Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random: Weekending

It has been a busy, sweet, and productive week here! Lots sweet parcels arrived this week! The big parcel from our family arrived. It contains lots treats and loves! Letters to S and me were enclosed with all the goodies!  These airplane shaped cookies are sold when I was a kid. I am surprised they still make them.  My sister found them  in the store and got some for me.  I remember mom always bought them for me when we went to traditional market. I always felt I am the special one!

S' recent favorite drink is Green tea with lots sugar! I like my tea just plain! A few cups Green tea make me feel so relax and good! Do you like green tea? I love the settle and calm favor of it!  I try to brew a tea pot in the morning and another tea pot  later in the afternoon. I didn't like grape juice until I found the concentrated kind lately, so I can add as much water as I like. 

This week surely have gone faster than I like! I have a new semester nerve in my head for last few days! The first day of class is always {unknown}! ... nervous, but a good one!

I finished another 16 log cabin blocks, so I have 42 blocks in total now. My plan is 100 blocks by this Fall then I can have a new quilt to snuggle with! Then soon it will be time to think about S' 9th birthday quilt. It is still unknown.. She can't decided what she has in her mind! Each time is different, but mostly she talks about adventures and discovery the new world.... I might have a fabric line in mind that would fit perfectly to the theme if she still talks about sail to the seven seas.

The sunlight has gotten shorter, have you noticed about it? We live up in the north, so the daylight still pretty long, but lately I have discovered the sunshine has gotten soft in the noon hours. Early evenings I can feel the warmth from the sunlight since the temperature has been cool.  I can smell the Fall is slowly apporching us... Sweatshirt is on and tea is ready.. sewing machine is on.. S is calling... I shall get busy...



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