Thursday, April 24, 2014


A month ago, we planned a trip back to North Dakota. It was the kind of trip that we didn't plan to go at all, but we had to made our way up there. We left early last Wednesday morning and the day was so gloomy here in Iowa. We thought the sky will clear out, but the weather got worsen as we headed  north. Before reach Sioux Falls it started to rain then we made a quick stop for gas and a short break. The lady at the gas station asked me, "Where are you going?" I replied, "North Dakota". She said, " Oh dear, there's a storm coming this morning". I didn't say any words back to her, but pop in the car,  QUICK! Yes, the storm wasn't pleasant at all. On I-29 north, the state of South Dakota was completed in the white out condition.  With the little one in the back of the car, I held on the tied and straighten my back, tried hard to see what's coming my way; near 2 hours later the road started to get clear. The visibility was clear about 100 miles before we reach Fargo then I sped up a little.

When we enter the state of North Dakota, it felt like going "home". We stopped by Fargo and had lunch at one of restaurants that we always dine when we go down to Fargo. S got a few treats from the store that she likes and of course, I had to stopped by Jo-Ann's and pick up some fabrics and lots spool of threads. How I miss going to fabric/ craft  stores and  shop for fabric and any fun supplies!

Of course, we had to stop by Nichole's to get authentic coffee { that would be for me} and pastries { that would be for me and S}. If you ever visit Fargo this is the Fine Pastry must go in the area. They have really awesome chocolates, too. My dear friend Meghan and her babe Savannah met us there for breakfast on our way back to Iowa on Friday; great food and great friends.. S played with little S.. Mamas were busy catch up life and so on!

After a few hours touring around Fargo. We headed back to Grand Forks; the landscape on the side of I-29 north is flat as always. It is still brown for most part of the land. You can merely see a bit of green on the tree tops. The drive was so relaxing and S sang all the way back to Grand Forks. When the car got off I-29 north. We filled the gas up and went straight ahead to 717 Northwestern Drive, where we were home for 3 years and where {quarter inch mark} was established. You know, someone has made it their home now and we saw new neighbors in and out. Our made our pause long and had wished be there still . The true is we never had time to say goodbye to the home we were before. We moved in such hurry and so many events were happening at the time, but we did this time! Farewell to our home and the city.

When we got on University Avenue, students were walking across the street without looking cars from both side as always; we somewhat miss that scene! S and I have always talked about how dangerous that is. Of course we stopped by the building that I was a student, a TA, a gallery coordinator for last three years and I actually didn't miss it that much! I was always on the run, drop S off for school, time for my own schooling, time for students, time for teaching, time for gallery tasks, oh.. time to pick up S and be a mama..

Then we passed the Columbia Bridge and slowly drove the car to S' school, which she misses so much! The school is so small and the teachers were so awesome and care about the children. I made my normal pick up S' path; park the car on the side. After the visit, off to our friend's house! It was so good to friends again! Their animals were so welcoming and good friend talks! It felt like we've never left there! Just like yesterday we were still lived there and went somewhere vacation and return. Yeah.. how bizarre!

We had many good coffee dates with our friends. I think these coffins might be too much in a short 2 days visit, but these time were really priceless for us. We drove around the city on Thursday night and decided to dine in one of S' favorite restaurant and mine as well! We over stuffed ourselves that night and had more sweets that night. We played some fun card games, Kings cross.

On our way home that Friday was a long drive! The wind was blowing against us, so it made the driving time to 9 hours instead of 8. We stopped by for gas and breaks. When we arrived Iowa was late, but a quick stop at grocery store was a must. We had some spring veggies in the cart and strawberries are in the season now, really tasty! We even had spring grill over the weekending already.

For the weekending, we took it easy! Really Easy! We slept in and slept hard! When we got up, S and I had homemade breakfast for the first time since we move back. We sat down and chat; we were chatting how should a freely Saturday be! Then, she came up a long list of books that she likes to read. I started to check off the long list of work in progress project on the table! It was probably the most awesome Saturday we have had in a long time!

Fifi's quilt; the quilt label is completed. It has a very simple message instead of the long letter. Then the quilt top has put together; seams are being press in the back and ready for quilting anytime. Backing fabric arrived last week, but it is not the kind the fabric for the quilting.  It is rather silky and a little heavy weight. I decided to saved it for something else in the future. The backing fabric is still in search, but hope in a week or two, I'll find it!

The week has busy and slow. The spring allergy is heavy affected me this year. Sinus headache comes with me every morning and it requires a cup of dark coffee and some sweet donuts to feel better. I started a new list on projects that I rarely work on in the past. I pulled out many unfinished blocks this week and slowly putting them together. The wonky stars blocks are first ones out, you can find {wonky star tutorial} that I post a while ago. Around the blocks, I added small patchwork around to make the block size a little larger! Since the blocks are used off whites and low value prints, the focal points were on the wonky stars. I though use the patchwork would give extra dynamic and create some interest factors to the block itself.

