Saturday, June 29, 2013


 {floor at home}


 {Lucky was smiling}

Yesterday we discovered the planted pots have some sprouts on the wheat and pea. It was really excited to see them, live! S began to document their growth and snap images with camera. She does hope to find some larger containers, so she could finish the rest of seed package from grandpa.

This morning was even better, all four pots have some sprouts. Oh yes, even the corns and unknown seeds. We think the unknown seeds might be the flowers, but we still not so sure! It is still a bit of mystery. 

Mornings are so very fun here! The wake up call continues each day; wiggle tail and paws allover S' hands and faces. Didn't forget the morning kisses as well. We think Lucky thinks that's his job now!  The companion moments of reading time and music time are fun to capture from the lenses that I carry. Surely new moments and memories will be collect as we go. I have decided to update my files and documents on an external hard drive for now, since there are few sites have been not available to search from here.

The really dangerous and crazy events that we've taken were shopping at the stationary stores and local food stands. I found some fun washi tapes and S was wowing the supplies in the store!  We have been thankful for the fresh and seasonal food/fruit all week long. Would you like to see some local food we have?  I would love share some local food stands photos with you as we visit/ try.

S started swimming lesson again. It has been a better take this time! I think her body is much prepared for the water and she has gained some body strength over the year. While she is in lesson, I stay in the waiting room and started some quilt block drawing. It is good to be back to the mind of quilting and feel settle.

Weekending is a little bit busier when everyone is at home. S is busy hanging with cousins and Lucky. I am busy getting the room tidy and some sisterhood chat.  Weekending at {1/4" mark home} is back!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Random: In Progress

S decided to use small planting pots for her seeds. We rode on the scooter together in the rain to the store. It was a bit fun to ride in the rain, but we all got soaked wet when we got home. She loves the speed in the scooter, oh don't get me wrong. I am a slow rider after a scooter accident many years ago.  We jump right in the planting  project together. I am a little nervous these seeds might not grow as they were sat in the package for unknown time. S planted wheat, corn { in the pot?}, peas, and unknown seeds. She started a growth chart and did a little survey on which seed would grow out first. What is your guess? Mine were wheat and pea. I'd love to add some herbs in to our baloney garden; rosemary, basil, and chives.

After weeks of checking and shopping. We finally found a new piano for S. It is similar to the one we have had. When the delivery people came, S' face was just lighten up like a mini light bulb.  She was waiting nicely while they assemble the stand. She was quietly checking on the manual. She was really just smile when I saw her face;  putting the earphone on herself; adjusting the fits...   She played her music for the first time after a month since we moved { oh dear.. we have moved a month as of today in states}.  The fingers are finding their patterns and finding their memories. I knew, she was more than the word "happy" to describe having a piano again. The challenge is we still not able to find a fit teacher, but we will keep checking the possibilities.

As you see,  the quilted piano cover moved with us. It was made the first year we moved to ND. It is a little bit wear out, the lines were a bit off, but it has been part of S' music memories. I thought it would give S some home alike setting when we found a piano again.  It fits the new piano perfectly. We do need to find a small stool for her feet. The piano is placed in the room where we are staying. If you picture a studio home that's how the room we stay is alike, a place to sleep, a place to work, a place to read, a place to spend some fun time together... It has been an over the moon day for S, so does her mama.

The new sewing machine is being purchased and it will be ship sometime this or next week. It is a Brother machine. The features are rather simple and thought that's all I need for now.  It will allow to sew straight line, zippers, buttonholes, etc. I am really looking forward the machine to come and I could give it a drive. It is my time to wait quietly till the machine arrive! till then, I am playing fabric for next project.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Random: Rainy day

 { Bridal Bouquet}

The light is dim, the air is cool, and the sky is gray. We love rainy day..  This morning, the Bridal Bouquet is finally done and S is working her on planting project. Sorting the seeds is the first step then onto finding planting containers.

cheers to rainy day

Random: Sew together

Last late night, the rain came rather quick and harsh. It rained all night long and was pouring so hard early this morning. The thunders came so quick and loud. S was shivering and calling mama.. mama.. It must be a bit of frighten as she hasn't experienced the real summer rainy season here.  Boy, didn't the rain cool of the temperature! We both loved the rain, but not the thunders.

