Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Random: Wednesday

The story after the {haircut} was the mail carrier came right after S went in and clean herself up. It was an amazing parcel from {Kerry aka verykerryberry}. This is our second fabric swap! We both have lots love about feedsack fabrics! She also included some fun fabric for me.   Am I such a spoiled  by her?

These special chocolates are being saved for Saturday's celebration of first week of school.  S was amazed the parcel was from U.K.  She loves the Harry Potter books and wants to go to London someday! It is one of city that has been listed on our {where to go list} and hope will be very soon! We'll needed to wait S is a little older, so we can enjoy the backpacker style. It is the best way to travel from my past experiences. We get to know people from the local area and enjoy the local dishes. We have done it last summer when we visited Japan and had the best time ever!

Washi tapes are one of my collections. My friend just return from Japan and bought these for me as gifts. I love love all of them!  The blue washi tape in the middle has similar theme to the one fabric print Kerry sent. 

S was invited to a birthday party yesterday! She had fun hitting the Pinata and got lots treats home! The haircut looks good on her! I think one of the biggest fear for her is she gets nervous not able to see what's going on in her back! I might need to find another mirror next time when she gets haircut!

Today she is officially moved into the 3rd grade classroom! It is making me a little sad, but happy at the same time! I walked her to the school door and she was so excited to see her friends. I gave her a big hug and she ran to her friends! School bell rang and I saw her was chatting with her friends into the building. I left.., but this time I didn't have tears as I had last few years! I trust her to be independent and knew she is ready!



  1. You had a great swap, love that pinata!

  2. So lovely to see all the fabrics with you! I have my own stack from you right behind me x

  3. That is some seriously fun mail!

  4. sweet story about the first day of school.
    The fabrics are lovely too


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