Sunday, October 27, 2013


What a fantastic Fall weekending here. It is still ongoing! We've gone to the market and brought back fresh roasted chestnuts. They are delicious and perfect for early afternoon tea time! S wanted me to tell you that she had most of them! This is not the first time she had them, but she'll remember she had some fresh ones when she grows up now.

It has been so nice to put up Tova tops again! Mom has been wowing over some of Tova that I made. It is funny when she asked me where did I buy the tops then I show her all the Tova tops at once. She said to me, you made them? I smiled! S has grew out two of Tova tops I made her, but one top still would fit her for a little longer! When she grows up, I hope to make a quilt from all the clothes that I made for her. It would be another birthday quilt for the future! Just like a busy bee, S has been busy making lots things here and there. She still into paper folding project and loving the out and about during the weekdays.

On our weekending trip to the city that we discovered a candy store that sells Halloween related candy. S picked out some treats. It is hard for her not being able to carve pumpkins this year and not being able dress up for treat or tricking. She wishes next year, she can carve extra more pumpkins and have more candies to eat!

This week, I have been working lots hand-quilting on these penny patchwork pieces. I have a small stack still need to work on yet, so I still can't share the complete work with you.  Hand-quilting allows me to slow down the fast process that I, sometimes do!  It gives me new thoughts about handmade and process in them. It is always satisfy when handmade work take a little extra attention to detail and little extra care in them.  I heart hand-quilting!  The imperfectness gives extra hand touch to it!

This coming Monday is the last hospital visit! Doctor will be happy that I am recovery speedy and feel good! It feels great that I can handle myself again! Weekending at 1/4" mark home is cozy and lots sweets! and yours?


Friday, October 25, 2013

On table

After the small penny patchwork work, I started a large penny patchwork... in process of hand quilting and more hand quilting these days. Finally running out of cotton batting that I brought back ( Almost a twin size batting). This afternoon is a mini trip off to the city to find the cotton batting and maybe some nice tea time with S and more later..

THANK YOU!  I will be back very soon, pinky promise! 


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall days

{THANK YOU} for all the well wishes! I am doing so much better!! The week has been going much faster and the sewing machine has been turning on and off from time to time. I have doctor's permission to take solid food now and able to have some nice tea during the early afternoon.  It is nice! You know, I have a sweet tooth and it has been hard not being able to have much sweets.  It also was hard for S that our tea time was not offering. 

I am grateful to have my family around us, so I can go take care of myself while they are around! S is a great helper as always! She was so busy last week while I lay down for a quick rest. She made Lucky a new bone and another bone for her pup friend. It is fun to watch them chasing the bone from place to place. Lucky doesn't think that's S' bone anymore! That's his! We like to tease Lucky for being a furry bowl! His hair is growing so much thicker and boy that makes him sometimes looks alike a cat.  We had to find him when he hid himself in our blanket since he is an off while pup.

This Fall weather is gorgeous in southern Taiwan!! I don't remember when was the last time we spent the fall year.. 6 years ago? The wind blows in from the screened door and the warm sunshine makes us really cozy and relaxing! Naps, yes.. I am a bit spoiled by that lately!  If you ever thinking of traveling here; come in October! You'll find lots Fall seasonal fruit and comfortable weather to be out and about!

I have been sewing small items for my growing up niece; a small {patchwork pouch} and {a set of tissue pouches}. This is actually the first time I sewn for her. She is coming later this afternoon and will hand the gifts to her. When the machine is on during the weekdays, I have been working on simple patchwork.  These are 1.5"x1.5" cut squares. I make 6"x6" of them and started hand quilting during the resting time. There are a sort of reds, blues, and yellows... and please allow me to tease you all for the project that I am making..  Hope I will have all the hand quilting finish this weekend then start assembling on the machine.

S is happy that mama is getting better, so she can play games on mama and make her laugh so hard.  Her hugs has been wonderful and of course Lucky's kisses are sweet, too! Little by little this recovery has been great! I set a small goal each day for the improvement and small goal of getting some sewing or other errands done. The  {shop}is recently updated with new handmade items. 

{THANK YOU} from bottom of my heart to have so many of you stop by and leave me messages! I haven't get back to any of you, but I will! It is my goal for the week. 


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

sew months

January and February are the longest months in a year; bitter cold weather, piles of snow, worried how to get to school without stuck in the snow; blizzards months, waking up in the dark and going home in the dark and my little fella's birthday month to celebrate which brings fun and light to the long winter months.

