Thursday, August 29, 2013

Random: Rain more and sew more

The rain woke me up at 3a.m. this morning. It was pouring on the roof and sounded in a hurry. S was still sounded in sleep with a little turning and  more turning.  It is hard to go back to sleep for awhile, so I check on the news and saw more flooding news. Now, I think a little rain break would be nice.

I sent this little big girl off to school this morning. S, an official 4th grader. She let me took her first day of photos and asked if Lucky can be in the photo, too.  She took the giant pencil pouch in the backpack with her and stuff all her things. S gave Lucky a few hugs and told him, I am going to school. You need to be a good boy and wait for me.  Lucky seems understand what S was telling him. He wiggled his tail as we left the house.

When we arrived the school. I asked S to lead the way, so I could make sure she remembers her classroom. Yes, she got to the classroom without troubles then I left her with out pink eyes in me. The first few weeks will be so new for her and she will have so much to share with me when she sees me.

Lucky and I are staying at home. He is walking around the house and busy checking sounds from the windows.  The two mini quilts are almost ready! I've sewn the binding on this morning and need to hand binding in the back. More rain pours down and some nice wind from the door by the sewing table. It reminds me the Fall in the states.  I wish have a big oven, so I could bake some yummy cookies. Raining day is cookies and bread making day.

Thank you for all the well wishes... they are all being collected and sent with S to the first day of school. Now, I just need to wait till she gets home from school. First day of full sewing day for me and first day of full school day for S.


Random: sew much rain..

Typhoon number 15 is here! The rain has been coming since last night and hasn't stopped! There are many neighborhood districts have flooding related news. We are safe and sound in my parents' house. We've been  listening to the rain dropping and speaking extra louder to cover the rain sound. We were planned to make a quick trip to the stationary store, but it won't be happening till the rain stop, maybe tomorrow?!

Yesterday, S attended the new school's meeting. It was only 2 and half hours, but it felt long for both of us, even Lucky. This poor pup was so sad that S forgot to say Bye Luck... He waited by the stair way until I called his name. His tail was down and had the same look till I told him I' am going to pick up S. When S came home, he was just as happy as you can picture.. wiggly tail, kisses, and of course hugs! 

S and I both were certainly nervous yesterday. We met the teacher for the first time. She met the classroom new fellows and sat in the new classroom. I have had to leave her there alone yesterday morning. Her eyes were pink and I could tell she was uncertain about new school, new teacher, new class friends. I promised to pick her up in the new classroom and go ahead, enjoy your first meeting.  I am a proud mama! Just very proud!

The teacher and I had a very nice and sweet conversation when I went pick up S. I have expressed my concerns and hopes for S to experiences the oversea education and learning the culture differences. The teacher understands the our approach. Oh boy... I did feel drop that big heavy stone that have been in my heart over the entire summer. I am positive after the meeting the new teacher, so does S. It will be a great and quick semester and S already look forward school days.  We are rearranging our schedule as first full day of school starts tomorrow.  It seems like it always take a good week or two to get everything in routine. 

Today, as the rain pours, I work on S' new pencil pouch. She has requested one last week; BIG/ Triangle on the side and of course her very special print. I have wished to make her a few tops to go to new school, but when the computer crashed, I have none PDF file patterns that's being saved to the external hard drive.  I think I might need to purchase printed patterns only in the future. I though a pencil pouch might be nice for new school and it is extra large for all the supplies she needs to bring on her own.

Unlike the school in the states that we purchased school supplies and they will become community supplies in the classroom. In the new school, students bring their own school supplies and needed to label their names on every single material that resulted many supplies purchasing. This weekend is uniform purchasing, S is excited about it! I am glad that she will get to experiences wearing uniform to school daily. I have also thought it is very official look and help the children to settle in the school system.

As tomorrow will be the first Full day of school. S probably will be up before the alarm gives her a wake up ring and getting herself ready before I do. Lucky probably will be a bit confused not being able to see S around, but I shall send her a little reminder tonight to make sure let the pup know what's going on tomorrow, so he won't be waiting all day long.  I do think this adventure is heading the right direction even there are/were detours that we take/ taken here and there.

