Thursday, March 28, 2013

Amusement Park Zippered pouch

Sorry.. I did it again.. really scrappy.. really scrappy.. really scrappy..   I added the scrap laces to give a fun look to it.  This is made for the mini get away trip that's coming up. This time, we won't bring any large bags, but this mini zippered pouch; small amount of cash to get treats and cards to pay for expenses. 

Can you believe this is actually the very first zippered pouch that I made for a purpose? I always make what I like without any intention of making. This zippered pouch was really fun to make.  The bottom two corners were trim to the rounded shape rather squared and quilted on 100% cotton batting. 

Our mini get away is coming soon, so we'll be excuse from here for next few days~


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Random: Wednesday

 { quilt for Peter}

 { quilt for Chase}

 { if I have four hands}

 {oh... }

 {sunlight this morning... }

 { her space}

{my space}


Peter's quilt is close to finish. I have the binding left to finish up. This quilt was originally planned smallish lap quilt, but I made it bigger. It is always a challenge to machine quilt a larger quilt, but I love the speed that went on it. The quilting pattern is simple large puzzle pattern since I didn't think the loops would fit Peter well.  Today would the time to look for the right biding for it; i am thinking yellows. 

Each week, I spend a little time on the log cabin quilt. It is coming pretty close to the end of hand-quilting, but whenever I lay it flat and check on the quilting I always found something is missing. Sadly, I won't have it finish by March, but April is my goal to finish all 4 quilts that's unfinished. 

Sometimes, there are projects get left out focus as I move to new projects. The stamp quilt is not in any progress for a long time.  It will put away soon and start again when we get settle.  I love how the randomness of the colors that match together. Maybe it will take another few years to have this quilt ready. I still plan on adding more fabric to the stamp box where I keep all the pieces together. 

The mornings start get so  much nicer here. I heard the birds sang this morning and yesterday as well. The sun lite up the room earlier and I was able to capture it as I sit in the room. S has asked me this morning, when is spring coming? I told her, Spring is here, but spring is a bit shy to show up...  She is ready for a little spring break somewhere... yes, she helped to plan out our mini get away.. when to wake up, when to leave home, when to eat, where to eat, how much time I can spend in the fabric store...  yes.. and a big note to mama{ check the stove before we leave}. 

{Summerish} dishes has be requested lately. Lots fruits and just homemade burgers. We were able to find some spring veggies available in the store. Hope we'll be able to have some sweet corns in the cob soon.  


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

update: 1/4" mark shop

{1/4" mark shop} update:

A few more hand-quilted needle books are added to the {shop}.  These needle books are careful made with high quality of cotton fabric and lined with cotton and linen blended fabric. The wool blended felt for the needle placement.

These series of needle books are made with lighter and spring colors. The size is 2.5"x3" when closed. It is perfect size to store in your sewing pouch. 


Random: her little phase

As sweet as S is... she is going through a {pocket monsters phase}... As a mama, I am not quiet sure about these {pocket monsters} living with us lately.... I watch her coming home and being careful to make these {pocket balls} and none stop talking about these {pocket monsters and balls}.

maybe... it is a phase of her life moment. I shall no encourage and also not discourage.. 


Monday, March 25, 2013

Random: my girl

It is snowing lightly now! Yes, snow falls till April in ND. I found it is actually a little romantic holding a cup of coffee {with a lid} and walking across the campus. The wind is just right and the hands are warm by the coffee cup.  Of course, by the time when I get in to the department I looked like just got out of the shower.

This is my girl! As the moving date is coming, MFA exhibition is approaching, and a mini get away vacation that I have promised S that we would go for.  So, I decided to sent my girl away for the long-arm quilter to get quilted. I feel guilty that I didn't get to completed the whole quilt by myself, but I know it will be help me much when this quilt is getting done in the long arm service while every event that's happening in next few weeks and it will come back beautifully quilted.

I will definitely share more when she comes home in a few weeks.. Meanwhile, I will be getting other three quilts ready and two need to be done in a week manner as our friends are coming to visit us for the first time from Iowa. We are really excited about it! S made the map for the driving direction yesterday and assure that they come the easiest way to get to ND.


Saturday, March 23, 2013


 { playing stash}

 { two quilts ready to get machine quilt}

 {S, the reader}

 {3p.m. tea time}

 { when is spring coming?}

 { toss fabric together, mix by two hands}

 { sew, i really miss sewing}

{ my sister asked to buy these books for her students}

{Thank you. Thank you. Thank you} all your welcome words, comments, and emails. They are so encouraging and sweet! Thank you threw a big welcome party here at 1/4" mark. I can't tell you enough how relief I feel since I came home! It really is a feeling of settle and completed!

