Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blog Hop: Good Neighbors Pincushion Party

{image from crazy mom quilts}

Welcome to the Good Neighbors Pincushion party, a blog hop for Amanda Jean Nyberg of {Crazy Mom Quilts}.  Did you know that Amanda's blog was the very first quilting blog I discovered way back to 2007?  I love reading her process of making quilts and so admire her using scraps to make quilts, pincushions, and bags. There are so many awesome ideas that she shares in her blog and tutorials on how to make quilts. Amanda shares great tips as well! I learned so much over the year from her! 

I am so honored to get invited to join this pincushion blog hop! It was a nervous racking to start with {I was visiting my family while the innovation arrived my inbox and was so afraid that I won't make it}! The charm pack was sitting in the mailbox when I returned. Oh, I played the fabric in colors and patterns for a few days before decided to go with the simple patchwork style. I want to show you how well these designs and color work together, so keep the simple patchwork style is what I was after.   I also love how well these colors represent in person! The fabric designs on each print is so charm and well though out! This fabric line is 100% in quilting weight and great for hand-quilting as well. 

So, I couldn't resist making just one when I started making. There are so many possibility for this fabric collection.  I added my signature hand-quilting to the pincushion and that added some hand touched texture to it! They really turned out so sweet! 

The fabric collection, {Good Neighbors} is excessively by {Connecting Thread} and I truly hope you enjoy this party! There are more pincushion party to visit...   { please scroll all the way down}

Amanda Jean 
Melissa Corry

Would you like to play with {Good Neighbors}? The Connecting thread is offering a charm pack for the blog-hop reader. Simply leave a comment in this post, U.S. & Canada only at this moment. The giveaway ends on October 1st. 2:00p.m. Central time

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The winner goes to Katherine who wrote--
Sweet patchwork pincushions, Chase! I love how the simple design lets those fabrics shine and your hand stitching is the perfect compliment and finishing touch. I can see why you couldn't resist making more than one (and I'm so glad you made multiples! :o)
Thanks so much for sharing!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hello! It's autumn season...

{Asian Pears: gifts from my dear friend}

{w.i.p. : farmer's wife sample from 1920. 
Total of 66 blocks finish and just need another 30 plus to finish. 
I can do this right?}

{decision, decision, decision...} 

{adding up basic prints}

{Actually the bread, didn't rise up as it described from the book?
 still not sure what did I forget to add or miss, but tasted so good} 

 { Best bread, ever}

 {my small world quilt}

 {You've guessed right! Its DONE} 

With some cool air coming in last few weeks; the oven has been quiet busy for all the treats and bread making.  Don't let me trick you. It was the banana bread batter in that fancy cake molding I got it from Julie for my birthday one year and have used it once before then it has been stored away for years { It is a super heavy baking pan}. The mini banana breads are are all gone by now! For some reason, it tastes better than when it was baked off as a loaf?! I know that did sound crazy with all the same ingredients and temperature in the oven.  I must said it is perfect size for an afternoon snack and when cut around the ring, it was just a nice mouth bite size!

S' quilt is done! { Yes, you just hear my cheers???} The binding was attached on yesterday afternoon then hand-bound off last night! It was a perfect night for hand-binding. The air was cool and I was under the quilt all night. I have lots thinking moments while I was binding the quilt and big relieved after its all done! It was after 12 a.m. when I looked up the clock; it was late, but worth every single bit of effort to accomplished it! The other room was quiet by the time when I finished the quilt, so I quietly fold up the quilt and went downstair get a drink of water.  I'll be hand-writing a birthday letter, as I have done every single year and photograph the quilt then put in the room for the special birthday girl.

The quilting part is such a challenging, since it is a big big big big big BIG BIG quilt for a small sewing throat. It took two days for finish quilting part and used 7 fully winded bobbins. Total of 3 thread breaking down, and zero needle break up.

I feel like making my way catch up all the projects that I am behind and trying so hard to avoid starting any new ones, but I have to add one baby quilt. The fabrics have pull out and it will be a simple nine-patch quilt. I am thinking a roughly 35"x35" for the baby then will hand-quilt it. For some reason, I like to make baby quilt in around 50"x50", but it is actually too big to use!  But, I do love to see them dragging the quilt when they turn into toddler stage.

My also have join the Farmer's wife 1930 quilt along. Oh, yes! It is hosed by Kerry aka {verykerryberry}. You can read all it {here}. I have not start the block making as I am having a bit of dilemma with fabric choices here! I think something sweet and floral? or something pink and gray? um.. {just not sure}. I really would like to make this sampler quilt different from the 1920's and maybe this is making the fabric choices a bit challenging...

The week goes by so quick now! My sewing time is limited due to new changes of the new school year and lots drives on the freeway! It seems like finding that weekly pattern and organizing everything for myself is the key.

Oh and that freeway driving! I'd say a piece of cake now! { giggled}


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

On the other hand...

Over this weekend, I used up 14 yards of fabric for two quilt backings!  One is closed to a queen and the other one is a large full size quilt. I had lots great time making backing this time. S' quilt is basted with hundreds of safety pins and will be put on the machine soon. I will get so impatient by the time I am half way through the machine quilting, but I know if I hold on the speed and timing it will be a good one! And you know what? The cat was out of bag for this semi-secrete; the quilt! S is loving every bit of it, but still patiently waiting it to be done! I so forward this annually accomplishment of mine! Feel quiet special about this one of a kind gift!

While I am so ready for everything bit of this gift... I have a little incident on my right eye yesterday morning. It is not just pink, but still RED!  It stinks and a bit of sort as I blink...

Allow me to keep this post short and sweet... as I had promise to come back soon.