Saturday, August 11, 2012

Radom: up for the challenge!

I had fun yesterday! I spent all my day playing with Ayumi aka {Pink Pengium}'s {Popsicle blocks}. When I first saw this pattern launched, I was ready to leave for our trip. Before I left I had a list of things that I need must to order. This pattern is one of the must! I started paper piecing not to long ago. Kerry aka { verykerryberry} has great {tutorial links} on her blog and she shares her { Kerry's house} free load pattern. I made 9 houses and made a {mini doll quilt}! Paper piecing isn't my strongest sewing skill, but I like to learn more about it! It allows more possibilities on quilting and sewing.  It is very time consuming and need great attention to details. I always repeat or revisit the tutorials when I get confused on the steps.

One thing that I love paper piecing is I get to pull all my stashes out and just play with colors and prints. Sometimes, I cut off  my very very special prints, but the outcomes have always been very satisfied! The Popsicle pattern is well written and clear instruction! I am considered myself still in elementary skill for paper piecing, but I was able to completed all four blocks in one day! Yes, there were many hours playing with fabric and getting each pieces joined! I am super proud of myself took the challenge and try something new!

In the future, I might try to build a light box, so I can trace my template on the table, but I have always drew the paper piecing template ever since I started. Very fun!

It took me more than 3 hours to get two blocks done! The process felt so quick and I didn't even pay the attention to the clock. The watermelon block is very simple! So, you probably already know that I am raspberry lover, but you probably don't know I love strawberry, too!!

After 3 hours, my shirt shows the hard word that I have done! My next sewing machine must have auto thread cutter! Every time when I sew, my shirt looks the same, threads allover. I try not to wear dark clothes when I sew, so I can pretended they are not there, but yesterday I had this dark navy shirt on and it really shows.

 Here are my Popsicle block! The Penguin's eyes aren't perfect lined. The feet are a little small. There are still room for me to improve! I love strawberry chocolate Popsicle. I always buy them when I go visit my family. Um... 

I will be getting my {dishy treat pattern} later today and play with it, so I can catch up with {S P quilt along}. There is a {SP quilt along Flickr pool}. You gotta see what other friends have made! Too delicious!



  1. Freezer paper piecing and foundation piecing are time consuming I agree but so satisfying, sometimes I spend hours on a tiny thing! Love your popsicles- ice lollies we call them in UK, so pretty!

  2. They are so cute ! I like the fabrics you chose!

  3. Very pretty! Such lovely fabrics.

    A laptop screen with notepad open on full brightness makes a very good lightbox just don't press too hard!

  4. I am having a hard time believing this is your first paper-piecing project, Chase! All your fabrics are so well chosen and they are pieced wonderfully!!
    I'm so happy that you took the picture of your shirt with threads! I can totally relate because my sewing machine doesn't have the auto cut function either! I go grocery shopping with threads on me all the time ;)


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