Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random: Today and tomorrow

I giggled so hard yesterday morning when the mail man knocked on our door. I am expecting lots goodies that are coming on my way. I keep calm and got up my seat. S hurried to the door and open the door. She checked the label of the package and turned her head around and looked at me. It is for you, Chase! What is it? I smiled with a giggled in my heart, almost a little evil smile.   Quickly I open the box and started to adore my {Chicopee} from {Denyse Schmidt} new collection. I got my collection {here}. I love the bold colors and graphic design that she has on her fabric as always! I started to count each print and realized I missed order one print! I will have to make another order to make it a complete collection. I have been good lately! I ordered few prints from here and there, but have been saving for this collection. I started to cutting them into fat quarters, so I can have a small collection in the drawers that I organized  paper piecing projects and Farmer's Wife quilt along project.

While I was working with the log cabin yesterday. I started piece larger patchworks together. I decided to turn these patchwork into a lap quilt. I still have a long long way to go! It would be awesome when this quilt is done.  Today is a good day to get more scraps piece and set them aside!

It is cold! Low 50's when we woke up this morning. I was under 3 quilts and S was under 2 quilts and other baby quilts. It is the smell of Fall.. almost a crisp smell in the morning! We are layered in long sleeves and jackets now! I made myself a cup of coffee and ready to work on the course syllabus that I will be teaching next Tuesday. Lots information to add in the new syllabus and lots older information need to be revised.  All the sudden summer is near to the end and everyone is getting ready return to school.  I will pop in again when all is organized and all is in the right track!



  1. do you have them already!! oh Chase you are fast!

    the fabrics are so pretty... I want to see what you'll make with them!!

  2. Chase, you're such an enabler. After seeing your fabric I just HAD TO rush and put my order for Chicopee in. Love your scrappy blocks, they will make an awesome quilt.

  3. Lucky you!! A hole collection!! (almost) You know I live in Norway, and we have to pay tax when I order over ca 40 dollar. But if I order from my favorite firm and I got 6 yard into my postbox!! Love it!! Without tax!! I`m expekting an envelobe these days....Love it!! You talk about fall, do you live up north?? or high up from sealevel?? Courieues!! Love your sawing, forgor to tell!! AnneK:-)

    1. Haha!! Yes!! It is a gift to myself! I spoiled myself {often}. I don't like to go out to shop,so that help out over spending on things that I don't really need. We live up in North of U.S. We are in North Dakota about 2 hours to Canadian boarder. I love the Fall here, but really not happy with the winter here! I love snow, but really can't take the negative temperature. It is also fun to get packages in the mail. Just make the day extra special!! xChase

  4. So much fabric! It all looks so pretty :)

  5. oh fun! I ordered my chickopee and can't wait until it arrives. :) me and my kids do that with my packages that come, my oldest gets a little mad when they're not for her!


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