Monday, December 5, 2011

Random: evidences

 of messy room and prep. projects waiting to start.

 of  final project in progress.

 of sewing storm is happening.

 of decorations are up and ready for the day to come.

 of Christmas spirit is driving around the house.

 of needed new frames for the new pictures.

 of the cold winter is here.

of playing advent calendar in mini quilt style.

It seems like each day has gotten shorter because of the daylight isn't stay as long as it used to be. Waking up in the dark and cool room before all the daily actives began has became harder each day for me. Thankfully S is feeling better today! After a long 20 hours rest yesterday she was up I would said by 2a.m. She was whispering by my ear about her "Monday" and went in my bed with me. Another few hours later, alarm clock rang and she was up before I did! She was more than ready for her day! I slowly made my every move! Late nights study didn't make any sense, but tired and exhausted, both mentally and physically. Last week of class! I want to cheer aloud, but I will keep the emotion as calm as I could. I planned the final critique format today and hoping all my student will make the most of it and earn their most desire grade.  I have had another "A" and "B" day here. Are you also having the same day on your side of the world?  I shall prepare to pick up the most cheerful child in the world! Later~



  1. Love messy rooms that are evidence of all sorts of creative makings!
    Good luck with the last week of class, Chase. Just remember that soon our days will start getting longer again. I'm looking forward to more daylight in my days.
    Take care!

  2. Finally I found your blog and where to comment! I'm not really very tech savy. Hope you get some rest,so you're not worn out before your break begins!


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