Friday, May 16, 2014

Sew the week

S and I had a very lovely Mother's Day weekend. We had movie and pizza all weekending long. She made me a little card from fabric pieces and bought a mango from her field trip for me. We devoured the mango this Tuesday night and it was really sweet and tasty!

You won't believe that I have a new nick name, that is "everywhere". This week, I didn't get as much much time as I would like in the studio, but I am fulfilled with all the this and that running this week.

was pouring early in the morning. Then it rain all day long! I ran and got all the household supplies after dropped S off school . On the way to the store, I saw an older gentleman setting up a small table by the gas station. As the traffic going so quick I didn't get the chance to read the sign. Then on my way back, I purposely drove slow and read the sign "Asparagus". After quick read of the sign, I was stop in the traffic light then I turn left after green light. I pulled the car by the gentleman's car and asked him how much he is selling for a pound of asparagus. I asked him that I would like to get a pound. Then he started a very easy going conversation with me. I asked him if he has an umbrella to cover himself up. He replied,  "I gotta sale my asparagus, so I can go home!"  Then I smiled back at him!  We had really nice asparagus that night!  S loved how tender they tasted.

was so cold! I might had 3 plus cup of tea in the morning then two more cups in the afternoon. For the small production line for the sale. I made three i-pad cases, but it took me too long to decided what cover style to add on to the case. There were two styles I had in mind, but I went with a larger cover instead. Then the kitty pouch is for Fifi. You know, we have been preparing her birthday that's coming in less than 2 months. Next week, I'll be quilting her quilt in the long arm machine. Hope by next week, I could have some fun quilting pattern to go in the quilt. Then of course, a little hand-quilting in process..

was so nice! The weather warmed up and I went to visit a friend in town. We took a long walk together around the town. The spring morning walk is so nice! We visited while we walk. After saying goodbye to my friend, quickly I went to track meet to watch S' relay run. My goodness, that girl can really run! She was so proud to be part of the 200m dash. I clapped through the whole time she was running. She was running for the honor and running for her term. Yeah, I am a such proud mama!

for the second I though we were back in the winter again. The house was so cold! After taking care of the orders then I sat in the studio; had both hoods up in my head. I had wish to sew, but just never felt hands got warm up. I left the house and went to the library. I worked on the week six's pack patch quilt along themes from there and did some computer works. Then I had to Skype Fifi to tell her all my week has been. Lucky was so tired and didn't even bother to come to the sound. It was midnight in Taiwan.

still cold today! I am dressed layers and feel like early November this morning when dropped S off school. I made the everyday stop to get coffee and dropped of the pouches for Monday's sale.  Waited in post office line to mail out the orders. Completed the pack patch blocks for week six and sort through some fabric stashes, press the new scrappy blocks seams open, thinking a new blog head is need soon, working on a few small sewing, packing up few more items.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sew Organized!

There is another Spring storm coming through as I type and we slept through the one earlier this morning.  The sky is gray and photos are having more gray scale than the clear days. I shall brew a cup of tea for this afternoon and sew.  Oh, dear!  We have been organizing and cleaning here! I have brought some of our winter clothes back to storage and brought fabric stashes back to the country house where my friend generously offer to keep them in safe.  

Then yesterday was a perfect day to go through all the fabric less than fat quarters and have them organized. Then I found some prints that's less than 10" and pull them aside.  I think aloud in my head, I must like them so much. These fabric are so fresh in colors and I particular love the green print on the top left corner.

There's a small production line happening this week. I have been making one piece cloth zippered pouches for a sale that's coming up in two weeks. It is actually my first try and to be honest with you that I am not sure if this is something that I'll attempt again in the future.  I heart Patchwork!  As it  excites me and allows me to work with different patterns, prints scales and colors.  However, since I haven't made one piece cloth zippered pouch for so long and it does feel fresh and new to me.  The large scale prints are perfect for this production, I must said!

Oh, the backing fabric for Fifi's quilt arrived today. Between 10 plus prints in three different online shops, I finally decided to go with candy blue and though it would great for the backing!  The colors might not be Fifi's color, but surely something out of her comfort zone! Let's say, she is going to love it and scream!  I just wish she is going to have a fabulous birthday this year! How I wish we could live closer, so I can wrap her in this quilt and possible have three of us { S, me, Fifi} holding our single girl quilt together and take million of photos!