Each day, we approach our new lifestyle a bit differently. We are giving it a little extra time to adjust everything, but we both anxious to work together again. The new table we shared is half of the working table that we had before and little small, but that bring us closer. Now we sit side by side, so I could over look S' writing and help her with her study. Yes, we began our homeschooling last week; little by little.  No heavy study, but we are getting to know each other's study habits. So far, this little team is doing well! Only, we'd love to expended subjects out a little more.  Dad has gotten some seeds and fresh soil for us, but we needed to find some containers to start our little garden. It might be interest to grow veggies in a narrow balcony? well, let's hope something will grow!

I started the English Paper Piecing {EPP} last week, but didn't finish it right away. Our weekending is still full of busy visiting with relatives and getting supplies ready.  The EPP is called {Bridal Bouquet}. It is such nice and fun block to work with. It is finished at 10"x10"! Really big! I'd love it in 7" or smaller. It would be perfect for some small zakka projects! I plan to transfer into a small wall hanging.

How I wish to show your some Flea Market photos, but it is not allowed! I couldn't snap photos when I went. This past weekending, we did check out a Singer sewing machine, but it only comes with straight foot, so I told dad I decided to look for a new machine instead. I have found an online seller for the sewing machine, but waiting for the reply. Finger crossed for some good lucks!

Thank you for all your sweet comments on the {last post}. I forgot to invited you to share  if you have any amazing meet up with your sewing fellows? I'd love to hear about them and love you share with us. 

My slightly bad news is that the laptop has been looked up by the computer engineer. The hard drive is no longer able to retrieve the files and photos. Sadly, I lose all the years in ND photos, important design documents, PDF files that I've purchased, so on... The only place that I can look up our years in ND would be in this blog. Now, I thankful this blog, so we have kept some good photos. I'd love to print out some photos from this blog, does anyone of you have print photos from your blog? I'd love to know or any online storage for digital files and photos.


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer 2013: Quliters' Friendships

:: { James Town, North Dakota}::

 { Such lovely and sweet quilt}


 { over hundred different prints in this special quilt}

{such cozy and sweet quilt arrangement}

 {Elnora's hand & my hand} 

 ::{ Nippori, Japan}::

 { White Cloud, the Buffalo from N.D. }

 {Ayumi, on the left; me, on the right}

 { Same quilt, but different location}

{ Finally arrived}

Allow me to share very special friendships and story with you. You might want to brew a cup of tea, get a few some sweets ,  just rest and hope you'll enjoy this post as much as I write it.

The virtual quilting community is so very special to many of us. Over the years, I have "met" so many of amazing quilters, sewers, and crafters.  These friends are generous, kind, encouraging and so sweet. I can't find better words to write about the friendships that you have extended, truly touched and special.

Over the year, I have loved to read your emails, comments and interacting with you via {Flickr}and at {1/4" mark}. Slowly some of you have shared a bit of your personal life stories with me { and thank you for the countability} and a little more about different life experiences that you and I encountered. I love get to know you personally and share a bit this and that with you!  Oh, yes not all the life experiences are great and sometimes, life is a little upside down and under our control. I confess there are much more to learn and take time to make pauses if we need to. Many of your wise suggestions and encouraging words have helped me in many ways. It is beyond what I could ask for!! 

