Saturday, February 22, 2020

February Note

It is a rare Saturday afternoon that I am sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea and few grocery on top of the dinning table. Laundry is done and the sun is shinning into the apartment. It feels accomplished and relax!  The weather is starting get warmer and spring is probably around the corner.

It will be four years this June since we moved to the city. It is so unreal to think about how the time has gone by and how big my girl has became. We were pretty uncertain about the big cross half county move in 2016. There were lots plans that got switched and unplanned, but we stay put and stick to what our original plan was, stay together as a family. I think all has turn around and things are coming together and we are thankful!

A year ago, we have started look for something more permanent, something that we can stay on and feel more content. But it didn't really all happen like in the next day! We gave up house hunting a few times as we didn't really know if we want to invest a place in N.Y.. But there are so many ups and downs that we went through with the landlord last hour years. We went back to more talks and discussions about finding a place again. A few weeks ago, we have finally found a real nice house for us.  The house is just perfect size! It has a nice deck in the back yard, a nice updated kitchen and a finished basement for us.

I can't tell you how emotional I have had on the day we signed the buyer contract. I have started to plan on lots of things ever since. You will probably laugh at me for the most exciting list that I have is getting a washer and a dryer. As many you know that we bough a portable washer since we moved to the city. On the weekends, I would connect the washer in the kitchen sink and doing my laundry. It takes a good few hours for washing a week worth of clothes, but most trouble is there is no dryer to dry up. In the summer, things get dry up fair quick, but winter days takes up a good 4-5 days. Especially some clothes actually don't get full dry. We are all so look forward the laundry improvement at the new house. 

Second exciting news is probably; I will be able to have a room for real studio space. I will be able to spend quality time there sew, write, and draw! I can't wait to hang all the mini quilts on the walls and getting some nice storage space. I really have not be able to sew or stay in the studio last few months. The weekends were spent on house hunting and last few weekends have been window shopping for lists that we'll need when we move into the new house.

We are also looking forward the spring and summer for the gardening plants. We have a short list for growing vegetables and fruits. We really don't know what we should first start with, but strawberry, tomatoes and cucumber seems fair easy to grow since I have done so before. I have been saving photos and watching videos for how to build a raised bed for vegetable gardening . We like to do fruit trees as well, but we shall slow down and wait and see how the back yard does this summer. I am anxious for the future weekend mornings that I will be sipping my coffee from the deck and watch my veggie gardens and I though we'll do a bird house too.

There will be a lot of sewing job for the new house. There are  curtains need to be make, hot pot holders and dishtowels. I am looking forward making meals in the bright and lovely window kitchen and a place we can all enjoy time together.

I have been slowly packing the kitchen dishes away. Some fabric boxes have been sealed. I will get on to the books packing soon.  S is also slowly putting away her posters and bits and bobs that she has as well. We are all lazy and relax about about this for no reason!

The new house is about 18 miles away from where we are now. We have few large furnitures to move in; other than that are pretty much what we moved from Iowa four years ago.  We are waiting for a closing date and final walk through time. 

Meanwhile, I will be away for some time, again! Our life is full of events and motivations and challenges, but I am loving how we can work on all these together! We will be sore from the move and will take some time to settle in the new house. I'll be driving to work which I am self talking about this idea daily. I knew how struggled I am about driving in the city, but I knew I can do it! I probably just need have extra courage and be brave! I will be ok!

Thank you for everything!