{Extra special Thank You} to all of you who visited here and sent your blessing and great thoughts to us. I hope more regular posting from now on...


Monday, August 26, 2013

Patchwork Style Zippered Pouch

Over the typhoon week, I have finished a new patchwork style zippered pouch. I do love how this one turns out.  Within this zippered pouch there is so many my favorite fabric. I had stitch length problem when I first start sewing with the new sew machine. After carefully reading through the manual book I found the problem. The tension on the bobbin case is lose. The screw is so tiny, but thank to my brother who has a great tool box for fix machines. After screw the tension on the bobbin case stitches have been perfect and even.  I wasn't sure how the new machine would act on thicker/ heavier weight fabric, but it sews beautifully after I finished this zippered pouch.

I have try some new sewing material for this zippered pouch. This zippered pouch is fused onto the one side interfacing batting that is made from polyester material. After machine quilting it gives nice puffy look and the nice weigh on the pouch. The zipper is from a nice zakka style zipper that's made in Taiwan. The attached charm head is flexible and give nice and flexibility for pulling.

For the lining, I used the fabric that made in Taiwan. I am happy to find some fine and nice quality fabric. The fabric that made in Taiwan comes in 36" wide rather than 44".  I love the floral print that reminded me a lot library prints and nice Japanese fabric.  I have placed the patchwork zippered pouch is placed in the {shop}.


Sunday, August 25, 2013


After the typhoon left, the weather often cools off by 2-3 degrees. The breeze results nice day to be out and about. S and I decided to stay home for the morning then off on the scooter ride in the later afternoon. School starts this week and we are not really doing much only getting the mind ready and getting ready for  new school perspective on our mind.

Now, I looked back our summer was a big preparation for the new school system and at least give S some idea about the new language and at least a little concept idea about how the character strokes go. At least she can " picture" words in her mind and by that she could approach the learning a new and fun way.   I gave S pats on the shoulder each day after our learning session. When mama became a teacher is a bit not the same; perhaps confuses her a bit. I have to stay my role as I play and it is not as easy as it sounds.  We both felt frustrated to start with, but we have come together after "talks" that we made daily. Remember we talk three things we like per the day and three things we don't like per the day. One of part that S didn't like was mama is my teacher. 

Planning "a training path" for Lucky to go on the training plan was fun. Stacked all books on the floor and asked Lucky to go on. Lucky followed the plan, but was a bit nervous to stay on the chair.  It is always cute to see them play together. Lucky always " needs" to be part of what S does. He waited quietly and waited his term to play.

I was able to finish S' music tote last week. Did you guess the fabric print? No surprise, right?  Each time, when we go on a trip. I like to give S a little travel funding. She would use the little funding to purchase anything that she likes on the trip. Either spend the funding on one item or spend the money on several items. This time when we were in Japan. She decided to purchase a 1/2 meter fabric, Pokemon. I followed S' requests/ design to finish the tote. I used the linen for the main exterior for the tote. Used the printed fabric for the bottom and the handle. S requested a tag on the side, so she could hang some stuffed animal on. She is pleased with the outcome and I am glad that she has a tote to carry her books now.

Summer heat is getting mild since last few days. I started look for Fall to come, another month or two. It will be here before I know it. Just though I haven't been home for 7 plus years for the Fall season. It will be new and refresh time for S and I.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

City Tote

There's something new for S, that's night life. It wouldn't be up till midnight type of night life, but life out and about after 7p.m.  When we lived in states, it is a bit unusual we leave home after all the activities that were planned for the week. It is likely before 6p.m. We preferred to be in and about! All the hours before bedtime are we called busy time. S likes to read her book and that's the time I catch up with all the emailing and getting ready our supper.

