Saturday, December 24, 2011


{Thank. you.} for stopping by {1/4" mark} and you all have made me feel so comfortable of sharing and editing projects that are going around here. {Thank. you} for all the sweet comments about the quilts that recently have been posting around here! Sometimes, I wish I have more personal time to {make.create.share}, but next year I will be more concentrate on my school projects since I am officially half way through my graduate program! We are excited about we are almost done here in three more terms then we'll move to any places within the U.S. or without! As we are slowly adjust our lifestyle in N.D. we also have enjoy the friends we have made and met! Also the new friends that I have met via {1/4" mark}.

I also would like to {Thank. you} for shopping with {inchmarkshop} I have always picture having a small fabric shop somewhere within my personal studio and finally I was able to turn the shop to a fabric shop in September. I am able to do something that I passionate and love aside from the normal jobs!

wish you all have {merry. merry. merry} Christmas

I'll return next week with my finished storage unit update!


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  1. thanks to you for take the time to share all those beauty!

    love the photo and the french press in the corner... you love it, righ?

    happy Holidays!!


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