stitches on the white cloth my heart always skip a beat of two! Yes, someday, I want to hand-quilt a whole cloth quilt! I actually have been searching the patterns, but just can't find the one that speaks to me! Something really traditional and lots feathers for sure! I like to find some original patterns from the 50's. Oh, would be nice if they are printed on the cloth! Yes, printed!

There are a few projects have been bring back on the table again! My small goal is finish them before start anything new, but it is a hard one to keep; but I am trying! S' birthday quilt is not ready to show and tell, so does my half-sandwhich quilt. It needs more fabrics to be cut! My another small goal is get up to the speed again, but it is a hard one to get going; but I'd say I am keeping my chin up and hope soon this self-talk would go away soon!

I have not forget that promised you all with a cloth organizing post! I did take a lot of photos, but I am not satisfy with any of them! It would be so Blah if I do show you! So, I plan on retake photos and get them all nice and edit! I hope soon to show and tell! I promise it would be a good one because after taken the first round photos, I have no idea I have so many fabrics!
                                                                                                                   Yes, we quilters all say that! 


Monday, March 2, 2015

Special Step 28: Trimming

Did you save the trimmed edge patchwork pieces? I sincerely hope you did! As the quilting stitches are quiet large, it was not really difficult to take off the stitches. All the sewn scraps are half triangle unfinished, in order to turn it into squarish. I roughly cut the linen piece into rectangle pieces then sew the imperfect half triangle pieces with linen then trim and repeat! I had just enough linen for the scrappy patchwork sewing and enough to make two patchwork pieces! Right away, I know a small coin pouch would be great!  After the straight quilting lines the pieces are just perfect for a 6" zipper.

The texture is such contrast between Liberty Tana Lawn and Linen. The natural linen and Liberty colors are echo each other so well... ! Oh.. I could go on and on about this topic! So, let me stop right here!

I know, I never host any giveaways! This is probably the third or fourth giveaway after 5 years blogging!  This little giveaway idea just pop in my mind when I finished sewing the pouch. Please leave a comment if you love this zippered pouch and would love a chance to receive this zipper pouch! You don't need to write a lot! Simply a Hi or hello works! The giveaway opens to everyone as long as the USPS ships out to your continent. Comment will close on March 7th, 8p.m. central time!

{Thank you so much} for comments! I really appreciate your time to write as I am a horrible writer as you know! It is always SO nice to hear from you! 

**All the Liberty Tana Lawn is sponsored by {Westwood Acres Liberty Club}

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The Lucky receiver is

I love the pouch and have always admired your sewing with tiny bits of fabric, giving them new life where they might otherwise have been lost to the trash bin. Your tutorial yesterday was fabulous, and I wondered where you were going when you said "save the trimmings!" You are such an inspiration to me, Chase!