The month of August seems a bit cooler during the night time. S and I started have some fun scooter rides in the city that we live during the later day. Likely after supper time. We {hop} on the scooter and go. Normally we don't plan on places to go, but stop by when we like. Monday night we were out and about with a {get ready for school mission}. We both needed our glasses frame to get repair and both needed to go to the book store and both itchy some fresh watermelon juice and S needed a haircut. off we went....  She love the scooter rides and like to asked me; have we been here? We have had been here before... Can we take a detour to the shop that we went a long time ago?  Yes, sometimes, we take {Super Lucky} with us~

Moved back to Taiwan, I brought two of larger patchwork totes with me, but they are too big for scooter compartment when we take ride. It is safe to put the totes or purses under that scooter compartment while riding. I knew I need to make a smaller tote to carry when we go out. When I went to the store last time, I bough two small pieces of linen and cotton blended fabric.  I really love how the little circus theme goes with the aqua print together.    The aqua check print is double side printed, so I reverse the print for the longer and larger than handle. For the closure, I used simple leather closure piece and used hand-sewing thread attached on the tote.  For the lining, I used nice floral print that made in Taiwan. The quality is nice and soft.

As you can see, I carry many pouches in the bag. There are small sketchbooks and pens in one pouch and my weekly planner, keys, phone, coin pouch and sometimes S' sketchbook and pens.  The city tote is perfect for the scooter compartment. S has been asking for her music tote, I shall return to the sewing table and start making. She has her fabric pick out and I gave her some eye blinks and some tickles... oh dear.. you need to take a guess from here..

The light is dim today as the we have another typhoon coming. We have had12 typhoons this summer and another one is on its way.  Rain is perfect for this time of the season and perfect to be home and sewing. Perfect to sit and write to you~


Saturday, August 17, 2013


We found he is quiet cute on his early Halloween custom! He is { Super Lucky}!! One his left pouch is his treat and on his right pouch is his toy. He only has two shoes, since S running out of time. The mask is a little too big after the big haircut, so might need to shorten the back piece to make it stable.

Enjoy your weekend. S and I have been enjoy the cool weather and reading some books together~ I need to come up with a awesome ending for our night time story.  Made up stories are my favorite, since reading at night has gotten difficult for me to read.  I have bad vision since I was a little kid and seems getting worse as I get older. Sharp lights and bright lights hurt both eyes. Dim light at night for the room is perfect for me and read the story from my mind make it a bit open and fun... 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Random: Forward

Can you tell, my two antsy fellows have been busy? We took Lucky in for a big haircut and found out the hot/ humid weather cause some skin issue. He is taking medicine now, so the problem seems going away slowly. We wrapped the med. in the toast and covered some sweet jam for him.

S is back on making "things". She has sewn Lucky his Halloween custom and he looks so very adorable! Maybe a later photo to show you his "Super Lucky" custom. The room has been messy again, which is what we love; have fun and get messy!! The two antsy fellows have accompanied each other most of the time. Measuring Lucky from head to tail and wondering why he is waist is so large and legs are so short.  Talking to him and watch him tip his head aside and seem understood what we are talking.

Reading time is their favorite time so far. Only Lucky is busy looking for things inside the book/food and S is reading him some good stories. I love taking these photos for them, since these photos are going to be S' great treasure memories after we return back to states. We will miss him... 

I have been able to sew almost everyday during the morning time. The weather has been nice and cool a little. We have gotten some nice showers during the days and early afternoons. It makes us pleasure to work with calmer mind. Our study time has gotten quicker, since S' improving and getting understand the idea of new language.  This week, we have officially enrolled S into local district school, oh boy it has taken the whole summer time to find the right person and have the person contact us back. S will start school on August 28th; less than 2 weeks. This mama is nervous, but though it will be good time to leave S in an open space to find her strong self again.  {Thank you for all the good thoughts you've sent to us... }.

