Tuesday, December 27, 2011


With some help from a friend. The wood was cut in a day and half assembled! I {hammed} my index finger that night, so I decided to leave the units till the next day. What I like about this project is that I am able to custom made all the sizes that fit into the space I need. The lumber wasn't expensive compared the ones that I saw in the furniture store.

Majority of the stashes are in and some in the other side of storage boxes, such as the 30's fat quarters that I have been collecting and some prints that is out of prints that I keep.

I made many fabric box {link up a tutorial that I wrote a while back}. These boxes are great for toys, fabric, trims, and patterns. I also made top two long and skinny ones for the fat quarters that I bought over the time.

With some suggestions: the storage unit has {legs} that are above the floor. It is nice, so any dust won't get in to the fabric right away.

Our room is downsizing with storage units now! I gave S another book shelf since she needs more space for new books and her craft supplies. The room actually is wider than it was before. We can {walk} through between the wall and the table now! It is amazing how a little rearrangement can change and make the life easier.  I would love to build a bench library storage for S and make a long sitting cushion for her. It is on my 2012 { to-do} list.

This is the holiday {gift} I gave myself this year! Not much, but this is what I really need! I can't be more happier! I knew I will rearrange the fabric again, but now! Life is good!

I used the left wood scraps made a smaller unit for note books and paper and stationary. I need to build some smaller boxes to so I can toss the paper boxes away. The older storage unit is full of flannels and as you can see here the printer is living under the fabric piles now. I am speechless with the amount of fabric I actually {have}. The room smells in fresh wood and best of all we love being in the room with music and the sound for sewing machine.

Yesterday I unscrewed the older hand built storage unit. I plan on reuse the wood and build a better storage unit next week when the shop opens and the friend is back from the vacation. I am not able to change the blades by myself since they need a lot of tools to remove.  The woodworking is a new adventure for me. As I am having better knowledge and understanding how to function the equipments I keep thinking I can do that! I can make that. One of my goal is making a sewing table before I move away! Some old wood would be lovely for the table top! Some storage unit under the table would be great such as a space for store sewing machine and the tools! 


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