Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random: Sunday

The air was cool maybe cold would be a better word for it when we woke up this morning. The sound of kettle whistling sounds great in the cool Fall weather. The kitchen was warm while preheating the oven. We spent the morning in the kitchen; baking, making, and cleaning.  We devoured the rest of pumpkin cake that my friend sent home with me on Thursday! Yes, it is all gone now! 

It is a perfect day spent at home with our favorite pj and drank lots tea throughout the day.  The machine was busy most of the day and I did a little patchwork piece. This would go to my scrap quilt pile. It is growing larger each time when I added some small pieces together.

The kindly friend gave S and I  two new tea cups the other day! We gave them a try today! It is a perfect size for green tea! Yes, green tea only! I will reserved this cup for the green tea! I love handmade ceramics cups! Perhaps you also have a certain cup that you use for certain type of tea/ drink you drink/use! During the Fall and Winter season I prefer cups without handles. I could hold the warm cup in my hands and that help warm up my body.

S is into the drawing and storytelling lately! We have lots drawing hanging around! It is interesting to see details that she added on. I just love these hanging lights in her picture!



  1. I like the hanging lights too AND the corded phone!

  2. Lovely pictures of your Sunday with S. Pretty patchwork and good food makes for a perfect weekend ; )

  3. I just love your random posts. So much going on in your life.


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