Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random: Sharing

It has been warm here! My sewing mojo is very limited!  I have been sitting when I came home from school this week so far! Most of the time, I turn on the music and just sit and read a little! It feels like the summer is coming to the end, but still try its best to bring out the sun out and makes everything sweat and allows us to enjoy the last minutes of it!  S has been back to school a week now! Please read her little rhyme! It will make your day I promise!! I knew she is having a great teacher when she started writing this rhyme!!  Isn't this funny and cute? I wish to keep it, but I have these images to keep in my folder! 

The illustration is wonderful! These possum bunnies are adorable! Did you notice the four corners? They are different bunny smiles if you wondered! Inside the tree cave there are three more bunnies in case you can't see it clear! Today I went to lunch with S at the school's lunch room! This is one of favorite part of being a mom! Do you happen to know I have a different name?  I am { stella's mom} when I am in her school? All the kids called me {Stella's mom}. It is funny to start with, but I love it!! It feels very comfortable and good! I have many little boy/girl friends. Since the school is very small. I have known most of the kids now. I got to met some new students today! They are very sweet kids! I love going to lunch with S, so I get to know the friends that she talks about when she comes home. I can finally can match their names and faces! As you know, lunch room is loud! They have so much to talk about even little things!

Yesterday when we got home there was a package in the mailbox that I saw from the parking space { very close to our door}. I can't think of anyone sending me a package! Slowly I walked out the car door and moved to our door! Open the mailbox and read the mailer's name! my goodness! It is Jackie aka{choleandme}. Quickly I put the key in the key hole and open the door! Dropped everything on the floor and open the package! Jackie sent a surprise package for me!  {BIG Thank you to you, Jackie}. You are too sweet!! I will add these to the scrap quilt that I am making and will use these for some other projects.  You made my week sweet and happy!!

These are woven/canvas fabric that I pulled out! I am making these into simple grocery bags! I have been swapping food/ veggies with my friend here! Each time, we seem to use different plastic bags for swapping! I plan on making swap for goods bags for us! It will be nice each of us get one or two!

I really am looking forward September to come! It is the month that we will slowly entering the season and the month that S and I can still hangout before mid semester arrives! 

Stay cool if the heat is in your area! Stay warm if the cold is in your area!  I shall make my last jar of raspberry tea this weekend! S is hoping an apple pie to be make/bake!



  1. oh, my!!! Stella's picture is simply amazing! I love all the details she put in her picture, it's so, so beautiful! You are such a great artist, Stella! and a poet, too. Love your poem.

  2. Love everything!! Have a great day Stella`s mum!! AnneK:-)

  3. Oh, Chase, please tell Stella I love her possum bunnies! First I saw the rhyme but not the picture, and I loved the mental image I got, but then I saw her drawing, and it's even better! Long live possum bunnies!


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