Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Spring outfit!

Oh, I can't tell you how sweet this little spring outfit is in person! Now, I wish an adult size for myself. I even lined the dress and hand-stitch the neckline, sleeves lines. Maggie is designed by {Alicia Paulson}. I've followed her blog for many years; her mimi and I have the same birthday, only I am so much older than mimi! When Alicia has {Maggie} available in her store, I had to have one. At the time, I lived in N.D. as you might remember Maggie {as a sewing kit} traveled with me from place to place/countries then finally I made her in 2013 winter. She is very special to me! Maybe because Maggie is  the very first softie I made. 

I've always wanted to make a little patchwork dress for her and you know when you have two days off from work. That's the best time to do so! I started the patchwork piecing late yesterday afternoon and continued this morning. I skyped with Fifi and asked her about the sleeves option. She recommend with one piece cloth.  The dress is lined with Oxford cloth, which is super soft and lovely to work with.  Since the sleeves ends are so small to fit to the sewing machine. I hand-stitched them and also the neckline.   Guys! It is super adorable! I want one now! 

There's a set of blue and green patchwork ready for hand-quilting. Yes! I am making a spring patchwork coat for Maggie!  Oh, I really can't wait to get that going tonight! 

If you have not heard. Elnora and her friends have been hosting the #scrappylobcabinQAL over Instagram. There are already so many lovely photos and lovely quilts put together! It really take no time to make one! I have my stripes cut into 1.25", so I could have smallish blocks.  This is such a nice side project for me while I am working on the birthday quilt. 

Until then I will be working on the spring coat and little bit more chat next time! Something that I have been wanting to write for so long! 


update: I just wanted to wave to the fellow new readers from Taiwan! Hello! 台灣的朋友你們好! 我是台灣,台南人! :) 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Slowly Simplify

Hello! Hello! heLLo! hEllo! Happy New Year, Friends!

There will never a "best" time to return to this space! It took me awhile to publish this post. Last few days, I have been typed a few lines then I clicked delete.. then repeat... repeat.  It might be post that will disappoint you, but I think it is time to do so.

Around here-
We are still organizing around here! Good news is that all the boxes have been unopened and organized! We ended up recycled many papers and little projects collected over the years! I ordered boxes and sorted by the year. There's a new folder called Dear Mom! It is the folder that collected all the letters from S and you bet, all the letter started with Dear MOM! We laughed together as we read all the letters together! Oh, you probably have not idea how many troubles S had when she was a little one!

Good time-
I quiet so proud of myself as I went through all the boxes in the sewing studio; organized all the trims ( total of 3 boxes}, pins (total of 8 boxes), patterns (two repeated), separated craft supplies and sewing supplies! We moved most all the craft supplies downstair, so it would be easier to access to. The New Year time was busy; cooking, reading, watercoloring, lettering, chatting, and laughing! S and I both agreed and miss our "work room" space that we have had for years! A space where we used to craft, chat, snack, laugh, or just being slight together. We decided to find a bigger table and recreate the "work room" space in our dinning room this summer! Well, we are thinking about this {table} or this {table}. If any of you have it. I'd love to learn how you like or dislike it.

Fabric talk-
Talking about fabric! The stash is pretty messy now as I have started working on S' 11th birthday quilt; they are everywhere! The plan is reorganize the stash after finish the quilt, but I know it will always  stay clutter as I pull them out! It is always nice to discover a print that I've been saved for years and finally able to cut a piece out ( I always worry that I would run out, do you?). Oh, I think it is time to buy prints rather than the full fabric line! I always have hard time to cut through the full bundle of fabrics. Do you?

Winter days-
Between now and then we have done some winter drives to visit our friends that lived out in the countryside. We've discovered some nice neighborhoods and historical houses during our drives. Have you noticed the daylight is getting longer these days? The PEFECT sunset time is 5:05 5:12p.m. Last two three Fridays, on our way to music lesson I purposely drive slowly, so we could watch the sun sets on the horizon line! I have to say the best sunset time of the year is closed to the end of January. It is warm and fuzzy and quiet lovely actually!

Back at it-
The kitchen oven and stove are often on this winter season! I have been back to the bread making business! Six months after moved in our new home, I found the oven is nice and trust worthy on the temperature setting now.  We made a batch of cheese bread sticks and used the leftovers batter for simple braiding bread.  I devoured a whole braid bread while waiting the soup that night! Butter, is the key ingredient!

Birthday Quilt-
The process of the birthday quilt is So so so so Slow! The squares are cut into 2.5"x2.5". According to the calculator I only need 2304 pieces of 2.5"x2.5" and 64 sets of 36 patchwork.  After all the math and the actual process, I came up with a new plan for the backing. Of course, I have already ordered all the backing fabric during the holiday time. The backing will be quiet fancy unlike the last one; simple! I can't wait to show you the complete quilt when I have it ready! This is probably the most difficult quilt to put together so far as we are going through lots changes around here. I keep cheer myself up and hope I could have the quilt top ready on time!  Oh, the longer daylight will help as well!

January always seems so slow and long! However, this year has been going faster for us! After all the holiday rushes we always look forward a slower month to recap and just slow down! This year we started to journal on our planners, making simple notes on the daily events. A word to describe the day or a simple drawing to free up the lines on the pages!  We have missed receiving hand-writing letters in the mailbox.  A serious hand-writing letters is going on! We've mailed out many snail mails  since New Year and more to write and post! Oh, we hope to surprise some of our friends and families this year!

Winter Pause- 
This winter pause has been wonderful! So many accomplishments around here, not just organizing all the belongs. I also completed a few custom quilts and little bit of this and that sewings! S has been preparing her music festival that's coming up very soon! We've been listening the Concertro No.2 over and over together! Then we played some Jazz music then back to Conertro No. 2 again. There are times are hard to keep the little hands going as there are more music measure to polish up and room to grow. It is harder now as the music pieces are longer and challenger! It seems like after all that challenge stages everything will fall together again! I often see S gains great confidences and mature from all the experiences and struggles. We've talked about a little celebration after all the musical month that's coming up and yes, the birthday celebration as well! She has already received a birthday package and waiting nicely for the big day to arrive!

This is the first post in 2015 and the last post for quarter inch mark life style sharing post! It has been in my mind for quite a while about sharing this journey of ours with you. I truly {thank you} come here and followed us throughout the years. Taking your time to read about S and I's journey and cheering us up in many manners. As you know, each blogger shares their post within their comfort zone and I am not an exception. It is hard to make this decision, but it is time!  I hope you don't mind to let S stay behind this space. Our journey will carry on, but will keep in private for now on! I'll continue blogging and sharing all the sewing fun, patchworking, fabric loves, and of course tutorials with you! I will be using a lot more I, me, mine, my and less we, us, and ours. I hope you don't mind this decision! I surely will miss having S around here at the blog, but I think she would appreciate so much having the privacy!

Maybe you didn't get a chance to recheck on the {last post}. I have updated the half triangle quilt information awhile back. This is the update:  Many of you have asked about the {half triangle quilt}. As I mentioned in the post that the pattern is found from Patchwork Tsushin, a Japanese quilting magazine that I subscribed last year. The pattern was found in the June, 2014 issue. page 63. Due to the legal copy-right issue. I cannot share the pattern in this space ( Sorry, but it is illegal take someone's work and claimed as mine). I did work on my own measurement for the quilt blocks.  Thank you for understanding~

Have a great weekending