Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

This morning, I started with the chaotic way which normally it doesn't happen! Assume some of the days are unexpected, not always followed by the planner. Mr. Cooper has been a great gardener ever since he arrived. Look at the plants are growing healthily ever. One of my in and about is observing the greens and talk to them!

It is the advent calender in mini quilt style.  I didn't think I was able to finish it this year again, but I had it purposely on my wall for months, weeks, and days. It came to an great attention and ego this week- finish it! And lots bindings to start with the quiet time alone.

I used scraps for this project. The scraps bin is in need of clean up and restore again!  I am pleased with work in progress.  

Another free motion quilting I tried. I am loving looping lately! It helps me move freely and seems more spontaneously when I work on.

Remember this project? I started on Monday while I was home and suppose writing my paper, which the paper didn't finish and didn't finishing up by the time I went to bed. Yesterday while students were working and  finishing up their final project in class and  I finished the hand-quilting part then bound off today. I really love the mini style of it and the simplicity of the look. Another scrap project.

Pull out some girly color fabric last night.
It is a girl! A baby is on her way!

I determined to finish these quilt blocks today and I did! Allow the photos take you through the process itself, shall we?

My favorite block. The print is from American Jane, but I am pretty sure it is out of print now. Would like to have another yard of two. I really like the colors in this print.

    While I was counting the blocks. I found an oops! It is good to found out NOW rather than later!

    Total of 58 blocks. They will need to wait now!

I am still not liking the plywood walls in our apartment and surely it needs an improvement!We are not allowed to have big holes on the wall according to our rental contract. Lately it has became issues around here.  It would be great that there's  a wall  that I am freely to pin or hang my projects. What can I do? 

   This  chair carried me 5 hours today. It needs a rest now! 


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  1. Oh, you have some lovely projects, Chase. Too bad you can't cover those walls with your pretty quilts!


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