Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alphabet Day: D is for

D is for Distance! 

Not sure if this is the word that I am looking for, but I would like go with it! As a young student back in college. I have done a lot of travelings and was looking for {freedom}. As I am getting older, I realized the {space distance} between myself and families have becoming issues. I would love to be closer to families and friends NOW ! It would be great to spend weekend mornings with mom at the traditional market. It would be awesome to spend weekend nights with dad for some tasty local food. It would be so sweet to spend Saturday afternoons with my be loved sister in the local cafe. It would be crazy to spend some time with my girlfriends for some good girlfriend talks!

I recalled before I moved to U.S. again, my sister told me, {between Taiwan and U.S. is 7 c.m. on the map across}!! I put that measurement in my deepest heart and always remind myself. We are family and we will always be {t.o.g.e.t.h.e.r.}.

Here we are starting our little family away from the big family just like the big old tree that branch out. Slowly we will be reunion as we always do! Distance is just a {noun}, not a {verb}!

The oven just turn off and the last batch of cookies are done! They will be mail out tomorrow and hope they will sweet everyone's heart!  I am sure it won't be there before Christmas, but it will still be appreciated! Are you having a great day on your side of the world? We had an amazing day here~


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