Poor S was home all day on Thursday. She had watery eyes, stuffed nose, and bad caught. On Friday, she was all better and asked if she can returned to school. We had our March lunch date at her school lunchroom on Friday. She was glad I could make it! S' teacher was glad that I am home and safe! She gave me a big hand shake and congratulated me. I received so many hugs and hand shakes from my professors and fellow colleagues. They were all worried about the weather condition and how did it go!  {i might have repeated the same story x times}.

As we woke up this morning, we both agreed taking a slow day is needed! S attended her music performance this morning then a trip to the local library. S brought more books home with her and I got movies for myself. Tonight would be movie and dinner weekending... 

Our tea time is also back! Today we are having mango black tea with chocolate. S is having her new books to read and I am playing fabric as I miss it so much! As I was packing last Sunday, I also bought my sewing machine and sewing tool boxes with me. Of course, everything was packed in a hurry, so I left the pile of fabric on the table didn't bring with me. duhh..

It feels like more sleep is needed, but we are resting and getting our normal days back!  Two quilts will need to be finished in less than 2 weeks, so I will get busy myself.  S is not totally recovered, but she is spending her time in the room with me and chat a little. 

It is a very sunny day here in ND, but the temperature is in the low 20's. Please send us more sunny days and warm temperature... 

The weekending in {1/4" mark house} is quiet, but lovely... as we are together and sharing bits of this and that~

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Home sweet home: an unexpected earlier journey

Hi- dear friends,

I am home! I left home almost 4 days by myself. Finally, I am sitting in the kitchen and brew a pot of mango black tea to sit back and rest a little. I took an unexpected earlier trip this past Sunday to the Twin City.

On Sunday noon, my friend called me and told me if I don't leave right away it will be a problem to leave on Monday as there was a blizzard coming our way. The citizenship interview location got relocated two weeks ago and that made everything harder. I was planning to leave on Monday morning after drop S at school, so she could stay with our friends for a night while I was away. At that time, S was reading her book and I was getting ready to prepare lunch then quickly I went back to the room and start packing what I need for the time being away and S was packing her books away.

The snow started coming rather quick and the wind was picking up the snow dusts.  I dropped S to our friends home then I ventured East 350 miles to the Twin City. On I-29 South, it was almost impossible to see. The visibility was low and I wasn't able to see anything. The white out condition kept through the I-29 south then onto the first 2 hours of I-94 East.  I was tensed and scared! Maybe turn around the car and go back's thoughts came to me. But I knew if I missed the interview I won't be able to reschedule one soon enough.

When I found out the new location for interview. I was upset and worried! The following week, I tried to be calm and plan each day like normal days. S made this {Guild Booklet} for me to encourage me for my interview and trip to the city.  This book has been with me since she delivered to me.  While I was alone in the hotel room.I flipped my {guild booklet} and reminded myself that I can do this! 

After check in the hotel in Twin City, there was a quick though pop in my head, did I turn off the stove?? I wasn't sure if I did or not! I called my colleague who lived closed by us to check the house, if it is still there. The first night was sleepless, what if I didn't turn off the stove? What if it got burn? These two questions were flying in my mind all night long! The next morning, I called my colleague to check the house for me again. The house still there.. I tried to be calm and recall if I'd asked S for any tea or wanted to make coffee. I think no tea and coffee at noon. Then I decided to trust myself not to think more. The road condition in the Twin City was not very good on Monday and I stayed in the hotel room study the civil test. Around noon time, I decided to left the room for some food.  I didn't get enough food for myself, so I ate my dinner at 3p.m. and waited morning to come for my another meal.

The second night wasn't easy as well! Thank to my sister who kept me accompany for most of the part on the phone and told me that I will be fine! Thanks to my friend E text me on the phone.  I got myself all dressed on Tuesday morning at 5a.m. and got some dark coffee. I reviewed the civil questions more and packed my belongs in the car, off I went!

 Arriving at the citizenship center nearly an hour prior the interview. The security told me that I can't enter the building till 8:30. I was sent out for another 30 minutes. The next building has a cafe and I ordered more coffee before my interview. I reviewed more civil questions then I return back to the security check in area and went to the waiting room.  Less than 10 minutes, my name was being called. My shoulder was tense and steps I took was heavy.  Soon enter the interview room and I swore and promise to be true!

 All the process and questions went so quick! I can't really remember what was the first question.  I followed the directions for each steps. All I remember was I said many times of yes, I do! yes, I will. No, I don't. 

Then the interview conductor told me, CONGRATULATION, YOU PASS! 
I look at him and replied.. " I really pass?"
I was send out with a piece of paper  that check on ...

                You passed the tests of English and U.S. history and government 


               Congratulation! Your application has been recommended for approval.........

I got send back to the same room and waiting for further announcement about Oath ceremony.

While my wait, I couldn't help to text  my friends who have been crossed their fingers and sent good thoughts since the application started.

