Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday: in and about

Finally I finished the bathrobe before noon, but I can't really show you yet! It will be another day or two?!  The bathrobe took longer time than I anticipated! Made few mistakes on the pockets and also missed one instruction line. After the productive making and spacing I went out and thrifting this afternoon.! I have seen these Santa cups few weeks back when I went to the shop, but just didn't pick them up they were 24 cents each today and for the first time I looked through their book section and found some old books for 29 cents each!  Initially I plan to spend $5 for the cups, but I ended up spend less than 4 dollars { score}.  When I rush home and found a {big} present placed under the tree and it is for me! It must happened sometime last night when I was sewing like a storm! I can't wait to open it! Truly feel so special about this handmade gift! You probably don't know it took S a week to make. She only have 30 minutes each night to make it and I was asked not to peek!!   It feels so good all the {TO-DO list} is down to one two! I need to make two baby bibs, but we happened had to have the class today, so I couldn't make them on time for the baby Mila.  The day went by fast and the day sewing in my cozy home is great! Tomorrow I will be building in the wood shop! I am excited about the redo studio space at home!! I shall share photos when the remake over is done!


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