Sunday, August 5, 2012

W.I.P. : log cabin

 { light value gathering}

{dark value gathering}

Last night I posted these two photos on my Flickr and asked everyone which value gathering is better. After reading a few comments I realized that I will get these two values either way as I place them. I must not thinking clear when I posted.  I have finished 26 blocks and have another 74 blocks to go!  What do you think? I have a few log cabin books and realized there are so many possibilities with this quilt block!

It is a great feeling that I am getting back to the swing of things and getting our home together and enjoy the cooler temperature along with great movies and sewing projects. I will be destashing some of fabric in next couple of days. Please come back and check them out!  As I am approaching the last year of schooling, I am also thinking about moving and reduce the moving boxes that we might have. Two years ago, I had 12 boxes of fabric, tools, and material etc. I hope I am not over exceed 20 boxes this time. Each year, we seemed to gain more household items and my studio at home is full of goodies that I bough back from trips or sent by friends.  It is scare to think that we'll be moving in 10 months and we aren't sure where we will be at this point. However, I really enjoy each day that I am home sewing and make plans for the time being. I think I sounded a little worry! I will be focus in school once it starts { in 2 weeks}. I think blogging will be a once or twice a week event for me to share with some fun sewing projects and some of our weekending events. 

This coming week I have a big job to do besides sewings! I must fill in my citizenship application form {It is my incoming week goal}. It has been delay for 3 years now! I am just not that focus on applying the citizenship. It is 20 pages long and lots information involved from past 5 years. On the other hand, I won't need to think about it anymore. Wish me good luck and no mistake that will be made! 

Off more photo taking and sewing more.. 



  1. wow that sounds like that form is going to take a while to fill out...good luck with it!! i love your log cabin blocks....they are beautiful. i made something similar recently with all the color in and the white on the outside of the block. love how it looks

    1. Thank you! I will probably take most of my night time to fill in the information. The log cabin quilt is one of the quilt that I have enjoy making. It is a lot of fun and possibilities! I will add few more fun prints once my strips are out.

  2. Gosh a form that long would put me off too!
    I am considering trying to sell my home and downsize and have been looking at what we call static caravans, larger versions I imagine of US trailers.
    But what puts me off is having to get rid of SO MUCH of my stash, that I am under the impression will ALL get stitched, finally, when I do ( ever!) stop wotking full time.
    Common sense tells me I will never be able to move, because Ive been destashing for a year and though I now can see the floor of my workroom ( 2nd bedroom...) there are still WAY more than even 20 boxes LOL
    Infact I would need 2 static vans, lone to live in one to store my craft stuff!!!
    Living alone has its downsides............theres no lone there to grumble at all the stitchy stuff you acquire!
    Good Luck with the citizenship quest!

    1. I think that's part of the main reason I never really focus on finishing the form. It is overdue and I think it is time to pay my good time to make it work! Thank you for sharing your story! Last time we used a 16 feet truck and hope we can have a 10 feet this time instead. Lost of large and old furniture have been removed and we are having smaller furniture and removable { we can fold and take apart}. I still think I will go over 20 boxes, but I will try harder to limit myself!

  3. Beautiful blocks! I LOVE log cabin values quilts. Here's one I made last year!


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