We had a very simple Oath ceremony and I received my citizenship certificate right away! My whole body was not tense anymore. With two sleepless nights, I wasn't able to drive home that same day. I stayed for extra night to feel better and took the trip back home the next day. 

I miss S so dearly! I wish to call and hug her for the moment of cheers. I had to waited the long distance drive back.  I called her that night and she sounded a bad caught just start on her. I wasn't able to talk much because I had a little mama misses her babe choke.  She was so happy that I pass the interview and can't wait for me to be back.

 As my car slowly pulled into her school pick up drive way.  I saw my pinky girl with all the winter gears on! S saw me as I waited to make the turn. She was jumping and was weaving so hard. As she enter the car, she gave me a super hug and told me, I am so glad you came home!! I really really miss you!

S was excited and was happy to be home! We had a very simple dinner last night together at our small cozy dining table. We talked, talked, talked..... she caught, caught, caught... She was heavily sound in sleep before 8p.m. last night. This morning, she was sounded awful than last night. I asked if she like to stay home for a day. We've spent our quiet time here together. I've catch up some work at home while S is resting in the room. We are ready to have our normal days back!

If you asked me if the stove was ever on.. oh boy!! no!! It was off! Before went pick up S from school. I came home and check on the stove. It was off, but we have had over a foot of snow in front of our door way.   The city got more snow banks.. Snow are new and fresh still.

If you asked me what I had for the first meal being an American Citizen, it was nothing fancy. All I wanted was a hotdog in the bun and some chips!  My second meal was from my friend Beth who made me homemade cheesy potato soup and sandwich. Beth and her family provided a very cozy room for me, so I could rest.  I was out by 9 that night after all the crazy events and drives.

It is a feeling of relief and took another step forward! Yes! I am still exhausted, but I knew you'd wanted to know how did it go!

Cheers to all fellow of Americans... I am proud to be a member of this country~

{Thank you} for your great thoughts and emails.  Sorry, I didn't get to reply all your comments from the last post! I wanted to let you know, {Thank You}!!

We'll be back for the weekending~


Friday, March 15, 2013

Belated birthday handmade

{ to be warn: Lots photos for the same project.. if you get tired.... scroll down quick}

{ Hope you have enjoy your trip down here}.

As you know that this is my last spring break as a student, but you probably don't know it will not be my last {fulfill promises break}.  Another S' birthday gift was a Ukelele that she has been hoping to have one to play with!  When the Ukelele order arrived, I waited till mid-night to open and check on the condition of the instrument. Then I realized it came with a  plastic bag to carry the ukelele. I knew I need to make her a zippered bag instead, but that did not happen till two nights ago.

S has been very kindly waited for me to sit down and design the template. We looked through my fabric stashes over the last weekending, but there are no prints that she likes!  I tried to convince her and set out prints together, so she can have some ideas, but then she rejected them all! Later, she told me, " Can you surprise me, mama?"  I can't tell you how I felt the moment she told me. It was a feeling that must. go. to fabric store right away and just find the right fabrics.

I spend long hours in the fabric store and tried to find the {right} fabric on Tuesday! Nothing floral, not too girly, not too boyish, not too pink, not too much colors, not too much shapes on the print...When I saw this blue and yellow polka dot with pup and kitty in them. I knew it would be a perfect print for S. Then since the blue and yellow might be considered a little boyish I went ahead and look for a softer print for the lining. The random polka dot print was a perfect match for it.

I came home with a stash of fabric and explained to S what I plan to do! The machine quilting took the action right away. As the process went, S asked if I could add  a pocket in the front for her. Of course! I replied to her that I can custom made any changes. She also asked for messenger strap for the bag. She waited till her bed time and wished to try her new bag on, but I had a zipper sewing mistake, so didn't make it before her bed time!

The binding is used bias tape binding, which allows to stretch a little more around the curves. After attached the bias binding, I went with hand-stitch to finish the binding, so it makes the bag a cleaner look.  Insert zipper was the most fun part on this project. I never sewn a zipper so thick and wide before and it really make the bag super sturdy look.   S picked out the handle print- Katie Jump Rope by Denyse Schmidt and it is just the right green to highlight the blue and yellow.

For the messenger strap, I went with clasp, so S can remove them if she is not wearing the bag on her. I am really proud to have this bag done during the spring break! S came home and was so happy to put it on and ready for her next lesson to come! Although it is a super belated birthday gift, but she was just happy to have a promise and strong bag to protect her instrument. 

I am making another one for my niece who has a Ukelele as well! It might be a perfect birthday gift as she will be turning 9 in July.   Now, I am onto finding the right fabric for her..

Note: I would like to let you know that I won't be able to host the incoming {weekending} link up party.

Link up: {crazymomquilts: Finish it up Friday post}