Friday, December 23, 2011

Sound of Music

This week I finished two quilts! It was a little huslted when I was trying to finish them before this Tuesday. One of the quilt was bound off on Tuesday Morning. You probably didn't know that I had to run so many errands on the same day.  It has been crazy, but good feelings! 

There are many friendly people we have met and helped us out! There are people we stay in contact and truly build up the friendship with us. I can't image without these friendship how our life would have been! S has been with three piano teachers thus far! We are having an amazing and very talented piano teacher now! It is amazing how much time  that she spends with S and challenging her as much as she could! She is also the kind of teacher hope their students {make music}! I waited a VERY long time to ask her what she is having! I was very shy to ask if she is expecting until her belly is out enough that I could ask.  Then I found out she is having a baby girl a week ago when we went out and had coffee. Since we both teach in the university we have many common talks about classes and how do we handle different student situations. She is awesome! Since it was the final week, I couldn't do much about making the quilts! I waited finished my own finals then started this quilt!

The  ticker tape quilt  is {awesome}! Thanks to {Amanda Jean's }fabulous tutorial. I was able to finished it on the same night! The quilt finished in a fat quarter size! I am saving the other fqt. for S. While I was making she kept telling me how fun and pretty it is! I knew that means { mommy can you make one for KIKI}. I am sure I will make staying up and making another one before Sunday Morning comes.

 the drum was less than 1" wide. 

 Mr. solider was being saved!  The smaller piece was less than 1" ! I have so many {little. tiny. bitty} scraps being saved!

The ticker tape quilts goes to {Goldie}. It is a little retriever that S picked out to go with the quilt. I though it is very cute and fun! I am sure the little Goldie will enjoy her own quilt very much!

The baby quilt top original looks like above. Used lots scraps and patchwork look; very simple. The quilt top was on the sewing room wall for a few days, but I wasn't able to convince myself this  a quilt top! I kept thinking, there is something missing! few days later..

I knew I wanted something musical, but in a modern way look. While S was writing her music that I came up with the ideas of simply {staff}.

The gray lines are symbolic of the {staff} in music. I was able to find some gray in my stashes and it really turns out nice! I love love how each print coordinated each other.

The bottom squares are measured 2"x2". They are symbolic of the notes from the music. I think I made extra one! {C.D.E.F.G.A.B.}

I really felt in love with the simple color quilt lately! It is amazing how they actually stands out on its own more. The pink binding just help out the quilt a lot!

Both quilts and Goldie are in a new home now and I know they will be treasured and put in good use! This is one of the gift that needed time attention to work on! I am pleased with the quilts and more so the process of making the quilts!

Lately, I have been in love of making baby quilts. Today I just heard from a friend that they are expecting a baby next year! um.. I am already planning in my head about this quilt! It will be another surprise gift again. Making baby quilts allow me to treasure and celebrate the new life  is/ will arrive and I am happy for my friends! Appreciate friends who extended their good friendships!



  1. The symbolism of the stave and the notes in the music quilt is a lovely idea

  2. the sound of music is the perfect title for this post!
    two quilts in a week, wow! you are fast Chase!!
    love the neutral tones and those little elephants!

    the ticker tape is perfect to use scraps, I have to try it!


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