I am wowing about the {pack patch quilt along}. There are closed to 140 people in the pool and it has been amazing to see many friends returned to Flickr {Hello} and meeting new friends {Hello}. Tomorrow will be our week#3 quilt along. It is so fun to visit your blocks and read all your comments. If you are still interest, it is not too late to join the fun~

{THANK YOU so very much} for your purchase of {kin-cha-ku patchwork pattern}. It is so sweet to see your {Kin-Cha-Ku} and read your feedback in the {shop}. We really enjoy work together as studio colleagues and hope you've enjoy the pattern as much as we work on the pattern.  The shop has been slowly added more patchwork handmade items lately.  I am truly happy that you are satisfied with the handmade items that mail to you from {quarter inch mark studio} {Thank you!} !

Also, we have a semi good news to share with you that we have made our decision to stay in the Mid-West as we love the simple lifestyle here and many our dear friends are around the area. This summer will be awesome for us, fingers crossed!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

quarter inch mark studio presents: kin-cha-ku PDF sewing pattern

Kin-Cha-Ku aka {Drawstring bag}. Kin-Cha-Ku is a traditional Japanese purses or handbag. It is a small bag, typically with a drawstring. Kin means fabric and cha-ku sans to put on. This drawstring bags was invented to carry personal items such as sewing tools, cosmetic, or small items in your travel trip. 






{ they are all mine}

{ and i am tried!}

The {Kin-Cha-Ku sewing pattern} is {available} in PDF file now. The PDF sewing pattern comes with 22 pages step-by- step instructions with over 60 full colors photos on how to make one kin-cha-ku. It also gives clear information on how to resize the pattern. 

We thought it would be great to share a little bit more of the studio photo shooting with you.  S, aka studio assistant has been terrific as a model for the studio.  She loved balanced {kin-cha-ku} on her arm and stacked them in her arms.  We had lots laughs while photo shooting and lots giggles while the {Posie Garden Kin-cha-ku} couldn't balanced any longer! Of course, she got a little tired after all the fun! We wrapped up our studio shooting with a Sunday drive date and a quick visit at the local ice cream shop.

The Kin-cha-ku is finished approx.  7"x7.73"3" , you'll need 

-  an assortment of 56 pieces of print{ a great way to use scrap fabrics}
- two pieces of 10”x10” lining fabric
- one pieces of 3.5”x9” channel fabric
- two pieces of 20” linen waxed string
-two pieces of 10"x10" 100% cotton batting
-sewing Machine
-a small safety pin
-ironing board
-spray adhesive {multi-purpose}
-rotary cutter
-water base pen/ b-gone pen
-100% cotton hand-sewing thread
-hand-quilting thread
-basting needle:long needle
-between needle: #9/#10
-Thimble: leather/plastic/metal ( your preference)
-Hera Marker by Clover

The PFD sewing pattern is available in the {shop}

Please note: A PDF reader is required, as this is a PDF file. If you don’t have one, Adobe Reader can be downloaded online.

Thank you from all the great supports and visits~


Friday, April 11, 2014


Oh.... the flowers are blooming, indoor and I have been sneezing since then and haven't stop! oh dear.. Windows are open { a few of them} and the fresh air is in!  This week has been off the schedule with an unexpected visit at the doctor's office and a fussy child who seems getting better now, but tasteless medicine made things rough on her. I am glad, she eating again, which is a great improvement for the week.

The gift to the dear friend is wrapped and ready to mail out. I think she might be reading, so I'll keep it secrete till she receives the package! These feedsack fabric are so great to work with! The hand-quilting added some special touch to it. There's so many cheerful spring colors in it! Perfect for the spring time.

I started the quilt label yesterday and so pleased with how it turns out so far. I think Fifi aka my sister will love it! I planned a long "love" letter to her, but I think she might like the simple message instead. Once the quilt label is done, I'll be assemble the last row to the rest. The backing fabric has been ordered! None of what I picked out last made it to the final shopping cart then I spent another few days looking for the "right" backing fabric. Let's say, Fifi is a little picky sometimes.

Lots fabric pieces on the table to sort through, but the amazing weather is so inviting! It is hard to decided to stay in or out and about! Since I've been sneezing, out and about speaks louder in my ears. Another early weekending post since we plan out and about. A Sunday drive date is made a week ago. We'll probably see the field has been changed since last we drove by and enjoy this spring season.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

work in process: that girl

Oh.. if this is too much! This is pretty much you've seen from me on IG and Flickr lately. My mind is occupied of making this single girl quilt.  I have Skyped with Fifi aka my sister for a few times while working on this quilt and she has no idea what I've been up to. She knew that " she ( that would be me) is sewing something again", but has not idea she would be the one who is getting this girl.

Last few days, I've spent a few hours on this quilt, took few hours off on smaller project, and search for the backing fabric again! I plan on using one print fabric for the entire quilt backing rather than patchwork style; to simplify the backing and place the label in quilt top!