My very dear friend, {Elnora}  and I met via Flickr. She is so sweet and talented! Beyond sweet, let's say! She is always so sweet and her emails are always encouraging and helpful with my problems and questions. Along with her many years oversea experiences that made me feel so closed to her when we first started "talking".  As you know,  many times in this blog I have mentioned Elnora is like a sweetest aunt whom spoils S like no one.  We have exchanged  many emails time to time, but never text or talk on the phone. Later on, we exchanged phone number and I text her to ask for help on the trouble airline tickets. She was so helpful and made phone calls for me to ask her friends for more helps. Then we finally have our first chat on the phone... oh boy.. was I not nervous?! My tongue was twisting... oh dear... it was so nice to hear her's voice, so soft and sweet and it is REAL! We talked so much! Fabric, sewing, and the trouble with the airline and much more...

Between our exchanged emails I knew she was making a baby quilt for our dear mutual friend, { Ayumi, Pink Penguin}. Each time, in our exchanged email she shared a few snap photos of the baby quilt that she was working on.  I love her perfect fussy cuts for this quilt. Each fussy cut is thought out and Elnora takes her time to process each of her handmade project. Later on,  I mentioned that I will be in Japan and have arranged a meet up with Ayumi and I would love and happy to hand deliver her quilt to Ayumi. We have had few arrangements about her sending the quilt to my N.D. address, but when she mentioned she will be visiting her relatives in N.D. in May around the time that we were moving. It took a few days for me to make sure we could drive down to meet up with her.

Since it was the last week of S' schooling and I've checked with her teacher with the academic activities that day. I decided to withdraw S at noon from school and we drove down to meet up with Elnora. There was so much rainy days before she came and I was so worry about the weather! The drive to James Town was perfect and smooth after so much rain. It was like a filed trip that S and I taken together. We've never been to any other cities in N.D. other than the city we lived and Fargo where we occasionally go shopping for some authentic Asian food. 

S was wowing over the greatest Buffalo Monument on top of the hill in James Town. She was glad to see the olden days' post office, barber shop, fire station, etc. When Elnora and we met up, she gave me a big and warm hug and so did S! Our time together was so fun! We went to the Buffalo museum, so S could visit the Buffalo and read about the histories. 

After we left the Buffalo Museum, Elnora show us the baby quilt that she made for Ayumi! All these snap photos that she sent to me are puzzled together in real life. There's a lot of fabric stories between her and Ayumi that they shared. Elnora went through some of the fabric stories with me, so very touched friendship.  I love the fussy cut of {A} for Ayumi.  There are so many special prints that cut with special effort to make this baby quilt warm and cozy!  Not sure if my words have used properly for the touched feeling that I have.  We spent a very sweet, special and just fun afternoon together. I think if we both got sewing machine by us that would be even better! Some tea, homemade cookies, laughs, fabric talks, maybe even fabric shopping somewhere?.. Next time, shall we?  How we wish our visit could be longer, but the drive home is a little bit long.  S and I depart the city and return to our home.

On our way home, S napped and while sitting on the driver seat I slowly recall the moments that I just had and the meet up with my very first virtual sewing friend in real life and the super special friendship mission to Japan that I committed. ... oh.. we didn't tell Ayumi! This was a top secrete!! Even I had emailed Ayumi with our departure date before our internet disconnected. I was as quiet as I can be! 

When we arrived home, the first thing I did was set the quilt on top of the suitcase. The next morning,  I rearranged the suitcase and it fitted perfectly.  When we checked in our luggage at the airport, I was so worry!! Felt so worry,  what if the suitcase got lost in the transition, maybe I should have carry it with me.Thank goodness everything went well! Even 3 out of 4 luggage have been opened by the security. Everything that I set inside of the suitcase was there! I bet they were wondering why so many fabrics, books, and sewing tools in each luggage.  When we arrived our hotel room the first thing I asked S was help me to get the suitcase open. I checked once, twice, and just wanted to make sure the quilt is in the original condition. It might sound a bit crazy, but it is a super precious quilt that I carried with and I was trusted by a very dear friend to bring another friend a very warm and personal present.

