Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Making a big waving...

It has been a long miss time here!    Hi and Hello {sending big hand waves}

There was a lot of traveling for us nearly this half year! The move went really well! The moving company arrived on time and we were able to get everything out from the container within 2 hours; we finished everything before 9a.m. Then unfortunately, my right hand was diagnosed with Tenoynovitis shortly after all the moving. I was not able to move or left anything then it took a few months to recovered and still painful or sore when I use lots of right hand. 

Between times, I was itching for sewing and everything{little patchwork here and there}!  I have a workroom now rather a studio; really small space. The workroom actually is the storage room in the apartment as well.  I used the half of the room for studio and the other half is stack up with still packed boxes from the move and other containers.  Since the limited space in the room I went ahead and purchased another  {Ikea Bill Book Case} So, I could have more storage space around the workroom area. There is a cutting table in the back of the sewing seat now {yay}. That has been one of my to improved for sewing area goal. Most of the cutting rulers are set on the table and it fits a large cutting mat {24"x36"). I am really pleased with extra  space on the sewing table now. 

I have been really careful with my right hand since then and really would love it to feel better.  I have slowly started a few hand appliqué projects this summer. It is quiet addict to cut all the little pieces and using needle turning every little points. I am so pleased with the little bear pouch. There are little pouches planned,  but not started yet!  

After getting settle into the new place, I took a day trip to Manhattan alone and stopped by few fabric stores. I went visit City Quilter before they closed their store and purchased few basic prints then of course M&J trimming is my favorite trimming store in the city. You will like it if you come visit the city. It does take around 2 hours for me to hop on the bus and get on subway to go into the city, but the city never gets old on me. I like walk around the streets. My favorite breakfast place is street vendors that do breakfast cart; bagels {overflow cream cheese} and just right taste of coffee.  That day I made it back before dark for sure! 

In early October, I made a quick trip to visit my family oversea. It was a such needed trip to see them and get together. The flight was so long {15.5 hours}, but it was the first time I took a direct flight there.  Ma still looks great and finally gained a little weight back and Pa looks well and slightly lost some weight. They celebrated my 38th birthday there. Ma bough me some small chocolate cakes and a cup of latte at 6 a.m. and just smiled shyly at me and I giggled!  That night, she made the traditional birthday noodle soup for me and it has been almost 20 years that I haven't had it. It felt really heart warmed and special that day! My siblings went got a fancy cheese cake from my favorite pastry shop. It felt just when we were kids they tried to sing me birthday song, but now extra members {nieces and sister-in-law} in the house for the celebration.  Of course, lots Lucky the pup time! He spent most of his time with me while everyone was out for work and jobs.  We did lots scootering around the city and we shared some local food together { mostly small bites for him}. I left home with filled confidents and heart warm this time!  

Returning to NY was already a Fall around the negiborhood trees. Fall is just nice everywhere, cooler weather and warm dishes on the table! I made an apple cake early and already devoured. It was a new cake that I tried to make. The whole cake was filled with 10 granny smith apples. The crust is quiet firm  compared to a flaky apple pie crust. It was also tasted less sweet, since the sugar requirement was much less than the cake.  I have gotten another 10 granny smith apples last week and about to make a apple pie for the Fall.  

The East Coast is so pretty around the Fall season. We visited Bear Mountain a few weeks back. It is such a nice park to be out and about! The Hudson River lays between the mountains and it is just too gorgeous! I filled the picnic basket with all the food along the trip and really love the road trip to upstate. We did ride on the Merry Go Around for the fun and spent lots walking time in the park. On the way home, I took the drive which is still scary around the highway here {smile}! 

It has been a cooler days around here finally and I have slowly moved myself to the workroom space this week; arranging the shelves a little more these day. It feels that I have missed two fabric boxes, but I think I might just need to dig in and try to find where they are. I have been working a few days a week with an art studio in lower Manhattan. On the day, I am not traveling there, I will be spending time in the workroom.  

Wish you have had a fabulous summer! Lovely Fall to start with...
Now I wish some snow on the ground.. just because it is so closed to holiday season!  


P.S. I plan to be more regular posting now on! cheers!