Friday, December 2, 2011

It's about hoilday

Growing up all I know is Moon festive and Lunar New Year that we have celebrate with families and friends and we eat special treats and get gifts. Yes, of course birthdays! I think up till I was in 2th or 3rd grade I learned about Christmas and when I was 18 I learned about Thanksgiving, which was the first time I landed in North American and began my study journey. As I get older, the Thanksgiving and Christmas sprite have established in my very own home with my child! Lately, it has been decoration making, gift making, and wish listings. It took a few weekends for me to make these lined drawstring bags. I used this tutorial it is super easy to follow, but I have modify it a little. This year, we are going echo-friendly here! No gift wrapping and no waste paper! All the handmade gifts will go into one of the Christmas drawstring bags. The print Christmas fabric are from Jo-Ann and some are over the time I collected. My favorite one is the snowman! S' favorite is the the reindeer.
My advent calendar will not be happening this year again. Hope next year??


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