Meeting Ayumi in real life is so special and almost so unreal to me. As many of you already know that she is expecting and the date is coming so soon! We arranged a meet up in the Tomato Fabric Store awhile back. She looks perfect as a mama to be. She is so comfortable to be with just like what she expresses herself and her works in her blog.  I feel I am  alike a big fan meeting the super star; I was so so nervous I must confess!!  We went for lunch in the local restaurant and had great visit about our trip in Japan and our move in the states! She shared some of her process while she was writing her book { Patchwork, please}. It is a great and such lovely book with lots fantastic projects and of course, I love her fabric arrangement as always.

Later on we went to a coffee shop where we could sit and visit. I thought that would be a perfect timing to present the quilt that I brought for her.   Finally, I could let the cat out of the bag. I am good at keep secrete, but it is hard sometimes. I am so anxious to hand the baby quilt to Ayumi  and so anxious to write back to Elnora that the quilt has been safely delivered. The excitements I have had.. oh dear.. am I too chatty about this?

When I handed the quilt to Ayumi, she was so surprised and unexpected with this baby quilt that Elnora made her. Oh dear, she shared with me that she had no idea that Elnora was making this baby quilt for her. She was so wordless of some moments. I quietly waited for her to look through each block and fabric prints. We together looked through the fussy cuts and cute prints. S and I told her some prints that we learned from Elnora. Ayumi shared that she have seen some of the images from Elnora, but she didn't know that it is for her.

There were joy tears from her and I knew that the quilt and friendships have deeply touched her soul and heart. I am so glad my small act made this quilt and friendship extra special. We look and look at the quilt and we chat more about the quilt and talk about the friendship. 

Thank you, Elnora, for trusting me to hand deliver your special quilt that you made for Ayumi. I am so honored to be part of this friendship and surprise!! {Oh.. I love your extra large zippers bag that you store the quilt}. Best of best, I could match your face and voice when I read your email.. :)

It has been a so fantastic trips that we have taken and met ups that we made with our special friends. Thank you, Ayumi for travel to meet up with us. Oh boy, I did worry about you.. I forgot how I was when I had S in me and I was slightly nervous for you~ Wish you all my best of best~

Let the journey continues...


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Random: this and that

 { follow the tradition}

 {Writing letter to dear friends}

 { my new fabric space}

 {A bit colors in the room}

 { Lucky, the pup}

 { wake up, S}

 { I think you need to wake up and play with me}

 {She insisted to bring her I {heart} reading books shirt when we packed}

 { New start}

 { Limited fabric stashes}

 { But it works}

{ no room to set the boxes}

Tomorrow, I hope to find a big jar in the market, so I can start making sun-tea and add lots ice in the glass. I totally forgot about brewing sun-tea during the summer season.  We are steady making our transition and settlements here. I'd say 75% of all is in good condition, but it is so very slow. My sister has been a greatest listener for all the concerns I have. I keep breathing slowly to take one step a day. At least for now, all the insurance paperwork and schooling document are done.

It has been an ongoing adjusting process on the new lifestyle, but we are loving families around us. Lucky, the pup is busy everyday. His job after his breakfast is wake up S. The sniffle nose and the little paw on S' arm is super gentle. They always play a little on S' sleeping mat { it needs a new cover}. He waited his friend to wake up and brush up. He waited outside the room and waited his name being call. LUCKY, boy... come here!! Let's GO!  These moments are so sweet and I am sure S is taking these moments in her heart deeply.

It feels so strange looking through my stashes today. The stashes are limited, but I knew they will be just perfectly fine till I return to the bigger stashes. I have wish some of prints that I should have brought with, but I shall be fine! Yes, I miss sewing. S misses my sewing sound that came from our sewing room. We do have a tiny weeny bit of homesick. Each night, before we gone to bed. We share our day. We named three things that we have loved and three things that could have improved. It has been great to listen to her thoughts and heart in an heart to heart talk. Just us!

The play fabric time was great! I will take time to work on the first sewing project. Don't think that I will stop from now! I am on!! 

The southern light is a bit dim.. hope to find the better place for taking photos..