Last month, I have been thinking and wondering if I need some business cards for my little shop or just myself. I started making sketches of the logos and design cards.  Between ordering business cards or create custom stamps I went with custom stamps. It would allow me to stamp on any paper or fabric material.  The logo for {quarter inch mark} is a postmark look design. Since we travel from place to place, we like to write cards/ letters to friends and families. Each postmark represents a short journey of our life. I thought it is a perfect idea of {quarter inch mark} which might leave your heart a place for two chatty person that you read from time to time.

oh dear... I am just happy to feel positive again! 


Monday, August 12, 2013

mini quilt: bridal bouquet

{Thank you for all the kind comments.} It is always  flatter to read your comment.  Sometimes, my sister thinks that I always make {old} fashion things. She thinks some of my works are like grandmother's, but for sure she loves getting any { grandma look} work from me.  She does love having a sis who sews and could help her fix things up.

Finally, it is started to rain here { hope for lots of rain}. We have a typhoon approaching us, but not directly to the island {Taiwan}. We look forward some heavy rain this week.

This week, S and I will visit the school here and get all schedule ready. Getting uniform { Yes, children wear uniform to school here}. She is a bit excited about the uniform. We are both thinking just give it a go.  Even S might tear for the first few days, but it is part of learning and experiencing of new life. Let go the fear and move on... shall we plan this approach?  She is gaining a bit of confident lately as her language process is going well and less frustrations.  

Between spending time with S and finding little personal sewing time. I have finished this mini quilt: bridal bouquet a few days back. It is done by the English Paper Piecing {EPP} method. I decided to make a small version of it since making small projects are much comfortable in the time that I have now. The mini quilt is hand-quilted on 100%  warm and natural batting { I brought about a full size in the suitcase with}.  The quilt always gets soften after the hand-quilting. The hands wore the batting fiber out and make the quilt soft and fluffy.  The colors are really vibrate and have nice contrast between the low volume prints. Hand-bound with DS print. This mini quilt is placed in the {shop}.


Friday, August 9, 2013

Her mini case

It touches me so much that you came here and left us great and supportive comments. S and I read them together and she thinks she can do it. We have tried to be on our own as much as we can, so we can work on the projects/ studies in the slow mode. Our space is working so much better. A room with more space to play and rest. Best of all, during the mornings, she is back in reading mode and I am back in some sewing act.

Between our struggles and adjusting new life here. I tried to find time to sew.  From a few hours a day to a few hours a week. Some days just simple sketches on paper.  As long as I touch needle and thread I am delight and feel great! My sister finally decided to purchase an ipad. It took her a very long time to decided which version to purchase. That's how we sisters are different. She takes her time to do shopping, but I like to cross off my list as soon as possible. 

When she purchased her mini ipad, S kept telling me,  Aunt Fifi needs an ipad cover and zippered pouch. Can you make them for her, mama? I show my sister mine and S', but she didn't like both of ours. So I made a quick sketch for her and show her the new idea. She likes it much better, but the only downside is that I missed count the width of the ipad by 0.25". That's why you see the little ipad is above the case. My sister didn't mind it, but I told her I'll try to make one for her again. 

Since the new sewing machine I purchased is for basic sewing. I didn't dare to work so hard on the machine. Then I decided to go with hand-quilting for the mini case. Yes, so much better to hand-quilt everything. I took the finished front and back pieces while waiting  S at the swimming lesson. I sat there and slowly work on them. It was so so so so nice! The lesson is 80 minutes long and the waiting area comes nice cool air. I really have to take advantage on that time.

The front and back pieces are used many prints that I loved!  My sister didn't get to pick them out because I knew it would take very long time for her to decide what prints go in the mini case. The only part I let her pick is the wooden button, since I only had 10 of them, but it took her one afternoon to decide. oh very dear..

We plan go fabric shopping when the weather cools off. She is getting some fabric packs for me. I have few things in mind that I like to pick out.  It feels good that I can share a little sewing accomplishments with you ..   Have you been sewing? 

Thank you, Kathy for sending me the scraps.. I used the moda print for the lining. It fits perfectly for the mini case.  I also used a few other prints of it..

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