March is great, the month of turning the clock forward one hour. It is always hard for the first few days, but slowly there's much appreciation of going home in the light and perhaps a little springy around the air, but maybe not so ready for ND that we lived for last few years.

April is a month that we aren't sure how to dress up. Shoes are always wet from the melted snow, muddy roads and the spring fever is everywhere. The antsiness of going out and about since we've been kept indoor most of the winter season. More light during the days and maybe to turn off the furnaces, maybe..

May is a fast moving month. Getting ready for the summer, try to finish up all the school work before heading out for family break somewhere. Bring out summery clothes and store away winter clothes. Running trips after trips to Laundromat to get them clean. Always needed twice exchanged quarters for that. Time to open windows let the fresh air in and dry air out.

June is awesome! Still cool in the air and all the family road trips are taken in the first part of the summer. Visiting families and friends. Eating authentic food somewhere and yes, stop by these fabric shops that friends talked about and have been added list to do book.

July is still perfect! We loved the 4th, which we always celebrated with friends; yummy cookies and homemade ice cream. The small town parade is the best! We sat on friends' front yard and clap through the whole celebration! Cheers for friends who get to be in it! 

August is not so great! My little fella is tired from all the fun that she has been in and ready to see school friends again. Each day, the same question would pop in our conversation that would always be, How many days till I go back to school, mama? Gladly, she marks down the kitchen calendar and counts them even I'd tell her. Getting school supplies ready seems a perfect ending for the summer and getting ready for school year.

September is I called not for sure month. It is a month getting new routine running and change planners. I've always needed an extra week or two to figure out that and planning monthly lunch with S in her school.  It is the best! You probably heard me talked about the school lunch time in the past! I love that, but boy I think kids love to talk, talk, talk, talk.... endless and resulted none touch lunch, but the bell rang.. maybe a quick bite of sandwich before send the tray in. Hope of this lunch date will keep going... finger crossed!

October is fabulous month. We seemed all settled in. All the cozy woolies are out, quilts are washed and being use for extra coziness. We are in layer's of clothes and morning tea/ coffee give nice wake up break. Time for the apple picking and making any apple related pastry. Time for pumpkin patches, busy time for making a special custom for little fella's Halloween fun even she changes her mind hundred times before she made up her mind. Pumpkin seeds roasting, pumpkin bar, pumpkin butter that Julie makes. yumm and the birth month of mine. Can I say No to October? of course, she is my favorite!

November is perfect month of the year. We set the clock backward and though we gain an hour, but the daylight starting get short. Oven doesn't get shut off much during this month. Lots of baking during month of November; cookies and pies are two popular items and roasted chicken as well. Not to forget the homemade bread that goes with the chicken. It is a month that we start thinking "you know who is coming next month". Lots planning for gifts, mostly handmade! S is busy making Christmas cards and ornaments. She makes them and sell them for little money. She gladly earn a little Christmas fund to get a little present for mama.  One year, she got me a cookie sheet and it has been the best cookies sheet so far and many other little things she made for us... priceless...

December goes by fast! Preparing the Fall semester to end and getting all the gifts wrap up and send out. It is the month we called secrete month. " You know who is coming" is coming so soon and S is always busy writing a letter to " you know who is coming"; a nice letter!  It is also the month of musical month. Many music recitals to attend and perform. Getting lists cross out and getting new lists add on and ready for a new year to come.

You might wonder where is the sewing time between these months... I'd say, I sew every single month and we craft almost every single day. There are breaks in between all the busy planning. I wonder if your year has been sew busy? 

This year, none of above apply since May...  We are happy to be with our family for a little longer and spending time with our pup who is so busy everyday. He loves snuggled between we girls and lots of pats and "name" calling. He is funny and sure, he has extra sweet look when he gets up in the morning.

It has been a long summer and long month of September and long October already.  Back in the summer, I had some body pain. The discomfort was way back when I was in grad school. Then back in September, I had doctor appointments. The doctor recommended me to remove some of the negative tissues from my body. I was very frighten!  I couldn't sleep much because I have never been in a operation room besides the labor room. There are many little procedures and dangers might go wrong during the operation.  I held my breath through the month of September.  S was a great friend the best helper! Her little face got worrier when she saw me in pain and when I was going away to get "fix" by the doctor.  Her hugs are so powerful each time that gave me a positive energy each day. My dear friend's emails were so encouraging and so kind and sweet!  I had a little faith in myself two days before the hospital day.

