Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Random: Sometimes, I do that

 { very first purl scarf}

 { very expensive yarns; i never know yarns can be so costly until I visited the yarn shop last month}

 { once started this knitting project, I wish to have a new scarf by tomorrow, but no way!} 

{ the colors are very rich and did you see.. they are in purples? } 

p.s. i am knitting........ 
p.s.s. { patchwork bucket} is great for storing yarns.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr. Rocky kin-cha-ku

{Mr. Rocky} Kin-cha-ku aka drawstring bag finished last week, but I had to run to Joann's to get the string, so I waited to share with you. All the fabric are from DS fabric, but the Mr. Rocky's print is Japanese fabric found {here}.  Do you know Denyse's new fabric for Spring 2013 will be coming very soon?  Guess who is super excited?  I didn't ask Santa for any Christmas gifts this year, so I'd be getting the new fabrics instead. 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Zippered Pouch

My sister has requested a new pencil pouch and it took me almost a year to make a new one for her. The last one I made her was the same style, but in brown. She asked for the same style, but different colors. She recently got another puppy, Coco and that added to three pups for her { one is Lucky, S' pup}. I though the poodle print is perfect fit for her. 

The zipper and lining are both hand sewn and attached to the exterior bag. It is a little tricky to sew zipper by hand. I have always basted the zipper and adjust the right position; make sure the zipper work smoothly, etc.

More zippered pouches to make... are you making zippered pouches?


Saturday, November 24, 2012


 { did you see the little S, she was 7 months old} 

 { the Christmas star that S made when she was 5.
she used the phonics and sounded Merry Christmus}

 {excuse with all the threads}

 { Holiday season is officially arrived 1/4"mark  home}

 { Christmas lights bring warmth to the North land}

 { lots toys for Santa and his elves}

 { very scrappy writing on Scrappy Quilt}

 { S' letter to Santa}

 { best mugs that I could find lately}

{ almost done}

It is a tradition to put up Christmas tree and decorate our home on the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year we decided to set everything up the next day.  Every year,  S decided on a Christmas theme and we would make Christmas ornaments together and send them to our friends and families.  There are many ornaments that she made when she was a wee tiny and I saved them in the box.  Every year, I hear her said, did I make that?  How can I spell the words wrong?  Did I ask Santa for these gifts?  yes, each year she wrote Santa a big letter and these letters have been kept. Some are really sweet! 

The Christmas lights bring lots colors in our home! It makes everything twice prettier and extra special to our home.  Under the tree there are lots toys for Santa and his elves! They like to rest and play before they take off to the next boy's and girl's home! We might needed to add a few toys this year before the he and the elves arrive.  

The scrappy quilt is done with the quilting! The binding is on and will need few extra hours to the hand binding tonight! I tried the free motion quilting on writing and I think there's a lot of room for me to improve still. It is probably annoy not able to see the whole quilt again, but I will give a full report later on. 

I have hard time say no to cute mugs; especially the Christmas mugs and our cupboard doesn't have any more room for any more mugs, but the true is these mugs are super roomy for my coffee and S' hot coco! 

It has been a great long holiday weekending at {1/4" mark home}. How's your weekending? Hope you have stuffed good food, good laugh, good sleep, good sewing, and good time!!  


Friday, November 23, 2012

Scrappy zippered pouch

Once set the oven in the right temperature and set the turkey in the oven I return back to the sewing room. The rest of side dishes were simple that could be done within an hour. It felt good that everything was under the control. S had her craft out and I was sewing..... 

Do you agree never too many zippered pouches? I used the scraps from {Mr. Rocky} and patched them together as one piece then quilted straight lines on 100% cotton batting.  I hope you are not tired of seeing scrappy patchwork. Sometimes, it is fun to just play without thinking the end of result.   We have been keeping ourselves at our cozy home as the temperature dropped down over night! Lots snow falling and the tea pot has been empty and refilled all day.

With S'  big help the scrappy quilt is basted! It will take either a great morning or afternoon to be quilted and bound! Another {w.i.p} project to be completed! It has been a great holiday break so far!

We'll see you at {weekending}

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Random: In house

 { new books to read}

 { another kinchaku bag}

{ sneak peek: for S...shhh.. don't tell her}

It has been a busy week to start with.  This morning, we left at 7:30a.m. for S' doctor appointment when we got there we couldn't find her name in the computer check in. Then I found out that the appointment is at 10:50 a.m. not 7:50a.m. Took S back to school for morning session and I am waiting the time to past, so I can pick up her up later for the appointment. Sometimes day like this happened, but not very often!   