Spring is here, friends!! The weather has been so gorgeous over last weekending. S has been on her bike and I, on the walk with her. We walked to the coffee house, to the park, to get fresh air, and get to smell the dirt from the ground! We love being out and about and loving the sunshine shines on our faces rather than reflections from the windows! This spring has been hard to wait for!!

The book club was great and we devoured a full bag of crackers! "Oh, I am the other Edward Tulane?" That was what I have had when I finished the book! I've learn to love and being loved since S is born. Learn not to hide the loves and cares I have for people and feeling thankful being loved by many friends, families, and special S. I travelled from places to places and met various people, kind, unkind, sharing, open mind, rejecting... but these are all such great life experiences that added to my view of life, be open and learn to accept each person individually!  Once the birthday quilt is bound and wrapped, Edward Tulane will travel with the quilt to Fifi! I think she is going to love this book as well as we loved it! Oh my, the parcel will be heavy as we have start a small list what to sent along with.

Are you feedsack lover? I am! I've been lucky and collect them for a few years now! Today I pulled out a few prints to make a special gift to a friend. I am not sure if she is a feedsack lover, but something special and different from her collection, maybe?

Thank you for join {Pack Patch MINI quilt along}! I though, maybe 5 people will join, but there are almost 40 friends in the group! It is really exciting that you are join along! I have the first two themes ready for you, but will announce it on Friday!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Are you in? : Pack Patch MINI Quilt Along

Welcome to { Pack Patch MINI Quilt Along}! Oh, I am so excited to launch this quilt along; not just to fulfilled my promise from last year, but also to have some FUN! Here are few things that I would like to start before I go to far.

How to play along:

1) What type of fabric to use?
This quilt along's fabric is encourage to use from your scrap bins, ONLY! It is a great way to use scrap fabric and play with scraps that you've received from your swaps and generous fabric scraps that your sewing friends might have sent to you.

2)  How long would this quilt along be?
This quilt along will be 10 weeks long.

3) What is special about this quilt along?
Each Friday, there will be a sticky announcement in {Flickr Group} group discussion. Within the announcement, there will be a theme for each block and plan on two themes per a week. Please upload your blocks before the new sticky thread. If you have a little hiccup time, don't worry; we'll keep the threads, so you can catch later on.

4) How difficult is the quilt blocks?  
The blocks will be made from basic twelve patch block. This quilt along is suitable from the beginning quilters to advanced quilters.

5) How big is this mini quilt?
It will be 22"x24". However, the border measurement can be modify as desired!

6) Where is this quilt along being hosted?
{Pack Patch MINI quilt along} is hosted in Filckr {click}, so you will be able to visit each other's blocks and maybe meet new quilters from worldwide.

7)  Hiccup time
There would be a time that we are traveling or time we are ready to pack up our belong to our next destination. There might be a chance that will conflict the quilt along schedule, therefore the quilt along might run longer than 10 weeks, but our plan is 10 weeks at this moment.

8) Enjoy!

 Tutorial for Twelve Patch 

Cut 2 pieces of A print in 1.5"x4.75"
Cut 2 pieces of B print in 1.5"x4.75"
( They don't need to be exact in lengthwise)

 Lay four pieces of fabric in A.B.A.B order

 Sew A print to B print, repeat for the other set

Sew first set of AB prints to second set of AB prints

 Gental press the seam allowance to the same direction

 Bring the sewn block to the cutting mat; Cut ABAB blocks into 1.5" and will get three ABAB columns  { p.s. I save the semi large scraps after cutting}

 Three ABAB columns

Start with two ABAB columns. The prints will need to be opposite from each other; match the seam allowance

 Sew two ABAB columns together

 Repeat for last column

Here is the 12 patch block

—————————————— a little more talk 

This is the scrap bin I've started three years ago and it is PACK!!  Thank you to my swap friends and generous sewing friends who have contributed and enriched the scrap bins. I've made a {quilt} used from scraps only and blocks that's left from other quilts that've been made two years ago with lots stories behind it. We love it so much. It has been a be loved quilt here and the second quilt is on its way, but slowly!

{Pack Patch Mini Quilt Along} comes with a different concept approach! We'll mainly use two prints per each block and each block comes with a theme. It could be Summer jump on top grass! It sounds so vague, but try to think about summer on top grass? What color of fabric you think of it? what prints would work together? Be surprise yourself and think outside of box!  It might be BIG v.s. small?  

Some examples:

 Retro sewing room??

 simple elements?

 a letter to oversea?

 Not work so well?

 Rarely colors in my stash?

 Dots ONLY?

graphic and repetition?

value change?

busy and regular ? 

The first announcement for the first two blocks will be April 11th then so on.  I've started a first thread to introduce myself and hope to see you there, too!  If there's new thoughts will be discuss in the Flickr discussion board.