So, I though I'd show you the mini {kin-cha-ku} that I made for the {shop}. They are the size of the a hand and super cute! It is all hand-quilted and great for small personal items.  I really love making these tiny patchwork and it gives me perfect excuse to be clutter while cutting and working in the studio.

Lately, most of the time and much of energy goes to the search of our next permanent home. We've been taking road trips to look up places. Last weekend, we though we found one, but with lots careful discussions we decided to wait a little longer. Indeed, I am disappointed, but I know it is  important to make it right rather a quick decision. There are so much to learn and so much to consider. This process has been overwhelming for me and yes, one step a day, right?

Meanwhile, I am keeping the small production running here and start something new to keep the mind busy! Oh, we are reaching quilt along week #5 this coming Friday. I have the themes ready for you! I actually changed the idea as S was discussing something special yesterday.  It would be something sweet, pinky promised! 


Friday, May 2, 2014

Studio update: Zakka Style Patchwork Needle-books

{Zakka Style Patchwork Needle-Books} have added to the {studio shop}. I am so pleased with how these needle-books turn out.  I went with more classic and darker color schemes rather than the usual bright and vibrate colors for these needle books.

The hand-quilting stitches are so nice on these books and the texture is soft. The linen tab to fasten the book is slight different from the last needle-books design.  I added addition quarter inch wider with special order of the clover design snap fastener. The lining cotton pieces are used designer fabric and the needle placement is used hight quality wool blended felt.  The needle placement space is large, so there are rooms for pins, basting needles, between needles, embroidery needles, etc.

There are also four {mini kin-cha-ku} added to the {shop}! These mini {kin-cha-ku} are nice for small items or gifting to someone.  I made one for Miss Maggie to store her toys and one for S to store her little creature toys.  Enjoy~

Thank you


Thursday, May 1, 2014


I have been absent lately. Oh, It has been busy for us! S and I have packed our books into boxes and these boxes will store back to our storage unit until we find a place to live. This search for a place to live has been hard and challenge. I cannot thank my dear friend enough for helping us look for the right place. It seems like the mind is getting confused about the area to live and place to stay. It is really exciting moment for us, but I am feeling a little anxious to settle down! My notepad is full of pros and cons about the area and the place to stay. Somewhat, I have been so concern about this move than any other move we've made in the past years! The sewing activity is slowing down this week, but each day I still make small patchwork, hand-quilting, journaling/designing, ideas for {pack patch mini quilt along} to keep the hands busy and give the mind a little break time!

The feedsack {kin-cha-ku} has arrived to receiver's hands last week! I took it with me and though I'd mailed it out from ND, but with the little time we had, I brought it back and mail out a few days later. The colors of these feedsack are so fresh and crisp from the photo and SOFT in texture! I particularly like the scale of the print/design in these feedsacks. They are great for fuzzy cuts and each print stands out on its own very well. I fancy a feedsack quilt in the future and will be just simple 9 patch or 16 patch block patchwork. Kona white might be great for the corresponding solid fabric for the feedsack quilt.

The rain has not stopped since this past weekending. So much rain and so much colder, the winter gears might need to be hang around for extra few weeks before the forecast shows "70" for a full week, fingers crossed for the good weather to come! However, I adore the greens everywhere in town and the almost tulips season will arrive soon, maybe another two weeks?! Oh, this spring is surely teasing us hard! With great 70's for a few days then high 30's throughout the week.. brr

Hot tea is always served in the raining days. Somehow it really warms up hands and body! The peach tea has been the lately favorite on the table and homemade rice crispy went so well with the tea.  We miss some good raining day baking time! I have a long list of things that I like to bake when we settle. The first on the list is Apple Pie then Lemon Blueberry Muffins then the almond cake then homemade chestmix treats... oh and the homemade bread, too!

Tomorrow is our week # 4 quilt along and I have them ready for you and will post on tomorrow once I dropped S off to school.