Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random: Sometimes!

{Sometimes} when I have spare time in the afternoon before pick up S from school. I would drive myself to the local thrift stores. {Sometimes} I don't really have things to look, but { sometimes} I might have something that I hope that I can find such as the cups. Last week, when I was in  one of the store I found this 2 and 3/4 yards hand-stitched cross stitch piece. It was marked at $2.97. I knew I have to save it right away! I am not big fan of the center eagle, but for all the labor work that someone put into: it is being appreciated from my heart and I {wow} in the store when I unfolded the piece.   I plan on make it into a quilt and treasure it. {Sometimes} I feel such a lucky person that I get to save someone else work and honor all their good work. Whoever made this {thank. you.}.  It has total of four panels and I plan to machine stitch the seams, so they are secure before put it into a quilt! 

I am feeling {merry} as the holiday is getting closer! yes! I am still in my studio and being productive! S will be having a break from her music lessons and I will have a break from the drive! Lucky us, we haven't had any snow that stay on the ground, but wish some snow for the Christmas!  Do you have { sometimes} days in your side of the world??



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