Beginning of October, I have packed all the needs for the hospital and wrote down what S needed to work on then head to hospital. There were so many check ups to do before the operation day.  I took a little box of hexie with me, so I can still work on it in the hospital room. Not much dinner was served that night and I waited my sister to come to spend the night with me since the operation was at 8 a.m. She brought me two books from S who though I might needed some reading time and a scarf since the ac in the hospital was so cold.  S stayed home with Grandma and Lucky.  Later on, she told me she didn't sleep that night and two of them played eye catch game.. That means who blinked the eyes who lost the game.

After the operation, I felt really weak! I was in the recovery room along without my glasses. All I saw was green movements everywhere and purple lights { Later on, when I could see clearly they were nurses who dressed in green uniforms and wore purple hats}. It felt really cold and my body was covered with air warmed blanket and nurse came check on my blood pressure so often.  I can still clearly hear their voices and calling my name to make sure I breath!

After return to the hosptial room, I had to lay flat for over 6 hours. I almost tear for the last two hours. Turning my body was impossible and I was not allow having any water. S used the cotton pad and dipped in the water to wet my lips; one after another one. Just make sure mama is getting some water...

The first night was difficult... I forced myself to take few walks around the hallway; to distract the pain and that didn't work so well. I was crappy!! Couldn't or maybe I shall say didn't want to talk at all. My first meal was a store bough pudding and that was really good even I had to use left hand for getting food, since the right hand was getting iv.  The room was being shared with two other people, so it was a little noise. It made the night a bit longer and yes, I did fall asleep in the early morning for a few hours. Nurse woke me up for more check ups and more pain that never went away... I think I was the most cooperated patient in the room. By day four, I "wanted" to go home! I beg and gentle asked the doctor and nurse, when can I go home? That reminded me the sound of my little fella.. when can we go home, mama?

Yes, they let me go home by day four noon. I have all packed in the morning even I knew I might not get to go home. Crossed my fingers, I think I might have been the good one. The air outside of the hospital was warm, but it felt cold. I was in winter pants, longs sleeves and plus a woolie scarf. It was a crazy dress up in the hot October days here. People gave me a strange look and wondered what have happened to me.  Slowly my brother's car pull in and upload all the belongs. I moved so slow to get in the car. It was great to be home! It took a good 10 minutes to get up to the room we stay normally less than 1 minutes.When little pup saw my return, he was not sure at the first. He looked at me then slowly approach my legs. He snuffled around... It might had been the smell from the hospital then he wiggled his tail when I called his name, Lucky It me, I am home!! He was so happy to see me, finally.  Lots kisses from him... endless need for some good attention.

Finally, I could nap without any interruptions and S is by me. It feels so good to be home. The following recovery week was very long. The pain still is here! The medicines that I took after the hosptial have had great side affections on me. All the food I have was tasteless and I could only eat so much per a meal. Mom has been the main care giver  of mine as always, a mama! She makes sure the food she made that I can take and extra attention to the ingredients that she adds on.

Dad stopped by the room when he got off from work and wanted to make sure I am was improving everyday. He asked me when is my return appointment every night even I think he already knew the date. Brother comes every afternoon and chat a little to see if there's anything that he could help. He has been getting S to swimming classes. Sister has been awesome to take care of S while I need extra time along to nap. Lots snack time in the afternoon that they shared and the pup...

The month of October seems going so slow this year. The wind is blowing nicely, but hot! I am still feeling weak and tired. There aren't many full night sleeps, more of napping from time to time. Going downstairs and upstairs are much better. 

My return appointment was great! The stitch threads are off and I am feeling less pain and more comfortable.  S sang me a song that reminded me it's someone's birthday today a few days back. Cakes, some nice tea, and good laughs. I tried to laugh not too loud or it feels pinch pain.  She made me a full basket of paper hearts, cranes, flowers and the very abstract card..

Thank you for all the kind emails that you've sent to me. I am doing well! Another week I should be move freely and I have been working on hand-sewing little by little or the day goes really long without handwork to make it enjoyable.  Spent a few minutes each day made a little flex frame pouch for a dear friend.. it is the first one that I never made and already love it! Some gifts that I need to start working and shops update soon! Both shops are open now and thank you for your visit to our little shops~ 

I'll slowly return, but not in a full speed still...