Saturday, September 1, 2012

Random: Weekending in Septmber

Another quick and busy week has gone by! We are feeling settled in our new schedules and new school year! We celebrated second week of school last night and surely had great time again! We visited Farmer's market today and was glad that we made the last day of peach booth! These peaches are so sweet and juicy! We devoured a few when we got home! We plan to make apple sauce and  steam the green bean for later this weekend.  We enjoy the movie {KiKi's delivery service} this weekend.

Finally, the sewing mojo is back, but slow! I catch up two weeks of household works and only left the floor for tomorrow and some ironing to do! I finished 4 market totes this morning and promise you will show and tell tomorrow!  I spent a little more time today work on the {Log cabin} quilt. I will have another 32 blocks finished later this weekend that would add up to 74 blocks! My goal is finish all 100 blocks during the long weekend. It might be challenge, but it will keep me going.

Teaching has been great, but busy! I get to learn all my students a little more and I'd like to let  all my Norway friends know that I have a student from Norway! A very gifted and talented student!  The class size is smaller compared last two classes, but still enough students to keep me busy and work with them!

The Fall surely is slowly approaching us in the North.  Tree leaves are falling; the morning temperature is cooler. More hot tea less iced tea! More hot soup less simple sandwiches. More baking less ice cream. 

S has another picture made and ready to be photograph! It is in my studio now, so maybe next week I will take a photo and share with you!! Thank you for all the sweet words for her rhyme and picture. She giggled when I read the comments to her. She calls me { Stella's mom} once in awhile now, which made me giggled!




  1. Dear Stella's mom,

    Lol. Couldn't resist. Love the pics of your sewing bits and pieces and of your fall fruit and veg. Look forward to seeing your market totes and Stella's next drawing!

  2. Hi!! How fun that you got a student from Norway!! The peaches looks yummy.....Annek:-)


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