Thursday, August 9, 2012

Radom: Random

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments on the { patchwork bucket tutorial}. I am glad the tutorial turns out helpful and the descriptions were not too confused. If you make one, please join me at { made with 1/4" mark} Flickr pool. It would be so fun to see what your creations are!  My green plants are expending! I expended to another flower pot this spring and it is doing so well. When we came back from our trip. They were pretty sad! I almost lost them, but after a few big drinks they show the energy again!

The process of making a new tote isn't very productive! I plan to have this tote done this weekend, so I can take nice photos of it! Don't you just love the type writer print?  I was very luck to received this scrap piece from Jackie aka {choleandme}.

Few more patchwork pieces in process! My scrap bowls are over flowing and I needed a nice cleaning before school starts! I will be starting my work in 6 days and am excited about the new semester and new challenges that is coming my way! It is always unknown for the new semesters. Things always shifted around and new lessons to learn! Some of the days are down and some of days are up! I am thankful to have this space to share  my thoughts from time to time! Making new friends from this blog and a great group of flickr friends' good support! It is amazing how these encourage words can make a good day to me! It is sweet!


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