A few books arrived yesterday!  These books have been in the amazon cart for months and weeks. The wish listing for books is very long and S just requested another 3 books.  I haven't get the chance to read the books since they arrived, but this coming weekend would be perfect weekend for book club weekend.   

Another {Kin-cha-ku aka drawstring bag} is in progress. Only needed the bias binding for the top to finish up!  As you all know when S spins herself around me a lot and keeps telling me how cute the projects are that means she REALLY likes them! I tucked away the second {Mr. Rocky} piece and will make a {Kin-cha-ku} for her. Hope this secrete would allow me to keep another 34 days {fingers crossed}.  The process for hers is slow since I can only work on it during late night or when she is in school.

Thank you for the sweet comments on the {Mr. Rocky}! Hope you get the chance to try the pattern yourself! Would love to see your work!  

Wish you have a great {Thanksgiving Holiday} if you are celebrating!  We have a big turkey and a few friends visiting! Will stuffed with lots laugh, food, and good movies! and of course... sewing! 


Monday, November 19, 2012

Paper Piecing Pattern: Mr. Rocky

Meet Mr. Rocky! He is a cute little rocking horse!! After the first mistake, I saved the files in different names, so I can have many backup! The above piecing was the first attempted after designed on the computer. After print out the sample layout, there were few places can be join as one large piece, so few more editing after the first try. 

The second pattern testing went smooth and made it even more simplify by adjusting the {blanket} on the Rocky's back.  So there are two different patterns for Mr. Rocky and you can find the download link from above linking.

A few days ago, {1/4" mark} turn a year old! It has been a great year and we have {met} many new friends!  Thank you for your visiting, sharing, and caring. It means so very much to us! { Thank you}.  Hope you enjoy the {Paper Piecing Pattern: Mr. Rocky}. If you make one, please share in {made with 1/4" mark} flickr group!

note: For some reason Google doc is not showing the preview for the pattern, but the links for download are good to go! If you have trouble download the pattern, please let me know. I'd be happy send you the file.


Saturday, November 17, 2012


 { testing the new pattern}

 { second attempt}

 { sneak peek: everything, but kitchen sink quilt}

 { E, you made her day}

 { books and fabric match well!}

{ when S prepares for tea.. She makes sure the table gets some,too}

Happy weekending from {1/4" mark home}.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Random: not really rainbow part iii

I shall finish {not really rainbow} post today! It took a few days to decided on the quilting pattern. Original idea was quilt 1/4" away from the seamallowace, but I was looking for an overall quilting look.  The simple grid lines is perfect for it.  I still wished to add purple in the rainbow scale.  It feels like something is missing from the scale. Although the brown substituted fine with other colors. 

The binding is from {Fancy Free} by DS collection for Joann's. It looks like wire wrapped around the quilt. For the backing, I used hexies piecing and made a mini rainbow. The backing fabric is from Lori Holt aka {Bee In My Bonnet}'s {Polk dot words in gray}.  Very nice print indeed!  The pin board is full... and I am itchy for another mini quilt...

The pattern piecing pattern can be find { here}
A great tutorial for this pattern can be find {here}

Link up with {crazymomquilts}


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Random: My kin-cha-ku aka {drawstring bag}

 { kin-cha-ku} aka {drawstring bag}

 { For Chase}

 {scraps turn into treasure}

 { what do you think?}

This afternoon we both agreed to turn on the jingle music. We danced and sang for a little while and S has decided to start our Christmas lists this weekend. No big list this year, but things that we like to accomplish and gifts that needed to be create. Elfing is the best part around this time of the year; everything is secrete and surprise... don't say.. don't tell...  

The Kin-Cha-KU aka {drawstring bag} is finished. It seems like a silly project that I started! We travel with drawstring bags and they are the best organizers for sorting things out. Most of the drawstring bags I have made are single fabric and with lining fabric inside. However, I was looking for a sturdy drawstring bag for traveling with sewing tools.  After piecing scrap pieces together; the tops were quilted on a 100% warm and cotton batting. The outcome is very satisfied!  Adding the wooden buttons give a classical look.  On the last photo you seen here.. I start cutting more squares for more {kin-cha-ku}.  They are first listed on the elfing list.... How long is your list? I try to keep mine short, so I can cross them out within the time framing..  

{No secrete, S' music lessons have been  my favorite time of this week}.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Random: Just like that

 { real scraps}

 { more scraps}

 { assembling}

{ a ton of hand stitching}

just like that... almost wordless day.....